Breaking Down the Different Types of Dynamic Discs Plastics

If you’re an avid disc golfer, understanding the materials used in your favorite discs can take your disc golf game to the next level. Dynamic Discs offers a diverse range of plastic types. Each disc has unique characteristics and advantages.

Wanna learn more? Then let’s take a deep dive into the different types of Dynamic Discs plastics. Read on as we explore how different disc plastics can influence your play on the course.


Lucid plastic is one of the most popular choices from Dynamic Discs. This durable disc golf plastic can retain flight characteristics over time. Its consistent performance is highly appreciated by professional disc golfers worldwide.

For instance, the Vandal disc in Lucid plastic can be found in many shops selling disc golf frisbees. This is because it is a fantastic choice for players who want an extra boost in their driving game. The Lucid plastic gives the disc a solid grip, coupled with its reliable stability.

Another example is the Trespass disc. When cast in Lucid plastic, the Trespass becomes an ideal choice for players seeking a reliable distance driver. It can withstand robust play in any weather conditions. It offers a perfect blend of speed, glide, and stability, making it a must-have in every disc golfer’s bag.

Lucid plastic discs offer an exceptional blend of durability, dependability, and performance. They are the perfect choice for disc golfers wanting consistent performance over time.


This blend of plastic is recognized for its superior ability. It combines the durability of Lucid plastic with the performance advantages of a slightly softer compound. This dual nature makes Fuzion a preferred choice among many disc golfers.

For example, the Judge disc in Fuzion plastic is heavily favored for its predictable flight performance and soft grip. The Judge is a versatile putter that shines in this plastic blend. It allows for controlled throws and excellent stability.

The Fuzion Witness disc is another example of the versatility of this plastic type. The Witness is a fairway driver with a predictable fade and significant glide. When made from Fuzion plastic, this disc is durable. It also provides excellent flight control, making it a staple for many players.

Fuzion plastic offers superior durability and a unique feel. Discs made from this material are dependable companions on the disc golf course.


BioFuzion plastic is a composite of Lucid and Fuzion. These plastics didn’t reach their respective standards but were still high-quality. BioFuzion is a prime example of Dynamic Discs’ commitment to sustainability and performance.

BioFuzion discs provide excellent grip and control. They are well-loved by players who appreciate a broken-in feel from the get-go.

Consider the BioFuzion Renegade. This driver is known for its accuracy and considerable distance. The Renegade shines in BioFuzion plastic. It offers a slightly understable flight performance. Experienced players can easily manipulate it.

Another standout in BioFuzion plastic is the Sheriff disc. This high-speed driver offers incredible distance. Paired with BioFuzion’s grip and durability, the Sheriff is a go-to for players aiming for long, controlled drives.

BioFuzion plastic offers an eco-friendly, performance-oriented option for disc golfers. It delivers quality, control, and consistency to players. This makes it a reliable choice in diverse playing conditions.


Classic plastic from Dynamic Discs is known for its exceptional grip. This material offers a soft and comfortable feel, which many disc golfers prefer for its consistent release. Because of its excellent grip, discs made from Classic plastic are usually used as putters or approach discs.

The Classic Judge, for instance, is a remarkable disc that provides a predictable flight and steady fade. Its reliable performance makes it a favorite among enthusiasts looking for a trustworthy putter.

Similarly, the Classic Truth is another disc that stands out in this plastic. The Truth is a versatile mid-range disc with a comfortable rim and stable flight. When made from Classic plastic, the Truth offers a superior grip that gives players increased control over their throws.

Classic plastic guarantees outstanding grip and comfort. It is an excellent choice for players who value control and consistency.


Prime plastic is Dynamic Discs’ most affordable plastic blend. While it may lack the durability of other plastics, it provides an unbeatable feel and grip. This quality makes Prime ideal for putters and mid-range discs where grip is vital.

Take the Prime Deputy for example. This understandable putter provides a gentle turn with a smooth fade, making it an excellent disc for beginners. When produced in Prime plastic, the Deputy shines with its unbeatable grip and control.

Another standout in the Prime line is the Escape. This fairway driver offers predictable flight with significant glide. When made from Prime plastic, the Escape provides a superior grip, even during wet conditions.

Prime plastic is the go-to choice for disc golfers who want a great grip at a more affordable price. Despite its lower durability, it guarantees a fantastic playing experience with its unique feel and control.


This blend is similar to the reliable Lucid plastic, but with an added twist – it glows in the dark! This feature makes discs made from Moonshine plastic a favorite amongst players who enjoy nighttime disc golf.

An exemplary disc of this type is the Moonshine Truth. The Truth is popular for its versatility and stable flight. It gains an extra dimension of fun in the dark with its Moonshine plastic version. It becomes an excellent choice for nighttime rounds or glow-in-the-dark events.

Another noteworthy disc is the Moonshine Sheriff. This high-speed driver not only offers incredible distance but also adds a unique twist to night games. With its glow-in-the-dark properties, you won’t lose track of this disc during late-night drives.

Moonshine plastic is an innovative and entertaining choice for disc golfers. It’s great for those who enjoy playing after sundown.

Its glow-in-the-dark feature adds a unique aspect to the game. At the same time, it does not compromise on durability and performance.

Enhance Your Disc Golf Game With a Variety of Dynamic Discs Plastics

Dynamic Discs has something for every disc golfer. Whether you value durability, superior grip, or fun features, their diverse range of plastic options has got you covered.

So next time you’re choosing a new disc, consider the different Dynamic Discs plastics you can choose from. You may just find your new go-to disc that takes your game to the next level!

Did you find this comprehensive guide to selecting plastic for disc golf frisbees helpful? If so, check out the rest of our site for more.

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