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DeAndre Johnson is an American Football player born on the 2nd of February in the year 1996. He is famous for his role on Last Chance U during its second season in the year 2016. Last Chance U is a very popular TV Series that premiered on Netflix.

He has played for a number of teams such as East Mississippi community college, Florida State, Florida Atlantic University Owls, and so on. He finished his career in collegiate football at Florida Atlantic University. Thus, DeAndre Johnson graduated in the year 2018 from FAU.

DeAndre’s brother Tyreke Johnson plays for the Ohio State Buckeyes. He played Division I NCAA football for them. Keep reading to know more about DeAndre Johnson’s career in EMCC, FAU, FA, and other places, his net worth, height, and much more.

Some Facts about DeAndre Johnson

DeAndre Johnson

DeAndre Johnson Age

DeAndre Johnson was born on the 2nd of February in the year 1996. Thus, as of now, he is 27 years old. Thus DeAndre Johnson’s sun sign is Aquarius.

DeAndre Johnson Height

According to sources, DeAndre Johnson stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches or 190 cm.

DeAndre Johnson Weight

As of now, DeAndre Johnson’s weight is 260 pounds or 118 kg.

DeAndre Johnson Birthplace

DeAndre Johnson’s birthplace is Jacksonville in Florida, United States of America. Thus, his nationality is American. His ethnicity is black.

DeAndre Johnson Position

DeAndre Johnson plays in the Quarterback position. He played as a quarterback for Texas Southern. Thus, he played for Texas Southern for one season during the year 2019-2020. He also played as a quarterback for Florida Atlantic for two seasons during 2017-2019.

DeAndre Johnson Education

DeAndre Johnson completed his high school graduation from First Coast high school in Florida. First Coast high school is a comprehensive public high school in Jacksonville, Florida where Johnson grew up. First Coast opened just after the inauguration of its sister school, Mandarin High School.

The Duval County school district has 47 schools. Thus, First Coast high school is one of the best among them. DeAndre Johnson has often mentioned in interviews that the years he spent at First Coast High school were some of the best years of his life.

DeAndre Johnson High School Career

During his high school football career, DeAndre Johnson threw for almost 12000 yards. Thus he also achieved 131 touchdowns at First Coast high school in Jacksonville, Florida. However, that was not the end. The popular quarterback also ran for another 23 touchdowns during his high school football career.

During the year 2014 DeAndre Johnson set a state record for touchdowns and passing yards. He was able to achieve 3710 passing yards and 47 touchdowns as a senior at First Coast high school!

DeAndre Johnson As A Quarterback

DeAndre Johnson

Currently, DeAndre Johnson is preparing for the NFL draft. During his last year at Texas Southern, Johnson was able to complete 60.2% of his passes. He completed them for 1927 running yards. Thus he was also able to achieve 10 touchdowns and five interceptions. Hence, Johnson also ran for another three touchdowns. He got three more touchdowns playing for the Tigers. Thus he was able to secure a victory for them. The Tigers won 0-11 during the first season of the head coach Clarence McKinney.

DeAndre Johnson decided that instead of petitioning the NCAA for another year he would declare for the NFL draft in the month of December. Thus he signed with Rare Sports Agency. He also posted a lot of pictures of himself on his Instagram page where he was preparing for the NFL draft. Although Johnson is not listed on many NFL draft sites, he is working very hard. He might make an NFL team as an undrafted free agent.

DeAndre Johnson & Last Chance U

DeAndre Johnson was the heir apparent to a future NFL draft top pick in the year 2014. Thus he began his college football career with a promising future. He finished his time in his college football career quite well too. He graduated as a famous quarterback at the FCS level. DeAndre Johnson was the winner of Florida’s popular pageant Mr. Football.

Thus, DeAndre Johnson won the Mr. Football pageant in the year 2014 right after graduation from high school. Next, he signed up with Florida State. However, DeAndre Johnson is the most popular among fans for his career at the East Mississippi Community College. The EMCC was a junior college that appeared in the first two seasons of Last Chance U. Last Chance U is a popular Netflix television show. DeAndre Johnson played at four different levels in his football career.

Although we do not know what might happen in his professional football career, Johnson will always be famous for his appearance in Last Chance U. Keep reading to find out what DeAndre Johnson did after he finished his college football career.

DeAndre Johnson For Florida State

When DeAndre Johnson came to Florida State, Jameis Winston had gone to the NFL. Jameis Winston was the winner of the Heisman Trophy. Thus, Jimbo Fisher required a good quarterback player so that the Seminoles could continue playing for the national championships. Hence DeAndre Johnson arrived at Florida State with quite high hopes. Despite enrolling early, DeAndre Johnson never played in a game during the regular season in Tallahassee. He even participated in FSU’s spring game in the year 2015.

In spite of this, he did not participate in the regular season. This was because of an off-field incident. Thus, DeAndre Johnson was dismissed in the month of July 2015. After this incident, DeAndre Johnson publicly apologized to everyone. Thus, he transferred to the East Mississippi Community college in the year 2016. In EMCC, DeAndre Johnson was able to win the position of the starting quarterback.

As a part of EMCC, Johnson completed 61% of his passes. He completed then for 2645 yards and five touchdowns. Thus, he was able to help EMCC to win a Mississippi State Bowl State Championship! When Johnson was a player at East Mississippi community college, the Netflix show Last Chance U was filming its second season there.

