5 Pieces Of Soccer Equipment Every Player Needs

Soccer is a huge sport played around the world. In fact, it is the largest sport in the world, with billions of people tuning in to watch the World Cup, but around 600-800 million people watching national leagues. This has meant great things for places like the US where there hasn’t been a market for soccer. The large growth of the sport in North America has meant that soccer is growing as a sport in schools, local communities and at the national level thanks to the MLS. So if you are wondering how you can get involved, there are 5 pieces of soccer equipment you will definitely need first.


Like many other sports, you can get a variety of boots. Some will have spikes like these Nike boots, some will have plastic grooves and some will be flatter. The key is to find a boot that fits well, gives your achilles the support it needs to run fast and make tackles, but also, a boot that will allow enough flexion in your foot so you can have endurance. Your boots are vital and perhaps one of the more favorable items to customization.

Soccer socks

Unlike many American sports, soccer demands endurance. A full game is 90 minutes, and this can be added onto another 30 if it goes to extra time. So in total, you could be running up and down the pitch for 2 hours. You need brilliant soccer socks that will soak up the sweat, give your comfort, and like MAESTRO SOX, provide you with affordability. These socks last, they are made to go through tackles, muddy fields, sprints, and kicks for hours on end.

Training shorts

You need great shorts for training, so you can run, tackle, jump and feel at home when you are playing your best. Adidas has been known to make the majority of kits for European teams. Their shorts in particular have been known to be the best because of their unique thread and fibers. Not only do they stretch, but they are lightweight. Soaking up the sweat gives you time to breathe and your skin to stay cool.


Soccer is a very physical sport, with lots of tackles, headers, and elbows flying about. It’s not uncommon to get hit in the face unintentionally when you jump up to hit the ball with your head (which is allowed in soccer). Getting headbutted and losing a tooth is not something you want to do, so have a gumshield in your gym bag, so you can stay with a full set of teeth.

Shin pads

Some people don’t wear shin pads but if you are playing a defensive role whereby you will be playing a rough and tumble game, then you need to invest in shin pads. They can protect your legs and allow you to get into a tackle deeper.

These are the top 5 pieces of equipment every soccer player needs. If you would like to know more about the best type of soccer socks, then you need only to contact us today.

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