Mariann Barrena McClay: All About Carlo Ancelotti’s Wife

Carlo Ancelotti, a football legend, has achieved remarkable success. His UEFA Champions League victories are particularly impressive. Ancelotti ended his playing career with AC Milan. What an amazing journey he had! His personal life also draws attention, just like his career. Ancelotti is married to Mariann Barrena McClay. They maintain a low-key life, yet they form a solid duo.

In 2022, Ancelotti faced a personal loss. His former wife, Luisa Gibellini, passed away. They had spent 25 years together. Such news is always heart-wrenching. Despite the past, Ancelotti now shares his life with Mariann. Together, they are starting a new chapter. It’s fascinating to see this side of famous figures like him.

Who is Mariann Barrena McClay?

Let’s talk about Mariann Barrena McClay. She’s a Canadian gal with Spanish roots, born in 1970. You know, she’s Antonio Barrena and Maria Concepcion Gutierrez’s daughter. She grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It’s quite the mix of cultures!

Now, her dad, Antonio, he’s into marine science, especially turbines. He’s from Sigüenza, Guadalajara, Spain. The guy studied at the Faculty of Marine Sciences in Barcelona. Later, he moved to Canada for work.

Her mom, María Concepción Gutiérrez, or Concha, she’s Spanish too, from Santander, Cantabria. She studied Philosophy and Letters before heading to Canada. Sadly, her parents split, and Antonio went back to Spain.

Mariann has a sister, Victoria Barrena. But hey, their childhood? That’s still a bit of a mystery.

Mariann Barrena McClay Bio/Wiki

Full Name Mariann Barrena McClay
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1970
Age 53 years old as of 2024
Place of Birth Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada
Religion Christian
Nationality Canadian
Residence Madrid, Spain
Weight 52 kilograms (114.6 lbs)
Height 163 centimetres (5’3″)
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Mother María Concepción Gutiérrez
Father Antonio Barrena
Siblings Victoria Barrena
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Carlo Michelangelo Ancelotti
Children Chloe McClay
Education Thunderbird School of Global Marketing
Simon Fraser University
Cass Business School
Profession Businesswoman
Net Worth $15 million

How old is Mariann Barrena McClay?

Mariann Barrena McClay

So, Mariann Barrena McClay’s age is a bit of a puzzle. We don’t have her exact birth date, but most sources point to 1970. If that’s right, she’d be around 53 years old now, considering it’s 2024.

Mariann Barrena Mcclay’s Education

So, Mariann Barrena McClay? She’s not your typical football WAG. Sure, she enjoys a lavish lifestyle, but she’s also a powerhouse in the business world. Let’s dive into her education and career, shall we?

Education-wise, Mariann’s pretty impressive. She kicked off at Simon Fraser University, majoring in Finance, and snagged a Bachelor of Business Administration. Not stopping there, she headed to the Thunderbird School of Global Management. There, she got an MBA in International Business between 1998 and 1999.

But wait, there’s more! She also bagged a second MBA at Cass Business School, focusing on marketing from 2002 to 2004. And get this: she even completed a PhD in Finance at the same school in 2005-2007. Talk about being a lifelong learner!

Mariann Barrena Mcclay’s Career

Career-wise, Mariann’s been killing it since ’92. She founded Mondo Uomo Enterprises LTD, now known as Mondo Uomo Fine Menswear. It’s all about luxe menswear—tailored suits, dress shirts, you name it. Though her LinkedIn says she founded it, it’s a bit fuzzy if she’s still running the show.

She also flexed her business consultant muscles big time from 2003 to 2011, working with British Swiss Corporation, Dataminers LTD, and Barclays Bank PLC in London. And she’s not just a one-trick pony; she speaks four languages: French, Italian, English, and Spanish. Plus, she’s consulted for the Dayton Mining Corporation.

In short, Mariann’s way more than just a footballer’s wife. She’s a multilingual, multi-talented business consultant with a knack for education and fashion. Quite the combo, right?

What age is Carlo Ancelotti?

As for Carlo Ancelotti, he’s a bit easier to pin down. Born on June 10, 1959, he’s hit 64 years old as of 2024. Funny thing, there’s an 11-year age gap between him and Mariann. It’s always interesting to see the numbers behind these celeb couples, isn’t it?

How did Carlo Ancelotti and Mariann Barrena McClay meet?

So, Carlo Ancelotti and Mariann Barrena McClay? Their story’s pretty much like a romantic movie scene. It all started between 2009 and 2011, in a London restaurant. Picture this: Ancelotti had just ended things with Marina Crețu, and there he spots Mariann, dining with another guy.

Now, here’s the kicker. Mundo Sportivo spilled the beans on how it was love at first sight for them. Ancelotti, who was coaching Chelsea back then, walks over to her table, bold as brass, and says, “You will be my fiancée one day.” And Mariann? She’s all cool and witty, replying, “Sure, I will bring the ring next time.” Isn’t that just like a scene from a rom-com?

But, you know, they kept things pretty low-key during their courtship. The Italian media even dubbed her Ancelotti’s ‘mystery lady’. Fast forward to July 6, 2014, they get hitched in Vancouver, Canada. Ancelotti’s totally smitten, saying he loves three things about her: her beauty, intelligence, and calmness. He jokes about how women can be pressuring, but Mariann? She’s different. It’s pretty sweet, right?

Mariann Barrena Mcclay’s Children

Mariann Barrena McClay

Alright, let’s chat about Mariann Barrena McClay’s family, especially her kids. She’s got this beautiful blend of her own and stepchildren.

First up, there’s Chloe McClay, Mariann’s own daughter from her first marriage. She had Chloe with a guy who was into mining, a real bigwig in that field. Chloe’s pretty private, though, so not much is out there about her life.

Then, there’s Katia Ancelotti, Carlo’s eldest. Born in Rome, Italy, on April 18, 1984, she’s now 39 as of 2024. Her mom’s Luisa Gibellini, Carlo’s first wife. Katia’s got her own little family now, married to Mino Fulco, and they have two kids.

And last, but not least, is Davide Ancelotti. He’s Carlo’s son and, man, he’s following right in his dad’s footsteps. A former central midfielder, Davide’s now working side by side with Carlo as an assistant manager at Real Madrid. He’s got that Sports Sciences degree and used to play for ASDC Borgomanero and the AC Milan youth teams.

So, you see, Mariann’s got this wonderful, diverse family. Each one’s got their own path, but they’re all connected by this unique family bond.

What is Mariann Barrena Mcclay’s net worth?

Alright, let’s talk about Mariann Barrena McClay’s net worth and social media presence. She’s quite the enigma, you know? Unlike many football WAGs who are all about the spotlight, Mariann keeps her cards close to her chest, especially when it comes to her finances. But word on the street (or rather, from various sources) is that she’s sitting on a cool $15 million. Not too shabby, right?

Social Media

Now, about her social media game. Mariann is out there, but she’s not blasting her life on every platform. She’s got accounts on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. For those curious to catch a glimpse of her life, her Facebook page might have some photos. But here’s the thing – her Instagram? It’s private as of now. She’s really about that low-key lifestyle, balancing being in the public eye and keeping her personal life just that – personal. It’s kind of refreshing, don’t you think?

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