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Aaron Boone is a baseball manager and former infielder from America. Fans also know him by his full name Aaron John Boone. He was born on the 9th of March in the year 1973. He currently serves as the manager of the New York Yankees in the MLB or Major League Baseball. Before becoming a manager, he played in Major League Baseball for 12 years. Thus, Aaron Boone played in Major League baseball from the year 1997 to 2009. In his career as a player, Aaron Boone received the most recognition when he was 30 years old. In the year 2003 Aaron Boone played with the New York Yankees and fans recognized him a lot during that campaign. He was an All-Star and he was also able to hit the walk-off home run of the American League Championship Series that year.

After he retired from his playing career Aaron had a career in broadcasting for seven years. From the year 2010 to 2017 Boone was an analyst for the show Sunday Night Baseball and Baseball Tonight aired on the television channel ESPN. After that in the year 2018, he started his career in managing. Thus, Aaron started managing the New York Yankees. He had a very successful beginning to his managerial career. Under his leadership, the New York Yankees were able to achieve two 100-win records in two consecutive seasons! They were also able to appear in the playoffs of all four seasons. Keep reading to find out more about Aaron Boone’s career, net worth, wife, personal life, and much more.

Aaron Boone Bio

Aaron Boone

Full name Aaron John Boone
Date of birth 9th March 1973
Age 49 Years
Wife Laura Cover
Birthplace La Mesa, California, United States of America
Nationality American
Profession Baseball player
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Height 1.88 m
Weight 93 kg
Net Worth $16 million

Aaron Boone Brother

Aaron Boone is from a family of successful baseball players. He has often claimed that his family is the reason he was able to achieve his success as a baseball player. His father is Bob Boone who was the former catcher and baseball manager. Aaron Boone is also the brother of Bret Boone who is a very successful baseball player. Bret Boone has won the All-star and the Gold Glove four times. Another successful baseball player in Aaron Boone’s family is his brother Matt Boone. Matt Boone was a minor league baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds. Aaron Boone is also the grandson of Ray Boone.

Ray Boone was a former major league player in Major League Baseball. When he was a child, Aaron was exposed to the lives of many baseball players because of his father and his grandfather. Thus he said that those experiences influenced him a lot in his life and career. Aaron and Bret Boone used to spend a lot of time in the Phillies clubhouse when they were children. Thus they used to spend a lot of time with the children of the other major league players such as Pete Rose Jr. According to Aaron Boone he was very close to all the children of his father’s friends. It also surprises a lot of fans to know that the great pioneer Daniel Boone is an ancestor of Aaron Boone!

Aaron Boone Open-Heart Surgery

In the year 2009, Aaron Boone had to undergo open-heart surgery. In the month of March last year, he had to undergo surgery again to implant a pacemaker in his heart. He thanked his family and friends for staying by him and supporting him during his surgery. Thus, many newspapers quoted him, saying that he was feeling awesome after his surgery. Boone was on the bench for two weeks after his surgery.

Aaron Boone Wife

Aaron Boone’s wife is Laura Cover. Laura Cover was a Playboy Playmate. She was Miss October in the year 1998. The couple tied the knot in the year 2002 when Aaron Boone was 29 years old. They have been married ever since and will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary this year.

Aaron Boone Kids

Aaron Boone and Laura Cover live in Scottsdale in Arizona. They have four children, two of their children are biological and two are adopted.

Aaron Boone Career

Aaron Boone played amateur baseball in high school and college. He went to Villa Park High school in Villa Park California. In his senior year, Boone was able to win the title of the Century League’s co-player of the year! This is because he batted .423 with 22 stolen bases for the baseball team of his school. In the year 1991, the California Angels selected Aaron on the third day of the Major league Baseball draft that year. However, Boone did not want to sign a professional contract and so he did not accept their offer.

Thus, Aaron Boone applied to the University of Southern California (USC) and attended college there. He played college baseball for the University of Southern California Trojans. In the year 1993 when he was only 20 years old, he played collegiate summer baseball for the Orleans Cardinals. The Orleans Cardinals were a team of the Cape Cod Baseball League. Thus he led his team to victory and the Orleans were able to win the championship of that league.

