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Brian Deegan is an American professional freestyle motocross rider and racing driver. Currently, Brain Deegan is 49 years old. In addition, he is a founding member of Metal Mulisha.

Brian Deegan Biography/Wiki

NAME Brian Deegan
PLACE OF BIRTH Omaha, Nebraska
BIRTH DATE May 9, 1974
NICKNAME Underflip
AGE 49 years old
PROFESSION Motorcycle Racer, Race Car Driver & Businessman
NET WORTH $10 Million
RELIGION Christian
SIBLINGS 2 siblings
HEIGHT In feet: 5’9 ″

In metres: 1.75 m

WEIGHT In kgs: 70kg

In pounds: 154lbs

SHOE SIZE Not known
WIFE Marissa Deegan
CHILDREN Daughter: Hailie Deegan

Sons: Hayden Deegan and Hudson Deegan

AFFILIATION Chip Ganassi Racing, Olsbergs MSE
SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Brian Deegan Career

Brian Deegan

Deegan was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Meanwhile, he became a pro supercross rider with Team Moto XXX at age 17. On the other hand, in 1997 at the LA Coliseum, Brian Deegan won the 125cc main. Furthermore, Brian ghost rode his bike across the finish line. In fact, this was the beginning of what we know today as Freestyle Motocross.

Also, in 2004, at the Winter X Games, Brian Deegan crashed while aiming a twisting backflip 360 over a 100 ft snow double. Moreover, it broke his femur and both wrists. On the contrary, he came back 6 months later to place fourth at the Summer X Games. In conclusion, Deegan was also the first rider ever to land a Mulisha Twist in competition.

Afterwards, switching to four wheels in 2009, Deegan launched into short course off-road racing in the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series’ Unlimited Lites division. Moreover, he won the championship over experienced drivers.

Then, at the 2010 X Games, Deegan competed in the Rally Car Racing event at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. However, Deegan finished second behind Tanner Foust. Specifically, due to a wrong turn, he made a mistake during the race. Additionally, Brian also competed in Rally Car Super Rally where he also finished second behind Tanner Foust.

However, at X Games XVII, Deegan won gold in RallyCross.

Furthermore, in 2011, he won the World Championship race at Crandon International Off-Road Raceway in the Traxxas TORC Series. In addition, Brian Deegan also competed at the Race of Champions. Moreover, he also won the championships in the Pro Lite Unlimited and Pro 2 classes of the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series.

Besides, in 2012, he debuted the Metal Mulisha Monster truck. Meanwhile, Todd LeDuc officially debuted it at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas in January 2012. At the same time, Deegan himself drove the truck in Phoenix, Arizona at Chase Field. Moreover, he was prepared to drive the truck at the Monster Jam World Finals 13. However, he injured himself in driving practice. Therefore, Todd LeDuc replaced him. Furthermore, he also won his second championship in the Pro 2 class of the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series.

Firstly, Deegan raced an OlsbergsMSE Ford Fiesta at the Global RallyCross Championship, resulting in runner-up in 2012. Then, fourth in 2013. Finally, 12th in 2014. Furthermore, he also continued his Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series career. On the other hand, he won the Pro Light Unlimited championship in 2013. Finally, he won the Pro 2 championship in 2014. In addition, in 2015, Deegan was hired by Chip Ganassi Racing to compete in seven Global Rallycross Championship races in an M-Sport Fiesta along with former professional motocross rider Jeff Ward.

Brian Deegan Family

Brian Deegan was born in Omaha, Nebraska, the United States of America. He was born on May 9, 1974. However, the name of his parents along with their whereabouts are kept away from the media. In the same way, there is not a lot of information available on Brian’s earlier life even though he is very well known. On the other hand, the common public is only made aware of the fact that Deegan left his home being legally emancipated at the age of 17 with a truck, a dirt bike, and a credit card. On the whole, this does not reveal much about Brian Deegan. Accordingly, we can guess how hard the motorist performed to reach the world’s top.

Brian Deegan Wife

Brian Deegan is happily married. He has been married to Marissa Deegan since 2003.  In fact, they have been married for more than 15 years now. As it is believed, “the success of a man depends on the tireless struggle of a woman.” In the same way, Brian’s life is nothing less than an experience and satisfaction.

Brian Deegan Kids

Brian Deegan and his wife, Marissa have three beautiful children together. They have two sons and a daughter from their marriage. Likewise, Hailie Deegan is their eldest child. In short, she is 20 years old. Hailie is an American professional stock car racing driver. She competes full-time in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Additionally, she drives the No. 1 Ford F-150 for David Gilliland Racing. To sum up, Hailie Deegan is presently a Ford Performance driver/ On the other hand, previously she was a Toyota Racing Development driver.

On the other hand, their youngest children, Hayden and Hudson are still under 15. In spite of that, they are professional motocross racers. In fact, the father and son duo trains in a backyard dirt bike track during a time-out. Moreover, let us say Haiden will take no time to catch up to his father. Nevertheless, the Deegan’s have an outstanding life. To sum up, the children are not dependent on their father since they are professionals themselves.

Brian Deegan Injuries

Brian Deegan

Indeed, Brian Deegan has a certain love for racing. However, it might seem downright odd after hearing a part of his stories about life-threatening incidents.

