Bennedict Mathurin: Age, Height, Weight, Parents, College, NBA, Stats, Contract, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Instagram & More

Bennedict Richard Felder Mathurin, a talented Canadian basketball player, currently plays for the Indiana Pacers in the NBA. Originally from Haiti, Mathurin has quickly made a name for himself in the basketball world due to his remarkable skills and unwavering dedication. He began his journey by showcasing his talent at his school, followed by playing college basketball for the Arizona Wildcats. Impressive performances led to him being recognized as a consensus second-team All-American and Pac-12 player of the Year during his sophomore season. In the 2022 NBA Draft, the Pacers wisely selected him as the sixth overall pick. His outstanding contributions led to him being voted onto the NBA All-Rookie First Team in 2023.

Discover key details about Bennedict Mathurin including his age, height, weight, parents, college career, NBA journey, stats, contract, net worth, girlfriend status, and more. Stay updated with his latest updates on Instagram and explore the fascinating aspects of his life and basketball career.

Bennedict Mathurin Early Life

Bennedict Mathurin, born on June 22, 2003, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, developed a deep love for basketball during his childhood in Haiti. Despite the sport’s limited popularity there, Mathurin remained determined to pursue his passion.

At the age of 12, Mathurin and his family relocated to Montreal, Canada, where he wholeheartedly committed himself to his basketball career and diligently honed his skills. He attended the renowned Vanier College, playing for their basketball team.

Ultimately, Mathurin’s hard work paid off when he made his NBA debut on October 19, 2022, marking the beginning of his professional basketball journey.


Bennedict Mathurin, the talented Canadian professional basketball player born on June 19, 2002, has captured the attention of fans worldwide. Curiosity about his personal life, especially his parents, has made them the most searched topic on the internet.

Bennedict Mathurin’s Father

After extensive research, it has been revealed that Bennedict Mathurin’s father is Felix Mathurin. While further details about his father remain scarce, this information satisfies the curiosity of those seeking the identity of Bennedict Mathurin’s paternal figure.

Bennedict Mathurin’s Mother

Elvie Jeune is the name of Bennedict Mathurin’s mother. Unfortunately, limited information is available regarding Bennedict Mathurin’s mother at this time. As fans eagerly await updates, it is advised to stay connected to reliable sources for the latest news and developments regarding Bennedict Mathurin’s family background.

Bennedict Mathurin Age

Bennedict Mathurin, the rising star in the basketball world, was born on January 16, 2002, which makes him 21 years old as of 2023. This young talent has garnered significant attention and praise for his skills on the court at a relatively young age.

Bennedict Mathurin Height

Bennedict Mathurin’s height was recorded at the 2022 NBA Draft Combine as 6’4″ ½ without shoes and 6’6″ with shoes on. Typically, barefoot measurements are considered the standard, but in some instances, heights with shoes are used. For reasons unknown, an additional inch was added to his reported height.

Bennedict Mathurin Career

Bennedict Mathurin

High School Career

To clarify, Mathurin’s high school career was nothing short of impressive. Mathurin’s high school career showcased remarkable achievements. In his first year, he guided his team to a championship win, earning himself the title of Most Valuable Player. His outstanding performances propelled him to become one of Canada’s top high school players.

Continuing his success, Mathurin contributed to another championship victory for Vanier College in his second year. He once again claimed the title of Most Valuable Player, attracting the attention of college basketball coaches across the United States, particularly at the NBA Academy Latin America in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

College Career

During the college admissions process, Mathurin received enticing scholarship offers from several prestigious US colleges. Ultimately, he decided to join the University of Arizona, where his impact was felt immediately as he emerged as one of the team’s standout players.

In his freshman year, Mathurin showcased his skills in all 28 games for the Wildcats, starting in 24 of them. He averaged an impressive 10.8 points and 4.8 rebounds per game, earning a well-deserved spot on the Pac-12 All-Freshman Team. Thanks to Mathurin’s contributions, the Wildcats achieved a commendable 17-9 record and secured a spot in the NCAA Tournament.

