2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Europe: Fixtures, Playoffs, Tables & Standings

In order to qualify for the event, which will be held in Qatar, national teams from the Union of European Football Associations competed in the FIFA world cup qualifiers Europe. It is in the European section of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification (UEFA). For UEFA teams, there were a total of 13 berths available in the championship tournament.

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Europe Fixtures

So, on 29th March 2022, there was a match between Poland and Sweden. Moreover, Poland won and scored 2-0. There was also a match between Portugal and North Macedonia. Portugal won by 2-0 also.

So, on Thursday, 24th March, the match between Football Union of Russia and Poland was postponed. There was also a match between Italy and North Macedonia and the latter won by 1-0.

There was also a match between Portugal and Turkey and Portugal won by 3-1.

Sweden and Czech Republic also played and the prior won by 1-0.

Wales also won against Austria scoring 2-1.

On 1st June 2022, Scotland scored 1 goal whereas Ukraine scored 3.

Also, on 5th June 2022, Wales played Ukraine. They scored 1-0.

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Europe Schedule

World Cup Qualifiers Europe

After moving UEFA Euro 2020 to June and July 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UEFA confirmed in March 2020 that the two match days scheduled for June 2021 will be changed. UEFA confirmed on September 24, 2020 that the March and September 2021 windows in the FIFA International Match Calendar were increased from two to three match days to enable the conclusion of the qualifying group stage in November 2021 as planned. The FIFA Council accepted the changes to the International Match Calendar on December 4, 2020.

It extended each window for March and September 2021 by one day.

Round Matchday Dates
First round

(group stage)

Matchday 1 24–25 March 2021
Matchday 2 27–28 March 2021
Matchday 3 30–31 March 2021
Matchday 4 1–2 September 2021
Matchday 5 4–5 September 2021
Matchday 6 7–8 September 2021
Matchday 7 8–9 October 2021
Matchday 8 11–12 October 2021
Matchday 9 11–13 November 2021
Matchday 10 14–16 November 2021
Second round


Semi-finals 24 March & 1 June 2022
Finals 29 March & 5 June 2022

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Europe Table

World Cup Qualifiers Europe

Group A

Firstly, Group A has Serbia which has scored 20 points.

So, Portugal scored 17.

Then, the Republic of Ireland – 9

After that, Luxembourg – 9

Finally, Azerbaijan – 1

Group B

Firstly, Group B has Spain which has scored 19 points.

So, Sweden scored 15

Then, Greece – 10

After that, Georgia- 7

Finally, Kosovo- 5

Group C

Firstly, Group C has Switzerland which scored 18 points.

So, Italy scored 16

Then, Northern Ireland- 9

After that, Bulgaria- 8

Finally, Lithuania- 3

Group D

Firstly, in the FIFA world cup qualifiers Europe, Group D has France which scored 18 points.

So, Ukraine scored 12

Then, Finland- 11

After that, Bosnia and Herzegovina – 7

Finally, Kazakhstan – 3

Group E

Firstly, in the FIFA world cup qualifiers Europe, Group E has Belgium which scored 20 points.

So, Wales scored 15

Then, the Czech Republic- 14

After that, Estonia – 4

Finally, Belarus – 3

Group F

Firstly, Group F has Denmark which scored 27 points.

So, Scotland scored 23

Then, Israel- 16

After that, Austria- 16

Next, Faroe Islands- 4

Finally, Moldova – 1

Group G

Firstly, in the FIFA world cup qualifiers Europe, Group G has the Netherlands which scored 23 points.

So, Turkey scored 21

Then, Norway – 18

After that, Montenegro – 12

Next, Latvia – 9

Finally, Gibraltar – 0

Group H

Firstly, Group H has Croatia which scored 23 points.

So, Russia scored 22

Then, Slovakia – 14

After that, Slovenia – 14

Next, Cyprus – 5

Finally, Malta- 5

Group I

Firstly, in the FIFA world cup qualifiers Europe, Group I has England which scored 26 points.

So, Poland scored 20

Then, Albania – 18

After that, Hungary – 17

Next, Andorra – 6

Finally, San Marino- 0

Group J

Firstly, in the FIFA world cup qualifiers Europe, Group J has Germany which scored 27 points.

So, North Macedonia scored 18

Then, Romania – 17

After that, Armenia – 12

Next, Iceland – 9

Finally, Liechtenstein – 1

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Europe Playoffs

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had two unintended consequences for soccer competition: it eliminated Russia from World Cup qualification, and it delayed Ukraine’s participation until June.

