Hot Chess Players: Top 15 Hottest Female Chess Players of 2023

In the world of chess, it’s not just about strategy and intellect; charisma and elegance have carved their niche too. The year 2023 has brought forth a line-up of the most stunning female chess players who combine their fierce gameplay with undeniable allure. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or new to the chessboard, you’ll be captivated by the brilliance and beauty of these top 15 hot female chess players. From grandmasters who’ve been mastering the 64 squares for years to budding prodigies making their mark, our list offers a blend of aesthetic appeal and cerebral prowess. Dive in to discover the game’s modern queens who are setting the board on fire.

Top 15 Hottest Female Chess Players of 2023

1. Alexandra Botez: The Canadian Chess Diva

Alexandra Botez, the Canadian chess diva, is undeniably among the top hot chess players of all time. If one were to define the perfect blend of beauty and intellect, she would undoubtedly be the epitome. Beyond her iconic chess performances, her captivating smile has won countless hearts.

Currently recognized as one of the elite chess players, Botez is not only a formidable player but also a renowned commentator, YouTuber, and Twitch streamer. Her rise to fame was marked by her remarkable achievement of winning the Canadian National Girls Champion title five times. Additionally, she proudly carries the title of Woman FIDE Master from the International Chess Federation.

Outside the realm of chess, Botez has a diverse range of interests. She earned a nomination to the board of directors for the Susan Polgar Foundation and is also an esteemed alumna of Stanford University.

2. Dorsa Derakhshani: The Iranian-American Sensation

Hot Chess Players

Dorsa Derakhshani, the Iranian American chess star, stands out as one of the hottest chess players to keep an eye on this year. Notably, in 2016, she earned the prestigious titles of Woman Grandmaster and International Master. Beyond her prowess in chess, she impresses with her academic achievements, having attended the esteemed St. Louis University.

Her journey to fame began when she dazzled chess enthusiasts with her exceptional skills, securing three gold medals at the Asian Youth Chess Championships in 2012. Moreover, she proudly represented Iran in the Asian Nations Cup on two occasions between 2012 and 2014. Notably, she is not just a player; she is also an accredited FIDE journalist.

In 2016, her accomplishments expanded further as she gained recognition as a FIDE trainer. However, she made headlines and became a topic of discussion among the chess community due to her conflict with the Iranian Chess Federation in 2017. Despite the challenges, her peak FIDE rating of 2405 in July 2016 remains a testament to her exceptional talent and dedication as one of the hottest chess players of her time.

3. Alisa Melekhina: America’s Chess Prodigy

The United States has a reputation for producing some of the most talented and beautiful chess players in history. However, when it comes to the perfect combination of beauty and brains, Alisa Melekhina stands unrivaled among hot chess players. Remarkably, she reached her peak rating of 2304 by the young age of 20.

Her journey to international recognition began with her participation in the US Women’s Chess Championship. Moreover, she proudly represented the USA team in prestigious events like the World Youth and Junior Chess Championships. In 2014, she achieved an impressive fifth position in the fiercely competitive US Women’s Chess Championship.

Beyond her dedication to chess, Alisa is a classically trained ballerina, adding another layer of grace to her already impressive repertoire. Additionally, she excelled in her studies, attending the renowned University of Pennsylvania Law School and successfully graduating in Law. Despite her demanding pursuits, her passion for chess never waned, and she continued to compete at the international level.

4. Anna Ushenina: Ukraine’s Chess Gem

Hot Chess Players

Undoubtedly, when it comes to hot chess players, Ukrainian chess grandmaster Anna Ushenina shines brightly as one of the most captivating female grandmasters to grace the sport. Not only is she considered among the best in the world, but she has also defeated numerous renowned players in this challenging game.

Her rise to international prominence began with her well-deserved title of Woman Grandmaster (WGM) in 2003. However, it was her brilliant performance in the 2006 Women’s Chess Olympiad that truly caught the attention of chess enthusiasts worldwide. Just a year later, she further solidified her position by earning the prestigious title of International Master (IM) in Abu Dhabi.