Thus, Johnson appeared in the second season of Last Chance U. He instantly became a favorite among all the fans for his football skills! Thus he was able to move on from the issue which happened at Florida State.

DeAndre Johnson For Florida Atlantic

DeAndre Johnson played as a quarterback for Florida Atlantic for about two years. During his time at the East Mississippi community college, DeAndre Johnson received interest from a lot of Division I football programs. Among all these programs, Lane Kiffin and Florida Atlantic won. Thus they hired Johnson under the previous coach. Kiffin joined the Florida Atlantic in the month of December 2016. Thus, Johnson signed with Florida Atlantic after Kiffin joined them. Johnson had enrolled in FAU days or the Florida Atlantic University Owls just in time for their spring practice.

Tim Bonner, who was a junior college teammate of Johnson, had also joined FAU in the year 2017. Tim Bonner was also a star in the show Last Chance U. Thus, he joined Kiffin’s FAU Owls along with DeAndre Johnson. Tim Bonner is a player at the defensive end. In the year 2017, in the month of August, John Franklin III also joined FAU. John Franklin III was also Johnson’s teammate at Florida State and a star of Last Chance U in season one. Thus this Auburn receiver joined FAU as a graduate transfer. Kiffin also appointed Clint Trickett as FAU’s tight ends coach. Clint Trickett was a quarterbacks coach for EMCC.

DeAndre Johnson & Career For FAU

During the 2017 summer, Johnson had an injury. Thus, he missed the rest of the season that year. However, FAU performed quite well that year and finished 11-3. They were able to win both the Conference USA championship game and the Boca Raton Bowl. Johnson said in an interview later that he was quite upset about not being able to play in his first FAU season. However, he understood that his health was more important and he had to take care of that first.

In the year 2018, Jason Driskel, the starter for FAU Owls, retired. During the same year, Daniel Parr also transferred. Thus Johnson was a favorite among the fans to become FAU’s starting quarterback.

Johnson had gathered quite a lot of fans through his football skills! However, he was not able to win the position of leading quarterback. He opened the season behind Chris Robinson and Rafe Peavey. Chris Robinson was a transfer from Oklahoma and Rafe Peavey was a transfer from SMU on the depth chart. Finally, Johnson was able to get an extended chance during a match against rivals Florida International. Thus Johnson was able to secure a victory for FAU by completing four of six passes.

He completed these passes for 67 yards and two lockdowns. Thus, he also ran for 50 yards on seven carries during the same night.

Hence in the year 2018, DeAndre Johnson passed for 161 yards in total. He also passed for two touchdowns and an interception. Thus, he also achieved a total of 178 yards and a touchdown on the ground. However, after the 2018 season, Johnson transferred to Texas Southern which is an FCS program.

DeAndre Johnson For Emcc

Originally DeAndre Johnson was supposed to replace Jameis Winston as the quarterback of the future for Florida State. However, there was an incident off the field. Nothing much is known about the incident but it caused Johnson’s dismissal. Johnson has spoken regarding this issue on his social media. He said he was greatly saddened to hurt people during the incident. He said that although he was sad to not play at Florida State anymore, he deserved the punishment. Thus Johnson apologized publicly. And then transferred to East Mississippi Community College (EMCC).

During his redshirt freshman season at EMCC, DeAndre Johnson became the starting quarterback there. Thus he also appeared in the show Last Chance U which was filming its last season at EMCC at that point. Thus, Johnson was able to achieve a total of 834 running yards and five touchdowns at EMCC. Johnson gained a lot of fans during his tenure at EMCC. He said in many interviews that he was grateful for the second chance that EMCC gave him after the incident at Florida State. He promised his fans that he would work harder and prove to be worthy of their adoration and kindness.

DeAndre Johnson started his first season at Florida Atlantic University as a backup for the player Daniel Parr. He played in FAU’s first-week match. FAU lost their first-week match to the team Navy. However, Johnson did not participate in the rest of the matches because he had to undergo surgery for blood clots in his arm.

Where is DeAndre Johnson Now?

DeAndre Johnson

During the year 2020, DeAndre Johnson was not selected in any of the NFL Drafts. This was because he was not able to present his case in front of a team because of the impact of the coronavirus on rookie minicamps. However, Johnson is not giving up right now and he is continuing to work hard.

On the 10th of August in the year 2021, J. P. Tillman posted on his Twitter. He posted that Johnson was the newest quarterback trainer at Five Star General Academy. J. P. Tillman is a private quarterback coach in Houston. The academy had not yet posted any sessions with Johnson on their publication site. Thus, quarterbacks can pay for private training sessions. They can also pay for group workouts if they wish.

According to various sources, one private session with J. P. Tillman costs $130. Thus, many booking sites had also revealed that ten such sessions cost $1000 or $100 per session. Tillman is a former quarterback of Missouri who has also starred at Grambling.

Thus, for now, DeAndre Johnson has put his professional football dreams on pause. He said in an interview that he was very excited about this new opportunity. Thus this will help him a lot and also help the next generation of aspiring footballers.

Net Worth Of DeAndre Johnson

DeAndre Johnson

According to various sources, DeAndre Johnson is one of the richest football players. He is also on the most popular football player lists on many sites. Thus, he has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million dollars. He has accumulated most of his net worth from playing football professionally. Nevertheless, it is really difficult to predict the net worth of celebrities because of changes in lifestyles and differences in spending patterns.

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