Kamalani Dung: Life Of The Girlfriend of Shohei Ohtani

Shohei Ohtani, also known as ‘Shotime’, is a renowned professional baseball player for the Los Angeles Angels in the Major League Baseball (MLB). His impressive career includes numerous awards and titles from both the MLB and the Nippon Professional Baseball League. However, today, we shift the spotlight from Ohtani’s professional life to his personal life, focusing on his girlfriend, Kamalani Dung.

Who is Shohei Ohtani Girlfriend, Kamalani Dung?

Kamalani Dung, the girlfriend of Shohei Ohtani, is an accomplished professional Softball player with a notable career. She achieved a significant milestone in her athletic journey when her team secured a gold medal in the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games, showcasing her talent on an international stage.

Beyond her success in Softball, Kamalani Dung has ventured into the realms of modeling and acting, demonstrating her versatility and passion for the entertainment industry. She has made notable contributions as a sports personality, having served as a pitcher for both the California Golden Bears and the Fresno State Bulldogs.

Kamalani has represented her country in various international tournaments, bringing pride to her nation and family through her outstanding performances. Additionally, she has established a Sports institute under her name, where she provides training to girls in various sports disciplines and offers access to gym facilities, nurturing their athletic abilities and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Bio/Wiki Table

Full Name Xeena Kamalani Dung
Date of Birth March 4, 1997
Age 26 years old
Height 5ft 7 inches
Weight 60 kgs
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Education Graduate
Profession Professional Softball player, Model, Actress, and Founder of Kama Training
Children No children
Net Worth Estimated to be around $1.5 million
Income Estimated to be around $700,000

Family, Parents & Brother

Kamalani Dung’s family has played a vital role in her journey towards achieving success as a professional softball player, model, and actress. She was born to her parents, Lance Dung and Honey Rodrigues, who have been a constant source of support and encouragement throughout her career.

In addition to her parents, Kamalani has a younger brother named Lancen Dung, who is part of her close-knit family. Growing up, they likely shared many experiences and provided mutual support in pursuing their individual endeavors.

The love and support from her family have undoubtedly been instrumental in Kamalani’s achievements, helping her navigate the challenges and reach new heights in her chosen fields

Kamalani Dung Age, Height, and Weight

Kamalani Dung, born on March 4, 1997, in Hawaii, United States, is a 26-year-old individual. Standing at 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighing approximately 60 kg, she possesses these physical attributes.

The Meeting of Shohei Ohtani and Kamalani Dung: How They Connected

In 2018, Shohei Ohtani and Kamalani Dung first crossed paths during a Los Angeles Angels match. Kamalani had the opportunity to meet the entire team, including Shohei Ohtani. Their initial encounter sparked a strong friendship, which eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship.

Children of Shohei Ohtani and Kamalani Dung: Current Status

At present, Shohei Ohtani and Kamalani Dung are happily committed to each other but have not yet tied the knot. They are both focused on their respective careers and have not made plans for starting a family or having children at this time.

Social Media Presence

For fans of Kamalani Dung, she can be found on Instagram under the username @kama.dung, where she has amassed a strong following of over 43k individuals. Being an avid social media user, she regularly engages with her audience on Instagram, frequently sharing captivating pictures. With an impressive collection of more than 280 posts, her Instagram account offers a glimpse into both her professional and personal life.

In addition to Instagram, Dung is also active on Twitter, where she can be found using the handle @KAMADUNG. On Twitter, she shares various updates, including promotions, endorsements, and insights into her personal life. Fans can follow her on both platforms to stay connected and up to date with her latest endeavors.

Kamalani Dung’s Estimated Net Worth and Annual Income

Kamalani Dung, a successful professional softball player, has accumulated an estimated net worth of approximately $1.5 million. Her dedication to the sport has contributed significantly to her financial success. Furthermore, Kamalani diversifies her income streams by pursuing modeling and acting opportunities, bolstering her earnings.

In addition to her athletic pursuits and entertainment endeavors, Kamalani leverages her social media presence to promote and endorse various brands. These collaborations serve as an additional source of income for her. Taking into account all her revenue streams, including her sporting career, modeling and acting ventures, and brand endorsements, Kamalani’s annual income is estimated to surpass $700,000.

10 Facts about Kamalani Dung

  1. Kamalani Dung was born on March 4, 1997, in Hawaii, United States.
  2. She is a professional softball player and has played for the California Golden Bears and the Fresno State Bulldogs.
  3. Dung’s team won a gold medal at the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games.
  4. She is also a model and actress, showcasing her versatility.
  5. Dung runs a sports institute where she trains girls in various sports and provides gym facilities.
  6. She met Shohei Ohtani in 2018 during a match with the Los Angeles Angels.
  7. Dung is an active social media user with over 40k followers on Instagram and a significant following on Twitter.
  8. Her estimated net worth is around $1.5 million, with an annual income of over $700,000.
  9. She was born to Lance Dung and Honey Rodrigues and has a younger brother named Lancen Dung.
  10. Despite being in a relationship with Ohtani, the couple has not yet considered having children.


How old is Kamalani Dung?

She is 26 years old.

What nationality is Kamalani Dung?

She is American.

How tall is Kamalani Dung?

She is 5ft 7 inches tall.

Who is Shohei Ohtani’s girlfriend?

Shohei Ohtani’s girlfriend is Kamalani Dung.

Is Shohei Ohtani in a relationship?

Yes, Shohei Ohtani is in a relationship with Kamalani Dung.

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