Play Big to Win Big With Our Points Betting Guide

Are you looking for ways to win big in betting? Then points betting may be the right thing for you.

Points betting can be described as a high-risk, high-reward betting option where bettors win or lose based on the results of the game. It’s a lot more exciting than a traditional wager where there’s a fixed win or loss. Instead, here you will win or lose depending on the outcome of the game—and you won’t know that until the very end.

In this guide, we introduce this concept and explain how you could use it to play big to win big. Let’s dive into it!

What Is Points Betting?

Points betting is a new way to bet on sports and was created by an online sportsbook website called PointsBet.

(The sign-up process for PointsBet is quick and easy. And for New Jersey bettors, there is an offer for new customers to get 4 risk-free bets up to $1,000. Here’s the promo code!)

It’s a pretty simple idea. The more you’re right about the points, the more you will win in the end. It’s easiest for us to give you an example:

David decides to bet $10 on Pittsburgh Steelers at -3 over New England … at odds of -110. Let’s say that the Pittsburgh Steelers ended up winning with 13 points compared to 3 scored by New England.

Now, in normal betting with fixed odds, you would have won $9. But in points betting, every single point matters! This is how the point spread betting works.

The Pittsburgh Steelers ended up beating the spread by 10 points (13 points subtracted by the spread of 3 totals to 10). This means that with your $10 bet on the Pittsburgh Steelers would have resulted in a $100 win!

Keep in mind that a high reward also comes with equal high risk. If you would have lost your bet, then you would have lost $130. If you need more examples, then head over to The Lines for more information.

The Advantages of Point Spread Betting

It’s known to have competitive pricing in legal sports betting. The mobile app that’s used for this betting is well-designed and easy-to-use.

The payment methods are very convenient and allow multiple methods for depositing your bets. There are plenty of loyalty points and bonuses throughout the betting that helps you win more.

Finally, it’s fully licensed and regulated in quite a few states!

The Disadvantages of Point Spread Betting

There aren’t many but here are some you should be aware of.

It doesn’t offer live streaming of sporting events. It’s not as popular as other US sportsbooks (yet). And just like any kind of betting, it comes with high risks and chances of loss.

Use Points Betting on Your Favorite Markets

Points betting is not for the faint-hearted. Yes, there’s a high reward. But no, you can’t avoid the risk that comes with it. It’s one wild ride.

Do you think points betting is for you?

You can start betting right away on your favorite sports. You just have to see which leagues and matches are available (you can do this on PointsBet). Here are the most common sports for points betting:

  • Football
  • MMA
  • Horse Racing
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Baseball
  • MotorSport
  • Ice Hockey
  • Golf

Good luck! Are you looking for more news and tips on sports? Head over to our homepage for more information.

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