Baseball for Beginners: A Guide to Baseball Gear

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime. Or at least it was. For decades, baseball was the favorite sport for Americans to watch and play.

Kids would play at every park and empty lot. And everyone dreamed of playing in the World Series one day.

While today, baseball is overshadowed by other incredibly popular sports, it still remains a favorite for school kids and adults alike. And it’s ever too late to play.

Want to get started for yourself? Then you need a baseball for beginners guide to help you understand the basics.

Down below, we’ve compiled the basic baseball gear you need in order to start playing your new favorite sport.


You can’t play a team sport without a ball. Baseballs themselves are the foundational piece of baseball equipment.

Baseballs are hard and small, as they need to stand up to the power of a metal baseball bat. They’re designed to fly far and high. And they pack quite a punch, which is why baseball gloves need to have quality padding inside them

Baseball Glove

Every player on the team needs a baseball glove they can trust. Gloves are worn on your secondary hand (your non-throwing hand). So most players wear a left-handed glove, leaving their right hand free to throw.

When a ball is hit just right, it can leave the bat at 110 miles per hour. If you had to catch that with your hand, you’d be going straight to the hospital.

You can’t play in the outfield without wearing a baseball glove. To catch a baseball moving at high speeds, you need the cushion and support of a glove.

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Baseball Bat

Baseball bats can technically be shared since only one player uses a bat at a time. But most players, professional or recreational, prefer their own baseball bat.

Every bat is different, with different weights, shapes, and materials. Bats are designed to suit a particular body type and experience level.

Wondering how to choose the right baseball bat? It can be tough and usually takes time, as you try multiple bats out over a few games.

It might be best to borrow a few different bats from teammates to see what you like best.

Baseball Cleats

When you’re playing baseball at the local field, you don’t need baseball cleats. But they certainly help. Cleats will grip either the grass or the dirt field where it’s easy to slip.

They’ll help you to run faster as you either try to catch a ball or get from base to base.

Baseball Clothing

Some other protective gear is helpful when playing baseball. Specifically, baseball pants are comfortable, yet protect your leg if you end up sliding to a base.

There are many different types of baseball shirts available, but polyester team shirts are the most common due to their breathability.

Baseball for Beginners

The sport of baseball is a great form of recreation. Whether you’re looking to join a casual adult league, or help your kids as they gear up for a lifetime of athletics during their school years, getting some baseball for beginners gear is very important.

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