Continuing his upward trajectory, Mathurin demonstrated further improvement in his sophomore year. Playing in all 31 games, he led the team in scoring, boasting an average of 14.6 points per game. Additionally, he contributed 5.8 rebounds per game and 2.4 assists per game. Mathurin’s stellar performance greatly contributed to the Wildcats’ successful season, finishing with a 20-11 record and yet another NCAA Tournament appearance.

Professional Career

Indiana Pacers Career

In the 2022-23 NBA season, Montreal’s Mathurin made a monumental rookie debut as the sixth overall pick by the Indiana Pacers – their highest draft pick since 1988. Joining fellow Canadian, Shaedon Sharpe, he was one of only two Canadians picked in the first round.

Mathurin kickstarted his career impressively in the NBA Summer League, averaging 19.3 points, 4 rebounds, and 1.3 steals per game, which secured his spot on the All-NBA Summer League Second Team. His exceptional 19-point performance in his regular-season debut against the Washington Wizards marked the beginning of his record-breaking streak. He set a rookie record with 72 points in his first three games – a feat untouched since Jerry Stackhouse’s 1995-96 season.

Continuing to break barriers, Mathurin became the first Pacer to score over 100 points in their first five games and the fastest Pacer rookie to reach 1,000 career points since Chuck Person in the 1986-87 season. These accolades, coupled with his consistent performance, earned him the Eastern Conference Kia Rookie of the Month and a selection for the 2023 NBA Rising Stars game.

Transitioning into a starting role in the last 10 games, he surpassed franchise records and earned fourth place in the 2023 NBA Rookie of the Year voting. His exceptional performance also secured him a spot on the NBA All-Rookie Team, marking an extraordinary rookie season.

National Career

Following his exclusion from the Olympic team, Mathurin represented Canada at the 2021 FIBA Under-19 World Cup held in Riga and Daugavpils, Latvia. On July 4, 2021, he showcased his scoring prowess by contributing a team-high 30 points in a dominant 100-75 group stage victory over Japan. Mathurin’s remarkable shooting performance included 11-of-15 from the field and 6-of-9 from beyond the arc. One week later, he continued to shine, scoring 31 points in the bronze medal game against Serbia, leading Canada to a 101-92 triumph and securing the bronze medal. Throughout the tournament, Mathurin averaged an impressive 16.1 points and four rebounds per game, solidifying his impact on the international stage.

Bennedict Mathurin College Stats

Bennedict Mathurin’s collegiate basketball career at the University of Arizona showcased his consistently strong performance. During the 2020-21 season, he played 26 games, started 12, and averaged 25.0 minutes, shooting .471 from the field, .418 from the three-point line, and .846 from the free-throw line. Furthermore, he contributed 4.8 rebounds, 1.2 assists, and 0.7 steals per game, with an average of 10.8 points.

In the 2021-22 season, Mathurin expanded his role, starting all 37 games and playing an average of 32.5 minutes. His field goal and three-point shooting percentages stood at .450 and .369, respectively. He also shot .764 from the free-throw line and averaged 17.7 points per game, alongside 5.6 rebounds, 2.5 assists, and 1.0 steals, demonstrating his versatility on the court.

Assessing his overall college career, Mathurin’s performance in 63 games, 49 of which he started, reveals his steady progression as a player. He maintained a .456 field goal and .383 three-point shooting percentage, while averaging 14.8 points per game. As a multifaceted player, he averaged 5.3 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 0.9 steals, and 0.2 blocks, reinforcing his value as a well-rounded athlete.

Bennedict Mathurin NBA Stats

Bennedict Mathurin’s NBA career statistics showcase his contributions to the Indiana Pacers. In the 2022-23 season, Mathurin played in all 78 games, averaging 28.5 minutes per game. He exhibited his scoring ability, averaging 16.7 points per game with a field goal percentage of 43.4%. His proficiency from beyond the arc was evident with a three-point shooting percentage of 32.3%. Mathurin also displayed his versatility on the court, contributing 4.1 rebounds, 1.5 assists, and 0.6 steals per game.

