10 Physical, Mental, and Emotional Benefits of Playing Basketball

You know that getting regular exercise is good for you in so many ways. So why not try the exciting game of basketball?

Sure, you can hit the gym or go for a jog around the neighborhood to get your recommended daily exercise. If you’ve never considered a team sport before, you might fall in love with hoops once you learn more.

Ready to find out what 26 million Americans already know? Here are 10 amazing physical, mental, and emotional benefits of playing basketball!

1. Keeps You Fit

As we mentioned at the beginning, basketball counts as your daily recommended exercise. Hitting the court is a great way to stay in shape and get your blood pumping.

2. Build Strong Bones

Jumping and running are part of playing basketball. They’re also two activities that help build bone density.

Studies have shown that those who play basketball regularly have greater bone mineral density than those who sit around all day. Pick up the ball and start playing for strong bones!

3. Think Faster

Out on the court, there are many moving pieces that come together to score a win. Having to think fast helps develop mental acuity and speed.

4. Get Social

Looking to meet new friends? Basketball is the perfect activity and one of the best emotional benefits of playing basketball.

Basketball for kids helps them learn how to socialize with others. As an adult, it can be hard to make new friends, but a game of basketball can be just what you need.

5. Friendly Competition

Do you have a competitive edge? Take your game to the next level to scratch that itch and check out these tournaments for opportunities to play against other teams.

6. Develop Balance and Coordination

Switching things up on an opponent takes a lot of coordination and balance out on the court. Your body and mind learn to work together quickly to make the right decisions during a game of basketball.

7. More Confidence

Nothing feels as good as sinking that winning basket and taking your team to the top. Basketball can help grow your confidence in your skills both on and off the court.

8. Learn Sportsmanship

Whether playing youth basketball or in a friendly game with other adults, basketball teaches important lessons about sportsmanship. We can’t always win, and when we don’t, we need to be able to learn from our mistakes and gracefully congratulate our opponents on a good game.

9. Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness means you know where things are and your relation to them. It helps you navigate through tricky situations in the world.

By having to keep an eye on your opponents and figuring out how to get the ball, basketball develops this crucial skill.

10. Better Immunity

Regular exercise can help boost your immune system. A game of basketball is a great way to get your exercise in and give your immune system the support it needs to keep you healthy.

More Benefits of Playing Basketball

Although we listed 10 great reasons to hit the court, there are still more benefits of playing basketball. If you’re looking to get into the game, check out our other basketball articles and start playing!

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