Aaron Boone Professional Career

Aaron Boone Cincinnati Reds

In the year 1994 when Aaron Boone was 21 years old, he participated in the Major League Baseball draft again. This time the Cincinnati Reds selected him in the third round of the draft. Thus in the month of June in the year 1997, Aaron Boone made his debut in Major League Baseball. His first match was not very successful since the referee called him out for sliding into home. Thus, he was ejected from the game. In the season in the year 1998, Boone finally was able to play in a proper match.

On the last day of the season, the Cincinnati Reds started a Major League infield. This was the only infield that consisted of two sets of brothers! Stephen Larkin was the first baseman and Bret Boone was the second baseman. Stephen Larkin’s brother Barry Larkin was the shortstop and Bret Boone’s brother Aaron was the third baseman. On the 22nd of September in the year 2002, Aaron Boone was able to hit his first home run. He hit it in the eighth inning of the match against the Philadelphia Phillies.

The match took place in Riverfront Stadium. The Cincinnati Reds lost that match to the Philadelphia Phillies. This was the last home run of the match and the Cincinnati Reds had lost 4-3 to the Phillies. In the year 2002 Aaron Boone hit a total of 26 home runs which was a career-high for him. Thus he played in all 162 games in the year. During the same year, the Cincinnati Reds named Aaron Boone as their most valuable player. Thus he also appeared in the All-Star Game of Major League Baseball in the year 2003.

Aaron Boone Cleveland Indians

In the month of June in the year 2004, Aaron Boone signed a contract with the Cleveland Indians. The contract had a length of two years. In the year 2004, Aaron Boone earned $600,000. In the year 2005, during the baseball season, he earned $3 million. He was also able to earn a club option for the baseball season of the year 2006. This club option was worth 4.5 million US dollars.

Unfortunately, Aaron Boone had to miss out on the entire 2004 season. In the year 2005, he played a total of 154 matches. He was able to bat .243 with 16 home runs and 60 RBIs. In the year 2006, the Cleveland Indians exercised an option on the contract that Aaron had signed. This contract was regarding the 2006 baseball season. Thus in his second season with the Cleveland Indians, Aaron batted .251 and was able to achieve 7 home runs.

Aaron Boone Yankees

On the 31st of July in the year 2003, the New York Yankees were able to acquire Aaron Boone from the Cincinnati Reds. They received Boone in exchange for Brandon Claussen, Charlie Manning, and some extra cash. After the trade was complete Aaron Boone played a total of 54 games. He was able to hit .254 with OPS of .720. Thus he was also able to achieve 6 home runs and 31 RBIs.

Aaron Boone Home Run

In the year 2003, during the seventh game of the American League Championship Series Aaron Boone hit a walk-off home run. He hit a home run in the 11th inning off Tim Wakefield. Thus he was able to lead his team to victory. The New York Yankees won over the Boston Red Sox in a 6-5 victory. This event prolonged the Curse of the Bambino.

According to the New York daily news, this play was the “Curse of the Boonebino”, a play on the word Bambino. Thus Baseball Tonight rated this home run as the ninth-best home run of all times. After this event, there were many Red Sox fans who called Boone “Aaron Fucking Boone” just like the way they called Bucky Dent, “Bucky Fucking Dent”.

Aaron Boone Contract

 In the month of January in the year 2004, Aaron Boone tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee during a pick-up basketball game. The standard Major League Baseball player contract states that players cannot take part in any off-season basketball game or any skiing or surfing match. Thus Boone had violated this MLB player contract. The New York Yankees hinted that they might terminate Aaron Boone’s contract because of this situation. As a result of this, the Yankees traded for Alex Rodriguez to play in the position of the third baseman. Thus they terminated Aaron Boone’s contract on the 27th of February in the year 2004.