Year Team GP Min Pts FG% 3pt% Reb Ast Stl
2022-23 Pacers 78 28.5 16.7 43.4% 32.3% 4.1 1.5 0.6
Career Pacers 78 28.5 16.7 43.4% 32.3% 4.1 1.5 0.6

Looking at his overall career statistics, Mathurin’s numbers remain consistent with his performance in the 2022-23 season. Throughout his NBA journey, he has maintained an average of 16.7 points per game while shooting 43.4% from the field and 32.3% from three-point range. Additionally, he has contributed 4.1 rebounds, 1.5 assists, and 0.6 steals per game, showcasing his well-rounded skills.

Bennedict Mathurin Draft

The Indiana Pacers made a significant move in the 2022 NBA Draft by selecting Bennedict Mathurin from Arizona as the sixth overall pick. This selection marks the highest draft pick for the Pacers since 1988. Mathurin’s skill set as a strong athlete and quality shooter was evident during his time at Arizona, where he averaged an impressive 17.7 points and 5.6 rebounds per game in his final season as a Wildcat.

Mathurin’s connection with the Pacers started even before the draft, as he had a solo workout with the team on June 10 and had meaningful conversations with the organization during the draft combine. The franchise left a positive impression on him, creating a mutual understanding.

Joining the Pacers, Mathurin fills a crucial role on the team as they are in need of wing depth and shooting. His ability to shoot the ball efficiently was evident at Arizona, where he converted 38.3% of his 316 three-point attempts while operating within an offensive system that closely resembled NBA-style sets and actions. Consequently, he is expected to seamlessly fit into the Pacers’ roster without any issues.

President of Basketball Operations Kevin Pritchard expressed his excitement about selecting Mathurin and the team’s belief in his immediate contributions and future potential. The Pacers envision him becoming an integral part of their foundation moving forward.

Bennedict Mathurin Contract

Bennedict Mathurin secured a lucrative contract with the Indiana Pacers, signing a four-year deal worth $29,936,173. The entire contract is fully guaranteed, ensuring financial stability for Mathurin. The annual average salary for Mathurin amounts to $7,484,043.

Year Base Salary Cap Hit Dead Cap Value
2023-24 $6,916,080 $6,916,080 $6,916,080

Looking specifically at the 2023-24 season, Mathurin is set to earn a base salary of $6,916,080. This figure reflects the amount he will be paid for his services on the court during that particular season. Additionally, both his cap hit and dead cap value for the 2023-24 season stand at $6,916,080. These values represent the financial impact Mathurin’s contract has on the team’s salary cap and the financial commitment the Pacers have made, respectively.

Bennedict Mathurin Net Worth

Bennedict Richard Felder Mathurin, the renowned Canadian professional basketball player for the Indiana Pacers of the NBA, has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $2 million. His significant earnings stem from his successful career in professional basketball, where he has excelled both on and off the court.

With an average salary of $6,586,800 per year, Mathurin’s financial success aligns with his accomplishments as a skilled athlete. Notably, his talents were recognized when he was named a consensus second-team All-American and received the prestigious Pac-12 Player of the Year accolade after his sophomore season.

Bennedict Mathurin’s Encounter with LeBron James

LeBron James, widely regarded as one of the greatest NBA players of all time, and Bennedict Mathurin, a rookie guard, found themselves in an unexpected matchup when the Indiana Pacers faced the Los Angeles Lakers. While Mathurin’s basketball accomplishments were overshadowed by James’ legendary career, a comment Mathurin made before the season stirred some interest and anticipation surrounding their encounter.

In a pre-draft interview with the Washington Post, Mathurin expressed his confidence and desire to prove himself against James. He stated that he believed he was on par with the living legend and challenged James to demonstrate his superiority on the court.

