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Vladimir Guerrero Ramos Jr. is a Major League Baseball first baseman and designated hitter for the Toronto Blue Jays. He is the son of former MLB Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerrero Sr. Vladimir Jr., who debuted in 2019, is one of MLB’s finest active batters. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. also signed as an international free agent with the Blue Jays in 2015. He was also voted Minor League Player of the Year by Baseball America and USA Today after batting.381 with 20 home runs and 78 runs batted in in 95 games, with 39 strikeouts. Vladimir Jr. topped the major leagues in home runs, runs scored, and total bases in 2022.

He was elected to the AL All-Star team in 2021, when he was chosen the most valuable player and the youngest in All-Star Game history. In addition, he finished second in the AL MVP vote for the season. On June 23rd, he made his professional baseball debut with the Rookie Advanced Bluefield Blue Jays. In August, he had his first multi-home run game and was selected Appalachian League All-Star. Aside from this, he got other awards in MLB for his playstyle. In this article, we are talking about this player. So, keep reading to know more about him.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr Birth

Guerrero Jr., the son of MLB star Vladimir Guerrero Sr., inherited his father’s baseball talent. Baseball enthusiasts feel Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has a bright future because of his skill and excellent work ethic. Guerrero Jr., like his father, believes in hitting the ball with maximum power. Not only was Guerrero Jr’s father a baseball player, but so was his uncle Wilton Guerrero. Now that his father and uncle have retired from baseball, Guerrero will be charged with carrying on the family heritage. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was born on March 16, 1999, and his nicknames are Vlad Jr. and Vladdy Jr.

Notably, being the son of the renowned Vladimir Guerrero Sr., Vladdy Jr. may find it easy to play baseball. However, the young Guerrero made his own name and renown among fans due to his incredible gameplay at such a young age. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was born in Montreal and is a Canadian citizen. Despite the fact that his parents reared him in the Dominican Republic, Vladdy Jr. maintained ties to Canada. His mother, like Vladimir Jr., was born in the Dominican Republic and speaks French extremely well. Following in his father’s footsteps, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. signed his first professional deal with the Toronto Blue Jays in 2015 at the age of 16.

Notably, he was available for free agency in 2015, and his deal with the Jays was worth $3.9 million at the time. Then, Guerrero made his professional baseball debut in the minor leagues with the Bluefield Blue Jays during the 2016 season. After a stellar season in 2016, MLB ranked Guerrero the season’s third-best prospect. Vladdy Jr. has been a revelation in MLB since then.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr Bio

Vladimir Guerrero Jr

Full Name Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
Occupation Baseball Player
Age 23
Date of Birth March 16, 1999
Place of Birth Montreal, Canada
Star Sign Pisces
Country Canada
Gender Male

Vladimir Guerrero Jr Career


Prior to getting called up from Triple A-Buffalo to the Toronto Blue Jays in 2016, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was regarded as one of the top prospects in all of professional baseball. During an eight-game stay with Buffalo in 2019, he hit.367/.424/.700 with three home runs and eight RBIs. He also hit his first big league home run against Atlanta Braves pitcher Nick Vincent. On July 8, 2019, he surpassed the Home Run Derby record for most home runs with 40 in the semifinals against the San Francisco Giants. On April 27, 2021, he hit three home runs, including a grand slam, against Washington Nationals starter Max Scherzer.

Vladimir Jr. hit his 50th career home run in his 258th career game, matching his father’s total of 258 games. He was also chosen to start at first base for the 2021 All-Star Game in Colorado. In 2021, he was selected the American League’s starting first baseman in the All-Star Game, where he blasted his 200th home run in Game history. Despite winning the AL Hank Aaron Award and the Tip O’Neill Award in 2021, he finished second in AL MVP vote to Shohei Ohtani.


Guerrero signed a $7.9 million contract with the Blue Jays on March 22, 2022, avoiding salary arbitration. Then, Guerrero hit a home shot off Gerrit Cole on April 13, 2022, against the New York Yankees and then had his hand stomped on by Aaron Hicks during a play at first base. Despite the injuries, he played on and blasted two more home runs, ending the day 4-for-4 with three home runs and four RBIs. Then, Guerrero went on to become the only player in Major League history to knock three home runs in one game (April 13), then strike out at least four times the next game (April 14).