In brief, Brian Deegan started riding almost three decades ago. Specifically, there has been a time when he nearly bled to death. In fact, it was when he crashed and blew up his kidney during filming for the MTV reality show “Viva La Bam”. Firstly, he broke his femur in four spots. Moreover, he also broke both wrists in one more incident. As well as, his spleen burst during another incident.

On the whole, during filming for “Viva La Bam,” the crash actually ripped his kidney off of the artery. On the other hand, the ambulance did not arrive for almost an hour. Finally, when he was out of the hospital a few weeks, he instantly said, “All of a sudden I just wanted to ride again.”

That sure sounded crazy. On the contrary, considering Deegan leaving his hometown of Omaha straight out of high school for California to pursue racing, it’s not that hard to figure out. Therefore, he was meant to race and he knew it.

Moreover, Brian Deegan says he still has problems that arise from breaking his femur. In fact, it shows a noticeable limp in his step.

Brian Deegan Accident

Brian Deegan

In 2004, at the Winter X Games, Brian Deegan crashed while aiming a twisting backflip 360 over a 100 ft snow double. As a result, it broke his femur and both wrists. However, he came back 6 months later to place fourth at the Summer X Games. Nonetheless, Deegan was also the first rider ever to land a Mulisha Twist in competition.

In addition, during a 2005 taping of MTV’s Viva La Bam, Brian Deegan under-rotated a back-flip. Therefore, he suffered a strong impact from the handlebars in his midsection. For the most part, he almost lost his life. In the first place, he lost a kidney. In the second place, he lacerated his spleen. Furthermore, he lost a significant amount of blood. Above all, he has a long scar on his stomach. However, he calls it his “zipper”. Meanwhile, it spans almost his entire abdomen, as a result of the accident. Nevertheless, at the end of the episode when it originally aired, Bam dedicated it to Brian. On the contrary, the accident was cut out of the show.

Moreover, in 2018, Deegan was the subject of the documentary Blood Line: The Life and Times of Brian Deegan.

Brian Deegan Podcast

Brain hosts podcasts every Wednesday for interviews and discussions with the top talent from the world of moto sports. In addition, he talks about personal goals and insights into how the Deegans stay ahead of the pack. It is the official podcast of multi-time champion in X-Games, Rally and Offroad – Brian Deegan.

To illustrate, he mentions how he is fathering the crazy life of a family of racers winning championships in different sports. Likewise, it includes Hailie Deegan – the first female to win multiple NASCAR races on her way to NASCAR stardom. Next, Haiden “Dangerboy” Deegan – the fastest kid in the nation at his age on a dirt bike. Then, the youngest, Hudson Deegan – just a 9-year-old wild man who cannot be outdone. Finally, his wife Marissa – the glue to the Deegan’s never-ending success, a mom with a passion for racing, and her garden. Accordingly, each week, Brian gives us an all-access pass to a world of racing, parenting, motivation, marketing, business, sponsorships, health & more.

Brian Deegan Height

Brian stands tall at 5’9 ″ feet. In the same way, in metres, he is 1.75 m.

Brian Deegan Net Worth

Brian Deegan is a professional Freestyle Motocross rider. In addition, he is a founding member of Metal Mulisha. Therefore, he has a net worth of $10 million. In fact, Brian Deegan earned his net worth as a professional Freestyle Motor cross rider.

Brian Deegan Instagram

Brain Deegan has an Instagram account with a lot of followers. In fact, he is quite an active user. Also, he has over 1.1 million people following him there. Currently, he has 7250 posts. Also, he follows around 1565 accounts on Instagram.

Brian Deegan Supercross

Brian Deegan Motor-cross and Supercross Points Standings- Overall Season Results.



13 50


15 42


22 62


14 44


10 58


5 136


33 12


10 54


14 33


19 39

Brian Deegan Metal Mulisha

Metal Mulisha is an American lifestyle clothing brand. Moreover, it was created in 1997 by Larry Linkogle and Brian Deegan. In addition, Metal Mulisha Inc. products are sold at various retail stores and company-owned stores. Also, it offers Metal Mulisha energy drinks under the same brand in a joint venture with Rockstar. To begin with, the company employs about 450 people. On the other hand, Metal Mulisha T-shirts were fashionable among youth in the 2000s. Furthermore, the shirts usually feature existential slogans or quotes that praise the virtues of extreme sports.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When did Brian Deegan get married?

He got married in November 2003.

When did Brian Deegan retire?

Currently, the racer is 49 years old. On the other hand, he is still as active in the sporting business as he was during his teen years.

When did Brian have his first accident?

While, in 2004, at the Winter X Games, Brian Deegan crashed while aiming a twisting backflip 360 over a 100 ft snow double.

Is Hailie Deegan related to Brian Deegan?

Without a doubt, yes. In fact, she is Brian’s daughter.

Is Brian Deegan still in Metal Mulisha?


What does Brian Deegan do for a living?

Firstly, he is a Motorcycle racer. Secondly, he is a stuntman. Thirdly, he is a businessman.

What is Brian Deegan’s Net Worth?

Without a doubt, his net worth is 10 million dollars.

What kind of bike does Brian ride?

As a matter of fact, he rides Dirt bikes.

What does Brian Deegan’s wife do?

Marrisa Deegan is an industrious woman. In addition, she is an actress. On the other hand, on the business level, she started Deegan MotorSports. Moreover, it is a motorcycle dealership company in Temecula, California. Thus, she deals with it with her husband.

Where was Brian Deegan born?

He was born in Omaha, Nebraska, United States.

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