How to Host an Epic Game Day Party

It’s a great relief to see sports events back on track after a long hiatus this year. However, stadiums aren’t likely to welcome the masses back for the foreseeable future.

The CDC has classified attendance at sports events as a high-risk activity, so it’s best to watch the game at home with family and low-risk friends only.

So, if you’re craving a get together for the next big sporting event, here’s how to host a safe and enjoyable game day event at home.

Safety Tips for Game Day Parties in 2020

In modern times, sharing isn’t caring, so keep your wits about you when hosting game-day festivities. Don’t forget the basic principles of social distancing on the big day.

Skip the pub or your lounge as venue choices. For safety’s sake, take the party outside to your backyard. You can space your chairs at a safe distance from one another and enjoy the benefits of fresh air circulation too.

Limit your after game victory celebrations to high fives. Hugs and chest bumps are relics of a distant past.

No Cable – No Problem

Even if you have cable TV, you’ll probably experience difficulties getting it to display on a TV outdoors. That’s not a big problem thanks to the latest sports streaming services.

You can hook your TV up to any laptop with an HDMI cable and live stream the game that way. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a subscription for streaming sports on your device.

Catering in a Time of COVID

It’s important to limit sharing cutlery and crockery during your game day party. Allocate individual bowls or packets of chips and peanuts for each guest, and offer finger foods and paper plates to limit contact between your guests.

You also want to restrict your snack menu to things that won’t take your guest’s attention off the game. Some of the best foods to serve like this include:

  • Meatballs
  • Sausage rolls
  • Cocktail sausages
  • Healthy bites like vegetable crudites
  • Miniature pizzas

At half time, you can haul out the barbeque and serve burgers in takeaway containers or paper packets. It’s the perfect way to replicate game day eats and limit contact between your guests.

An even better option is to make up snack baskets for each person or one to share between family members.

Dealing With Drinks

The best way to get around drinks when you’re hosting game day parties is to ask everyone to bring their own.

Disposable cups are a good option to avoid the accidental sharing of contaminated glasses. Remember to provide plenty of sealable bins for guests to dispose of their used cups.

If you don’t want to ask guests to bring their own drinks, rather serve safe options like canned beer, soft drinks, or pre-mixed bottled cocktails.

Are You Game for a Get Together?

There’s no doubt that hosting a game day party’s about the most fun you can have during a big contest nowadays. It’s far safer than tailgating and better than watching alone at home.

So, make the most of it with a few precautions to ensure everyone has as much fun as possible under the circumstances.

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