Aaron Boone

On the 29th of December in the year 2006, Aaron Boone signed a contract with the Florida Marlins. It was a one-year contract worth 925,000 dollars. In the year 2007, he batted .286 in 69 games for the Florida Marlins. On the 6th of December in the year 2007, Aaron signed a contract with the Washington Nationals. It was a one-year contract worth 1,000,000 dollars. On the 18th of December in the year 2008, Boone signed a contract with the Houston Astros. Thus, this contract was also one year long and worth 750,000 dollars plus incentives.

Aaron Boone Later Career

In the month of March in the year 2009, Aaron Boone had an open-heart surgery to replace his bicuspid aortic valve. Aaron Boone had suffered from this condition since he was a child. However, during that time, the routine tests he took had informed him that his condition was getting worse. Thus he said that the doctors had given him permission to play baseball again when he had recovered. However, Boone also stated that he was not sure if he would choose to continue playing baseball.

On the 10th of August Aaron returned to his baseball career. He started his rehabilitation with Corpus Christi Hooks which was the Double-A minor league affiliate of the Houston Astros. Boone played five innings during that time. He also had two plate appearances but remained hitless. Thus, after the match was over Aaron stated that he wanted to return to Major League Baseball. He said that his goal was to return to the MLB by the 1st of September.

1st September was the date of expansion of the major league rosters. Aaron Boone thus activated himself on the 1st of September and added to the expanded rosters of the Houston Astros. On the 2nd of December, Aaron Boone made his seasonal debut. Thus he played at first base and went 0 for 3. On the 16th of September Boone announced that he wanted to retire. Thus, he played his last game on the 4th of October.

Aaron Boone Career as a manager

After the completion of the season in the year 2017, The New York Yankees decided that they did not want to keep Joe Girardi as their manager. Thus they wanted Aaron Boone to be the new manager. The New York Yankees hired Aaron to be their manager on the 4th of December in the year 2017. Thus Boone’s managerial career started. On the 29th of March in the year 2018, the New York Yankees won against the Toronto Blue Jays. Thus Aaron Boone was able to win his first match as the manager.

Aaron Boone

The New York Yankees started the 2018 season on good terms after their 6-1 win. However, things started going bad towards the end of the season. Aaron Boone received a suspension for one game. This was because he had made illegal contact with an umpire. Aaron helped the New York Yankees to finish the 2018 season with a 100-62 record. He also finished his first season good for second in the American League East. Thus, he also led the New York Yankees to the wild card game against the Oakland Athletics.

However, the hopes of the Yankees performing well were low since their star outfielder and team leader Aaron Judge was out. Aaron Judge had previously sustained a wrist injury and hence he would not be able to play for the next two months.

However, Boone proved his worth as a manager since the Yankees were able to defeat the Athletics. They won 7-2 and were able to advance to the American League Division Series. This win was Aaron Boone’s first postseason win as a manager for the New York Yankees. However later in the American League Division Series, the Boston Red Sox eliminated the New York Yankees three games to one.

Aaron Boone Net Worth

According to various sources Aaron Boone has an estimated net worth of 16 million US dollars. He has accumulated most of this sum from being a professional baseball player, a broadcaster and a baseball manager for the New York Yankees. Aside from these he also earned some amount from advertisements and brand endorsements. Nevertheless it is really difficult to predict celebrities’ net worth due to change in lifestyle and spending patterns.

Aaron Boone Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Aaron Boone make in a year?

Aaron earns about 1 million US dollars per year.

Did Aaron Boone win a world series?

Aaron Boone won the American League championship series in the year 2003.

Is Aaron Boone out as manager?

Aaron Boone spent the last four seasons as the manager of the New York Yankees. Thereafter his contract with the Yankees expired. However the Yankees did make an announcement that Aaron Boone would return as their manager in the new season.

How many years does Aaron Boone have left on his contract?

Aaron Boone has signed a new three-year contract with the Yankees that will last till the year 2025.

Is Aaron still married?

Yes Aaron Boone is still married to Laura Cover who he married in the year 2002. The couple will be celebrating their 20th marriage anniversary this year. They have four children.

When did Aaron Boone get married?

Aaron Boone got married to former American model Laura Cover on the 9th of November in the year 2002.

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