In 2013, Anna Ushenina showcased her exceptional skills and determination by securing the silver medal at the Women’s World Chess Championship. Her dedication and talent also reflect in her peak FIDE rating of 2502, achieved in July 2007. Today, she continues to maintain her standing above the 2400 mark, reaffirming her status as one of the hottest chess players in the game.

5. Anna Rudolf: Hungary’s Chess Queen

Certainly, Hungarian chess queen Anna Rudolf stands out as one of the hot chess players to keep an eye on this year. Beyond her passion for chess, she has also ventured into the digital realm as a Twitch streamer and a YouTuber, where she runs her own channels. However, her journey to prominence began with her remarkable achievements, becoming the Hungarian women’s national champion three times.

Anna Rudolf proudly represented Hungary in the prestigious Chess Olympiad, showcasing her skills on the global stage. What sets her apart is her remarkable feat of defeating at least two international champions, each with an impressive FIDE rating surpassing 2600. Moreover, she is known for her insightful chess commentary, adding further value to the chess community.

In July 2010, she reached her peak FIDE rating of 2393, a testament to her exceptional talent and dedication to the game. Presently, she continues to maintain her standing above the 2300-mark, confirming her prowess as one of the hottest chess players of her time. Her remarkable achievements have been acknowledged, with the “Outstanding Athlete of the City” award bestowed upon her in Bátaszék in 2017.

6. Alexandra Kosteniuk: Russia’s Chess Icon

Alexandra Kosteniuk, one of the stunning chess players hailing from Russia, is not only admired for her looks but is also revered as one of the greatest female chess players of all time. Her brilliance on the chessboard earned her the Women’s World Chess Championship title twice, consecutively from 2008 to 2010.

Her journey to greatness began with her triumph as the European women’s championship titleholder in 2004. Moreover, she showcased her dominance by securing the Russian Women’s Chess Championship titles twice. Contributing to her nation’s success, she played an integral role in leading her team to win the gold medal in team games three times between 2010 and 2014.

Continuing to impress, Alexandra Kosteniuk recently added another accolade to her name in 2021 by becoming the Women’s World Rapid Chess Champion. Her exceptional talent and hard work led her to achieve her peak FIDE rating of 2561 in January 2018. Remarkably, she remains above the 2500-mark in the FIDE rating, solidifying her status as one of the hottest chess players in the world.

7. Anna Muzychuk: The Ukrainian Chess Idol

Hot Chess Players

Anna Muzychuk, the Ukrainian chess glam idol, stands proudly among the elite group of only four female chess players in history to achieve a minimum FIDE rating of 2600. It may sound unbelievable, but in July 2012, she reached her peak FIDE rating of 2606, a testament to her exceptional skills.

Notably, she has an impressive track record in fast chess, securing the fast chess championship title thrice. In addition, she demonstrated her rapid chess prowess by winning the Women’s World Rapid Chess Championship in 2014 and achieving victory twice in the Women’s World Blitz Chess Championship between 2014 and 2016. Beyond her chess accomplishments, she is also celebrated as one of the most beautiful female grandmasters.

Anna’s talent is not limited to rapid chess alone, as she has shown remarkable prominence in classical chess as well. Notably, she achieved second place in the Women’s World Championship in 2017, further solidifying her position as one of the hottest chess players in the world. Moreover, she has contributed significantly to her national side’s success in team competitions, proving her prowess both individually and as a team player.

8. Lanita Stetsko: Belarus’s Chess Prodigy

Lanita Stetsko, the Belarusian chess sensation, stands out as one of the hot chess players to watch this year. Between 2003 and 2010, she dominated the Belarusian girl’s chess championship titles across various age groups.

Her prowess was further highlighted when she clinched the Belarusian women’s chess championships in 2015. Throughout her career from 2010 to 2017, she has also garnered two silver medals and two bronze medals. Her crowning achievement came in December 2016 when she was named the champion of the International Women’s Chess Tournament.

