How to Create a Football Field?

Do you want to create an awesome football field? Or have you just always wondered exactly how to paint one? You might be surprised by the opportunities the latest technology has to offer! Read more here and dive into the magic of the pitch.

Creating a football field for your club or your community – or maybe even your backyard – can be an exciting job and a great contribution. There is nothing cooler than scoring on your very own football field. So how do you make it?

Painting the field could take several hours or just five minutes depending on what method you choose to use. With the latest technology, you do not have to do much, but if you want to go around it the old-school way you might as well set aside a whole day.

Read along and find out exactly how to do it!

Make the robot do the job

Did you know that today you can actually get a robot to paint your football field? Now you do! If you want the job to be as easy as possible you will let a football field marker in the shape of a robot do it for you.

That way you do not have to do much besides observing the robot painting the field for 5 minutes. You simply control the machine with an app and watch it go. The job gets done a lot faster than if you want to paint the field yourself – which we will tell you more about a little later.

There are many benefits to going the robot way and making the effective machine paint your football field layout. You save a lot of time, you do not need people to help you and you save a lot of money on paint. That is why a lot of people choose to paint their football fields this exact way.

The old-fashioned way of painting a football field

It is no small task to paint a football field. In fact, it is a bigger job than you would maybe think. It requires several people, several hours, and last, but not least, several gallons of paint. This is good to know if you are thinking of doing the job yourself.

Manual painting of a football field can take 2 hours, you will need 2 people to do the job and you will likely need around 5 gallons of paint.

Still up for the task? Then you should probably also bring some water and snacks because you are going to be working for quite some time. It might also be a good idea to think of the weather and the temperature when you pick a date for the football field creation.

So, exactly how do you do it?

In an old-fashioned way, you measure each line of the football field by hand. For this task, you will need long tape measures. You run strings from corner to corner and side to side to create the field layout. Here, you will of course need the exact measurements if you want your football field to live up to professional standards.

What is now left is actually painting the field. This is done by manually pushing the line marker in front of you while you walk up and down the field according to the layout. It is simple in the sense that you “just” apply paint to the lines. But do not be fooled – this can be a demanding task, why do you want other people to help you? Also Read – Awesome Ways To Customize Your Football Cheering Experience

The old fashioned VS the robot way:

  • In an old-fashioned way, you need 2 people – the robot way you need 1.
  • In an old-fashioned way, you need 2 hours – the robot way you need 5 minutes.
  • In an old-fashioned way, you need 5 gallons of paint – the robot way you need 1 gallon.

Here are the dimensions of a football field

If you want to create your own football field, you might as well do it right. The field needs to have the right dimensions so the game can unfold in the best possible way. So, what are the proper dimensions for a professional football field, and who gets to decide this?

To answer the last question first, The International Football Association Board (IFAB) lays out the rules for the layout of professional fields. IFAB states that the fields must be rectangular and marked with lines.

When it comes to dimensions, the rules are pretty specific. They look like this:

  • A full-size pitch can be between 100 and 130 yards in length and 50-100 yards in width.
  • The field of play should be 125 x 85 meters or – at a minimum – 120 x 80 meters.
  • Beyond the marked playing area, there must be a minimum of 1.5 meters of the pitch.
  • The measurements are made to the outside of the lines.
  • The lines themselves should not be wider than 12 centimeters (ideally the same width as the goalpost).
  • Goals are supposed to be 8 yards wide and 8 feet from the lower edge of the crossbar to the ground.

The turf must be green

There are also some rules regarding turf. First of all, it must be green – that is simply the color of a real football field! Second of all, the pitch should be made of natural grass, absolutely flat and in good condition. This is at least what DFL states. However, some competitions (for example run by UEFA) use an artificial surface or a hybrid of natural and artificial materials.

We hope you have gathered some good insights into how a football field is created. Now it is up to you to find out exactly how to execute the plan and get the job done. It might take some work, but just think about what an amazing contribution it would be to the people using it. Go paint those lines white and let the players enter the field!

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