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Sadio Mane is a professional football player who hails from Senegal. Therefore, he plays in the forward position for both his national team as well as for the Bundesliga giant, Bayern Munich. He had begun his professional career when he was only 19 with the club Metz. However, within a short while, he shifted to the Austrian club Red Bull Salzburg for a total fee of 4 million euros in 2012. In the 2013-14 season, he won a league as well as a domestic double. By the end of the summer, for a striking fee of 11.8 million Pounds, he shifted to Southampton, the English club. So, in his tenure there he set the record for making the fastest hat-trick over Aston Villa in 2015.

However, in 2016, again he shifted to Liverpool, the Premier League club for 34 million Pounds. His game was key to their reaching the UEFA Champions League Finals in both 2018 as well as in 2019. Moreover, Liverpool won the tournament in 2019 when Sadio Mane also won the Premier League Golden Boot. In October 2021, Mane scored his 100th goal in the Premier League. Moreover, FIFA ranked him as the fifth best Men’s Player in 2019 and fourth best in 2018.

On the other hand, while representing Senegal, Sadio Mane has made 33 goals out of 91 matches that he has played. So, he played for Senegal in the 2012 Olympics. Moreover, he also represented his country in the Africa Cup of Nations in 2015, 2017, 2019 as well as 2021. In 2021, he also became the African Footballer of the Year. Moreover, this was also the year when Senegal won its first African Cup of Nations title due to Mane’s winning kick in the penalty shoot.

Sadio Mane Age

So, Sadio Mane took birth in Banbali, Senegal, on 10th April 1992. Therefore, he is 30 years old.

Sadio Mane Wife

So, Sadio Mane has not yet married. However, he is currently involved with someone. As per rumors, he is dating the South African journalist Melissa Reddy. She works for Sky Sports News. Moreover, she is also the author of the quite famous book- “Believe Us: How Jurgen Klopp Transformed Liverpool Into Title Winners”.

Sadio Mane Contract

Sadio Mane

As of June 2022, Sadio Mane has signed a contract with the Bundesliga giant Bayern Munich. So, he originally belonged to the English football club, Liverpool. However, his deal with Bayern Munich is worth around 35 million pounds. Moreover, his contract with the Bundesliga club runs till 2025. Therefore, the signing bonus that he received is around 26,000,000 pounds with an average salary of 5,200,000 pounds.

Sadio Mane Transfer News

There were a lot of doubts surrounding the transfer news of Sadio Mane. So, fans and fellow teammates were disheartened and tried to procure him. However, he has served Liverpool for quite some time and wanted to take up a new challenge. Moreover, with Liverpool not having to renew his lump sum deal, it might actually be good. So, this is because they can procure Nunez at a fee that is cheaper than what Bayern Munich is offering Mane. Moreover, this gives Liverpool enough resources to concentrate on their chief issue- the transfer of Mohd. Salah to Liverpool with a contract valid till 2025.

Sadio Mane Net Worth

So, Sadio Mane is one of the highest-paying African footballers. As per various reports, he currently has a net worth of around 20 million dollars.

Sadio Mane Stats

So, along with playing for the national football team of Senegal, Sadio Mane has played in a number of other clubs. These include FC Metz, Red Bull Salzburg, Southampton, Liverpool, and very recently Bayern Munich. So now, let us take a quick look at his career stats.

Sadio Mane

Competition Total number of matches Total number of goals
Premier League 262 111
Bundesliga 63 31
Champions League 55 24
Ligue 2 19 1
Europa League 11 5
EA Cup 9 4
OFB Cup 8 9
EFL Cup 8 3
Champions League qualifying 7
Europa League qualifying 3 1
Championnat National 3 1
Club World Cup 2
UEFA Super Cup 1 2
Community Shield 1
Coupe de la Ligue 1
Total 453 192

However, we all know that the FIFA 2022 Men’s World Cup is knocking at the door. Fans all over the globe are beyond excited as they have been waiting for this for the last four years. Therefore, now, let us quickly take a glance at the world cup career of Sadio Mane. He has already appeared in the 2014 and 2018 World Cups and is set to appear for 2022 one in Qatar.

Sadio Mane World Cup 2014

So, Senegal had gone through the CAF group stage of qualification for the 2014 World Cup. However, this was very special because they had an unbeaten record of 6 outings. So, this led the Senegal national team to get into the play-off ground. Sadio Mane, however, only once netted a goal in that process. His match-winning goal led to a 1-0 victory over Uganda in 2013. Therefore, they named him on the bench for the first leg of a clash in the play-off with the Ivory Coast. However, they introduced him at half-time because the Elephants raced into a 2-goal lead that Didier Drogba undertook.

Sadio Mane

However, after the break, Senegal again conceded by responding with a stoppage-time that proved to be just a consolation strike. So, that was the case when the second leg ended with a 1-1 draw. Sadio Mane started this one.

Sadio Mane World Cup 2018

So, Sadio Mane became a very popular name when Senegal got their way to the third round of CAF and qualified for the World Cup in 2018. However, he contributed to the game with only one goal during the entire run through six games. Moreover, this proved to be a rather direct bid to get tickets to the Russian showpiece. However, in the finals, Mane did leave his mark when he scored the opening goal against Japan in an extremely crucial match on Matchday 2.

However, that game ended 2-2. So, this ultimately affected Senegal a lot because they lost the place in the last 16 for not having fair play points. Mane had appeared and represented his country Senegal in all three games in Russia. Hence, after this, he set about to Anfield so that he could start his journey on a different path. So, the latter would bring domestic and continental honor with his club as well as the country.

Sadio Mane World Cup 2022

So, there is good news for the Senegalese fans. Therefore, for the 2022 Men’s World Cup qualification, Senegal dropped two points. Moreover, with the efforts of Sadio Mane, they got off to the best start. This is because he discovered the target in three games one after another which opened the team’s campaign. The Lions of Teranga got a lot of momentum which helped them to have their historic win at the Africa Cup of Nations back in February. So, this was important for two reasons. To begin with, this was their first time winning. Secondly, Mane made the winning penalty thereby symbolizing the success against Egypt.

So, this is interesting because the rivalry is essentially between the two club colleagues- Mane and Mohamed Salah. Therefore, fans are ardently waiting for the rekindling of their competition in the CAF playoffs. As they beat the Pharaohs down, let us see if Senegal can beat the rest and make it to the World Cup finals for the third time in their history of the game.

Therefore, there is a lot of excitement building up to see what happens in Qatar!

Sadio Mane FAQs

Why did Sadio Mane leave Liverpool?

According to reports, he evidently said after his long and sincere service to the English club, he wants to take up a new challenge. Therefore, he joined the Bundesliga giant Bayern Munich.

Is Sadio Mane rich?

Well, he has a net worth of around 20 to 25 million dollars. Therefore, he is definitely very rich and one of the most successful football players from Senegal.

How tall is Sadio?

So, he is 1.74 m tall. Therefore, he is around 5 ft 7 inches tall which is shorter than the standard male.

Who is Sadio Mane’s mother?

So, the name of his mother is Satou Tore. However, there is not much public information about her.

What nationality is Mane?

We already know that he was born in Senegal. Therefore, he holds Senegalese citizenship. However, we do not know if he has citizenship in any other country.

What is Mane’s birthday?

So, Sadio Mane’s birthday is on 10th April. Moreover, he was born in 1992. Therefore currently he is 30 years old.

Is Sadio going to Bayern Munich?

Yes, the deal has been completed between the club and the player which is worth around 35 million pounds.

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