In 2013, Lanita was honored with the title of FIDE Woman International Master. Her accolades didn’t stop there; by 2015, she had achieved the FIDE Woman Grandmaster title. Impressively, she reached her peak FIDE rating of 2297 in November 2014.

9. Triin Narva: Estonia’s Chess Beauty

Hot Chess Players

When discussing hot chess players from Estonia, the conversation inevitably turns to the stunning Triin Narva. With chess deeply rooted in her lineage, she is the proud granddaughter of iconic Estonian chess grandmasters Boris Rõtov and Women grandmaster Merike Rõtova.

Both her parents, Jaan Narva and Regina Narva, hold the esteemed title of FIDE masters. Triin’s prowess on the chessboard is evident as she clinched the Estonian Junior Chess Championship a remarkable twelve times between 2004 and 2011. Further showcasing her talent, she secured titles in both Blitz and Rapid at the Estonian Chess Championship in 2010.

Between 2010 and 2016, Triin graced the Chess Olympiad on four occasions. While she hasn’t achieved notable results there, she reached an impressive peak FIDE rating of 2129 in April 2019.

10. Tania Sachdev: India’s Chess Queen

Tania Sachdev, the Indian chess queen, is not only celebrated for her titles of Woman Grandmaster (WGM) and International Masters but is also recognized as one of the hot chess players with a perfect blend of beauty and intellect.

Her rise to prominence was marked by her consecutive victories as the Women’s Chess Champion in India in 2006 and 2007. The same year, she further showcased her prowess by clinching the Asian Women’s Chess Championship.

Tania reached her zenith with a FIDE rating of 2443 in September 2013. Between 2016 and 2019, she dominated the Commonwealth Women’s Chess Championship, winning it three times. Currently, she enjoys sponsorship from Red Bull.

11. Antoaneta Stefanova: Bulgaria’s Chess Star

Antoaneta Stefanova, the pride of Bulgaria, is a name that resonates deeply within the world of chess. Born on 19 April 1979 in Sofia, Bulgaria, she has carved a niche for herself among the hot chess players with her unparalleled skills and achievements.

A chess prodigy, she is the granddaughter of the iconic Estonian chess grandmasters Boris Rõtov and Women grandmaster Merike Rõtova. Stefanova’s journey to the pinnacle of chess began early, winning the Belarusian girl’s chess championship titles multiple times between 2003 and 2010. Her prowess didn’t stop there; she clinched the title of Women’s World Chess Champion from 2004 to 2006.

Representing Bulgaria in the Chess Olympiad in 2000 and the Women’s Chess Olympiad since 1992, she has showcased her exceptional talent on numerous international platforms. With a peak FIDE rating of 2443 achieved in September 2013, Stefanova continues to inspire and captivate chess enthusiasts worldwide.

12. Maria Manakova: Serbia’s Chess Sensation

Maria Manakova, a Russian-born Serbian chess sensation, has made significant waves in the world of chess. Born on 1 March 1974 in Kazan, Russia, she is not only recognized for her exceptional skills but also stands out among the hot chess players with her captivating presence.

Holding the prestigious title of Woman Grandmaster (WGM), Manakova has represented both Russia and Yugoslavia on the global stage. She first garnered attention by securing the Women’s European Team Chess Championship’s silver medal in Batumi 1999. In 2013, she further showcased her prowess by winning the Serbian women’s championship.

Beyond her achievements on the chessboard, Manakova has been in the limelight for her appearance on the cover of the Russian magazine Speed in 2004, which stirred conversations in various circles. With a peak FIDE rating of 2395 in April 2001, Maria Manakova continues to be a beacon of excellence in the chess community.

13. Natalia Pogonina: Russia’s Chess Prodigy

Natalia Andreevna Pogonina, born on 9 March 1985, is a shining star in the world of chess, hailing from Russia. Holding the prestigious FIDE title of Woman Grandmaster (WGM), she has made significant strides in the chess arena.

Notably, she was the runner-up in the Women’s World Chess Championship in 2015 and clinched the title of Russian Women’s Champion twice, in 2012 and 2018. Her contributions to the Russian team have been instrumental, leading them to gold in the Women’s Chess Olympiads of 2012 and 2014.