When the Pacers and Lakers finally met, the game turned out to be a thrilling contest. Despite the Lakers initially being expected to be a playoff team, they struggled throughout the season and had to surrender their pick to the New Orleans Pelicans due to the Anthony Davis trade. Conversely, the Pacers exceeded expectations and would have home court advantage if the NBA Playoffs began on that day.

In an incredible comeback, the Pacers erased a 17-point deficit in the fourth quarter, culminating in a game-winning buzzer-beater by fellow rookie Andrew Nembhard. The final sequence was filled with excitement and showcased the resilience of the Indiana team. Notably, Mathurin rose to the occasion, delivering an impressive performance against James. He finished the game with 23 points and 8 rebounds, while James recorded 21 points and 7 rebounds.

Bennedict Mathurin Girlfriend

Bennedict Mathurin, the talented young player of the Indiana Pacers, is currently not married, engaged, or in a public relationship. As per available information from various sources, there is no indication of him dating or seeing anyone at the moment. As a rising star in the NBA, Mathurin is likely focused on his professional career and dedicating his time to his basketball commitments.

Bennedict Mathurin Jersey Collection

Bennedict Mathurin, the rising basketball star, has gained a significant following among fans who admire his skills and contributions to the sport. As a result, fans have the opportunity to collect various jerseys to express their support for Mathurin. Let’s explore some of the jersey options available to fans:

  1. University of Arizona Jersey: One of the most sought-after jerseys is the University of Arizona jersey that Mathurin wore during his college career. The Arizona Wildcats jersey proudly displays the team’s colors of red, white, and blue, featuring Mathurin’s iconic number, 23, on both the front and back. Crafted from high-quality materials, this jersey mirrors the style worn by Mathurin during his time at the University of Arizona, allowing fans to connect with his collegiate journey.
  2. Montreal Vanier College Jersey: Prior to his time at the University of Arizona, Mathurin showcased his skills while playing for the Montreal Vanier College basketball team in Canada. Fans can also add a Vanier College jersey to their collection, personalized with Mathurin’s name and number on the back. This jersey represents the school’s colors of blue and gold, serving as a tribute to Mathurin’s early basketball career and his roots in Montreal.
  3. Team Haiti Jersey: Another compelling option for fans is the Team Haiti basketball jersey. As a proud Haitian-born player, Mathurin has represented Haiti in international basketball competitions, including the 2018 FIBA Americas Under-18 Championship. By acquiring a Team Haiti jersey, fans can demonstrate their support not only for Mathurin but also for the nation he represents on the global basketball stage.

Bennedict Mathurin Instagram

So, the famous Canadian Basketball Player is quite active on Instagram. Therefore, having 165 thousand followers, but he only follows back 33 people. Also, his Instagram id is @bennedict. Moreover, he has 81 posts.


How old is Bennedict Mathurin?

Bennedict Mathurin was born on June 22, 2003, so as of 2023, he is 20 years old.

How Tall is Bennedict Mathurin?

Bennedict Mathurin stands at a height of 6 feet 6 inches (198 cm) tall.

Where was Bennedict Mathurin born?

Bennedict Mathurin was born in was born in Montreal, Quebec.

How much does Bennedict Mathurin weigh?

Bennedict Mathurin has a weight of 210 pounds or approximately 95 kilograms.

How much does Bennedict Mathurin make?

Bennedict Mathurin is the 5th best-paid player of the Indiana Pacers this year. So, he is projected to be the 5th best-paid player of the Indiana Pacers next year.

What happened to Benedict Mathurin brother?

His brother, Dominique, was his best friend before dying in a tragic bicycle accident when he was 15 and Bennedict was 12. But instead of giving up, the loss pushed Mathurin to work even harder, saying on a recent conference call that “my brother is the reason why I keep going every day in life.

What position does Bennedict Mathurin play?

Bennedict Mathurin primarily plays as a small forward.

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