A Guide to Career Opportunities in the Golf Industry

Are you wondering about career opportunities in the golf industry?

If you love golf and are wondering how to transfer your love into a profitable career, the good news is, working in the industry is possible. When you thinking of golfing, you likely think of professional golfers who play in tournaments around the world.

Although becoming a professional golfer is a way to work in the industry, many other career opportunities involve golfing. By knowing what careers to choose from, you can live your dream of pairing your work with a pastime you love.

If you are wondering how to work in the golf industry without needing to become a pro, this short and simple guide is for you.

Golf Course Superintendent

One of the best careers in the golf industry is a golf course superintendent. This is the person in charge of the golf course, the one who plans events, controls the budget, manages employees, and more. To become a golf course superintendent, you will need to learn turf management and become a certified superintendent.

PGA Certified Instructor

A coveted career opportunity in the golf industry is a PGA certified golf instructor. This is someone who teaches at golf courses and country clubs. As a certified instructor, you can create your own hours and prices.

Club Professional

If you are great at golf and love the recognition of a tour pro, consider becoming a club professional. This is someone who gives lessons, attracts new club members, manages the maintenance of the course, and more. You can start on the path to this career by obtaining your degree from the College of Golf.

Golf Writer

Do you love writing and golf? If so, consider pairing your two loves by becoming a golf writer.

As a writer in the industry, you will write for golf magazines, newspapers, PR firms, and publications. You can travel the world covering tournaments and events and write about them for those who were not able to attend.

Tour Caddie

A great career to have in the golf industry is a tour caddie. This is ideal for those who love the game but don’t quite have the skills to become a professional tour pro. Becoming a tour caddie is also an educational opportunity, especially if you have bigger aspirations for your future career.


If you love being out in nature and around the game, one of the best golfing jobs is a greenkeeper. This is someone who maintains the look and function of the course. As a greenskeeper, you will also enjoy the privilege of being able to use the grounds.

These Are Some of the Career Opportunities in the Golf Industry

There are many career opportunities in the golf industry you can take advantage of.

You can work as a golf course superintendent or become a PGA certified instructor. You can also become a club professional, golf writer, or tour caddie. If you love the outdoors, consider working as a greenskeeper at a club.

These are some of the best careers in the golf industry.

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