As one of the hot chess players, Pogonina’s blend of skill and elegance has made her a sensation in the chess community. Beyond the board, she has been active in promoting the game, penning columns, and serving as a commentator for various chess events. Her legacy is not just limited to her achievements but also her passion for the game.

14. Nana Dzagnidze: Georgia’s Chess Gem

Nana Dzagnidze, born on 1 January 1987 in Kutaisi, Georgian SSR, Soviet Union, is a beacon of excellence in the world of chess. As one of the hot chess players representing Georgia, her achievements are both vast and commendable.

Awarded the title of Grandmaster by FIDE in 2008, Dzagnidze has been a pivotal member of the Georgian team, contributing to their gold medal victory in the Women’s Chess Olympiad in 2008. Her individual accomplishments are equally impressive, having won the European women’s individual championship in 2017.

Beyond national and continental championships, Dzagnidze has showcased her prowess on the global stage, participating in events like the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix series. Her peak FIDE rating reached an impressive 2573 in June 2015. With a legacy that blends skill, strategy, and passion, Nana Dzagnidze continues to inspire and elevate the standards of chess in Georgia and beyond

15. Almira Skripchenko: France’s Chess Diva

Almira Skripchenko, born on 17 February 1976, is a chess prodigy who hails from Moldova but has made significant contributions to French chess. As one of the hot chess players, she seamlessly blends her Moldovan roots with her French affiliations, making her a unique figure in the chess world.

Skripchenko holds the esteemed titles of International Master (IM) and Woman Grandmaster (WGM). Her chess prowess was evident when she clinched the European Women’s Individual Chess Championship in 2001. Moreover, she has been crowned the French Women’s Chess Champion seven times, showcasing her dominance in the sport.

Born to a lineage of chess enthusiasts, with both parents being FIDE masters, Skripchenko’s passion for the game was ignited early on. Beyond her achievements on the chessboard, she has been an ambassador for the game, representing France in numerous tournaments since 2002 and actively promoting chess in Europe.

FAQs about Hot Chess Players

Who are considered “hot chess players”?

“Hot chess players” typically refers to chess players who have gained significant attention not only for their exceptional skills on the board but also for their charismatic personalities, physical attractiveness, or unique personal stories.

Why is there a focus on “hot chess players”?

Just like in other sports or fields, the combination of talent and charisma can make certain individuals stand out and become more marketable. These players often attract a broader audience, including those who might not be traditional chess enthusiasts.

Are “hot chess players” necessarily the best players in the world?

Sometimes, the term “hot chess players” does indicate top-tier competitors, but more frequently, it refers to their popularity or media attention, which can be influenced by factors beyond just chess ability.

Who are some of the most notable “hot chess players”?

Names like Alexandra Botez, Almira Skripchenko, and Tania Sachdev often come up in such discussions due to their significant achievements in chess combined with their media presence.

Do “hot chess players” contribute to the popularity of the game?

Yes, they often do. Their visibility can attract new fans to the game, and their engaging personalities can make chess more accessible and relatable to a broader audience.

Is the term “hot chess players” controversial?

It can be. Some argue that focusing on a player’s looks or charisma can detract from their skills and achievements. However, others believe that any attention to the game, especially if it brings in new fans, is beneficial.

How do “hot chess players” impact the youth’s interest in chess?

Younger players often look up to these individuals as role models. Seeing someone who is both talented and charismatic can inspire the youth to take up and stick with the game.

Are there male “hot chess players”?

Absolutely. While people often discuss “hot chess players” focusing on females, many male players are known for both their chess skills and charismatic personalities.

How do “hot chess players” engage with their fans?

Many of them are active on social media, participate in online streaming, or engage in community events. This direct interaction helps build a strong fan base and promotes the game.

Do “hot chess players” have opportunities outside of chess?

Yes, many leverage their popularity to explore opportunities in modeling, commentary, content creation, and even other games or sports.

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