The Ukrainian Football Association petitioned European governing organization UEFA and global governing body FIFA with a request to push the matches from their original March dates, which led to the postponing of Ukraine’s playoff bracket (Playoff Path A).

In order to give Ukraine more time to put together a team and lessen the strain on the Ukraine FA, UEFA worked to postpone the fixtures and rearrange the games with the help of Scotland, Ukraine’s opponent. The Ukrainian league, where many members of the national team of Ukraine compete, has been put on hold for some time as a result.

UEFA ultimately agreed to Ukraine’s request, and the crucial matches were moved to June after the majority of European club seasons ended.

In March, the semifinal between Wales and Austria took place as planned, with Wales defeating Austria thanks to two goals from Gareth Bale.

Following a 3-1 victory over Scotland in Glasgow on June 1, Ukraine has travelled to face Wales on June 5 in a winner-take-all World Cup playoff game. Scotland vs. Ukraine was originally planned for June 1.


Date Home Goals Away
24th March 2022 Wales 2-1 Austria
1st June 2022 Scotland 1-3 Ukraine


Date home Goals Away
5th June 2022 Wales 1-0 Ukraine

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Europe Draw

The play-off semifinal will be held in a location determined by the placement of the six runners-up with the highest rankings from the group stage of European qualification in Pot 1. To Pot 2, six more teams were added.

The first one includes Italy, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, and Wales.

Pot 2 includes Turkey, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Poland, Austria, and the Czech Republic.

The following criteria were applied in the following sequence for groups of six teams to determine the top six runners-up to be placed in Pot 1. For groups containing six teams, the results of the group runners-up against the teams in sixth place were disregarded. Consequently, in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying rounds UEFA:

  • more number of points
  • higher goal difference
  • higher number of goals they score
  • a greater number of away goals they score
  • more number of wins
  • more number of away wins
  • low disciplinary points total based only on yellow and red cards received by players and team officials.
  • access list for the UEFA Nations League 2020-21

The teams from Pot 1, or the top six teams, received a home-field advantage.

The first team drawn in the first semifinal kept the home position, followed by the second team in the second semifinal, and so on until the pot was empty.

The teams from Pot 2 were then paired according to the results of the draw for the semifinals.

Fifa World Cup Qualifiers Europe Standings

The FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Europe has 10 groups each consisting of 5-6 teams.

So, group A has Serbia, Portugal, the Republic of Ireland, Luxembourg and Azerbaijan.

Moreover, they scored 20,17,9,9 and 1 point respectively.

Then, group B has Spain, Sweden, Greece, Georgia and Kosovo. They scored 19,15,10,7 and 5 points each.

Next, group C has Switzerland, Italy, Northern Ireland, Bulgaria and Lithuania. They scored 18,16,9,8 and 3.

After that, group D has France, Ukraine, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kazakhstan scoring 18,12,11,7 and 3.

Group E also has Belgium, Wales, Czech Republic, Estonia and Belarus scoring 20,15,14,4 and 3.

Moreover, group F has Denmark, Scotland, Israel, Austria, Faroe Islands and Moldova scoring 27,23,16,16,4 and 1.

However, group G has Netherlands, Turkey, Norway, Montenegro, Latvia and Gibraltar scoring 23,21,18,12,9 and 0.

Then, group H has Croatia, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus and Malta. They scored 23,22,14,14,5 and 5 points.

After that, group I has England, Poland, Albania, Hungary, Andorra and San Marino. They scored 26,20,18,17,6 and 0 points.

Finally, group J has Germany, Macedonia, Romania, Armenia, Iceland and Liechtenstein. They scored 27,18,17,12,9 and 1 points respectively.

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Europe FAQs

How many teams from Europe make it to the World Cup?

The teams were divided into ten groups of five or six, with Belgium, France, Italy, and Spain being in the smaller groups. These four teams advanced to the 2021 UEFA Nations League finals. The ten group winners were given World Cup spots. The play-offs were used to select the three remaining World Cup spots.

How many teams from the European playoffs made it to the World Cup?

Twelve teams from the UEFA portion of qualifying competed in the UEFA second round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification tournament, also known as the UEFA play-offs.

Which countries qualified for the World Cup?

Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, The Netherlands, Uruguay, Croatia, Denmark, Mexico, The United States, Senegal, Wales, Poland, Australia, Japan, Morocco, Switzerland, Ghana, Korea Republic, Cameroon, Serbia, Canada, Costa Rica, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ecuador are among the 32 nations that have qualified for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. And in the tournament’s first game, hosts Qatar will take the lead.

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