Sean Garcia: All About Ryan Garcia’s Brother

Sean Garcia, Ryan Garcia’s younger brother, is making waves in boxing. Growing up, their father, Henry Garcia, influenced their boxing passion. Sean boasts an undefeated professional record.

Outside boxing, Sean cherishes personal moments. He adores his daughters, Layla and Ellie, and is engaged to Surrissa.

While Ryan’s boxing success draws global eyes, Sean’s dedication stands out. Their mother, Lisa Garcia, plays a significant role in their achievements.

Explore Sean Garcia’s life and uncover the story behind Ryan Garcia’s sibling, an emerging boxing star.

Who is Ryan Garcia’s Brother, Sean Garcia?

Sean Garcia, the younger brother of the boxing sensation Ryan Garcia, is making a name for himself both inside and outside the ring.

Born into a family with a rich boxing legacy, Sean’s journey has been influenced by his father, Henry Garcia, a former professional boxer. Sean’s dedication to the sport is evident in his impressive record, boasting 6 wins with no losses. He made a notable entry into professional boxing against Luis Eduardo Ochoa in October 2017.

Beyond his boxing accolades, Sean’s personal life is equally engaging. He’s a proud father to two daughters, Layla and Ellie, and has showcased his romantic side by proposing to his long-time girlfriend, Surrissa, during their baby shower.

As Ryan Garcia continues to dominate headlines, Sean Garcia’s story unfolds as an equally compelling narrative of talent, dedication, and family ties.

Sean Garcia Biography/Wiki

Full Name Sean Garcia
Famous As Ryan Garcia’s Brother
Date of Birth October 24, 2000
Birth Place California, United States
Age 23
Nationality American
Father’s Name Henry Garcia
Mother’s Name Lisa Garcia
Siblings Sasha, Demi, Ryan, and Kayla Garcia
Height 5 Feet 8 Inches
Weight 75 Kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Education University Graduate
Religion Christianity
Marital Status Married
Wife Surrissa Garcia
Children Two
Net Worth $2 million
Profession Boxer
Social Media Presence Instagram

Birth & Early Life

Born on October 24, 2000, in California, United States, Sean Garcia has emerged as a notable figure in the boxing world. From his early days in California, Sean’s passion for boxing was evident, and his journey in the sport was influenced by his family’s rich boxing legacy.

Parents & Siblings

Sean Garcia

Sean Garcia hails from a close-knit family deeply rooted in boxing. His father, Henry Garcia, was once a professional boxer and played a pivotal role in Sean’s training from a young age. Lisa Garcia, Sean’s mother, has been a pillar of strength and support for the family.

Apart from his parents, Sean shares a strong bond with his siblings – Sasha, Demi, Ryan, and Kayla Garcia. Together, they form a supportive unit, with each member having their unique achievements and contributions.


Sean Garcia is not just a talented boxer but also a well-educated individual. He is a university graduate, showcasing that he values both physical prowess and intellectual growth. His educational background has undoubtedly played a role in shaping his perspective and approach to his career and life.

Nationality & Religion

Hailing from the United States, Sean Garcia proudly represents his American nationality in every stride he takes, both in and out of the boxing ring. His deep-rooted values and beliefs are further anchored in Christianity, a faith that has likely provided him guidance, strength, and a sense of purpose throughout his life and career.

Sean Garcia Age: How Old is Ryan Garcia’s Brother?

Born on October 24, 2000, Sean Garcia has made significant strides in the boxing world at a young age. As of now, he is 23 years old, showcasing talent and determination that belies his years. As the younger sibling of the boxing sensation Ryan Garcia, Sean’s age has often piqued the interest of many, especially given his accomplishments in the sport at such a young age.

Sean Garcia Height: How Tall Is Ryan Garcia’s Brother?

Standing tall and confident, Sean Garcia boasts a height of 5 feet 8 inches. His stature, combined with his boxing skills, gives him a commanding presence in the ring. While comparisons with his renowned brother, Ryan Garcia, are inevitable, Sean’s height and reach have played a pivotal role in his boxing techniques and successes.

Sean Garcia Weight: How Much Does Ryan Garcia’s Brother Weigh?

Sean Garcia, with a disciplined training regimen and diet, maintains a weight of 75 kg. This optimal weight complements his height and enhances his agility and speed in the boxing ring. Just like his brother Ryan, Sean’s weight discipline showcases his dedication to the sport and his commitment to staying in top form.

Sean Garcia Physical Appearance

Sean Garcia’s physique showcases his boxing commitment. He has a fit, athletic build. Moreover, his brown eyes and black hair enhance his distinct look. Consequently, he stands out in and out of the ring.

Girlfriend & Fiancee Surrissa Garcia

Sean Garcia

Sean Garcia, a rising star in the boxing world, has not only made headlines with his professional achievements but also with his personal life.

He has been in a long-standing relationship with Surrissa, a bond that has grown stronger over the years. Their love story took a beautiful turn on October 19, 2019, when Sean romantically proposed to Surrissa in front of their entire family, marking the beginning of their journey as an engaged couple.

Their relationship is a testament to their commitment and love for each other, standing strong amidst the challenges and pressures of the sporting world.


Sean Garcia and Surrissa, while not married, have two daughters, Layla and Ellie. Despite Sean’s rising fame, he keeps his children’s lives private. Thus, they lead a normal childhood. Clearly, the couple values family. Above all, they prioritize their children’s happiness and well-being.


Sean Garcia maintains an active presence on Instagram, frequently sharing updates related to his training sessions and boxing matches.

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