Later that season, Guerrero was selected to start at first base for the American League in the All-Star Game. On September 14, he blasted his 100th home run of his career in a game against the Tampa Bay Rays. With this home run, he became the Blue Jays’ youngest player to reach 100 home runs, as well as the 7th youngest player in MLB history to reach 100 home runs and 100 doubles.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr Wife

Vladimir Guerrero Jr is presently dating his beautiful girlfriend Nathalie. The couple has been together for a long time and is happy with their relationship. They also show their affection for one another on social media. They have yet to reveal how they originally met and began dating on social media. The public is unaware of the couple’s courtship.

However, Vladimir routinely shared photos of his fiancée on social media on special occasions like birthdays and Valentine’s Day. They are not currently embroiled in rumors or controversies, and they live happily together. Nathalie is active on Instagram with the handle @nathaii30. She now has 75 posts and 52.9k followers on Instagram. So if you follow her on Instagram, you can look through a lot of pictures. Regrettably, she elected to keep her Instagram account private.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr Net Worth

As of 2022, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has a net worth of $5 million. He also agreed to terms with the Toronto Blue Jays on a one-year contract for $7,900,000 million, with $7,900,000 million guaranteed and an annual average salary of $7,900,000 million. He will get a base income of $7,900,000 million and a total salary of $7,900,000 million in 2022.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr Contract

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. agreed to terms with the Toronto Blue Jays on a one-year, $7,900,000 deal, with $7,900,000 guaranteed and an annual average salary of $7,900,000. Guerrero Jr. will receive a base pay of $7,900,000 in 2022, with a total salary of $7,900,000.

Apart from his one-year contract with the Toronto Blue Jays for $7,900,000, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. played in 9 MLB seasons, earning a total of $9,188,444 million plus an extra $3,900,000 million as a signing bonus. Aside from his joining with the Blue Jays, there has been no reports of him getting any endorsement contracts as of 2022.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr Family

He was born to Vladimir Guerrero, a former professional baseball player and Hall of Famer, and his former companion Riquelma Ramos. His father has always been a cornerstone of his success, guiding him through each stage of his life. Vladimir has also played for major league clubs such as the Montreal Expos, Anaheim Angels / Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Texas Rangers, and Baltimore Orioles. Then, Guerrero communicates in English with his Blue Jays teammates and club officials, but delivers media interviews in Spanish, including one on the field after winning the 2021 All-Star Game MVP, with the help of a team translator. “I’m trying to learn as rapidly as possible so I can communicate to fans,” he remarked in 2019.

He is also fluent in French as a result of his childhood in Montreal. Gabriel Guerrero, his cousin, is also a professional baseball player. Guerrero is married and has two children. According to a 2012 paternity suit, Vladimir Sr. has eight children with five different women, implying that Vladimir Jr. has at least seven siblings. Altagracia, his paternal grandmother, has looked after him during his stay with the Blue Jays. Guerrero is a devout Christian.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr Daughters

Vlymil and Vlyshil are the children of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. He is also a very kind and loving father who spends a lot of time with his girls. In Dominican media, Guerrero Jr.’s daughter celebrates the joyous event of Father’s Day. In terms of his family, he was born on March 16, 1999 to parents Vladimir Guerrero and Riquelma Ramos. Vladimir, his father, is a former MLB right fielder and designated hitter from the Dominican Republic. He was also a professional football player for 16 years. In 2004, he also won the American League’s (AL) Most Valuable Player.

He is a nine-time All-Star who was hailed for his remarkable offensive production, hitting for power and average on a regular basis, as well as his defensive flexibility and strong throwing arm. His father’s professional baseball career came to an end on March 31, 2014, when he signed a one-day contract with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. He was also elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame’s 2017 class. Similarly, Vladimir Jr. spent the most of his childhood in the Dominican Republic, where his mother, Riquelma Ramos, studied French while living in Montreal. His parents divorced when he was a child.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr Mother

Riquelma Ramos is the mother of Vladimir Guerrero Jr., a professional baseball player. Vladimir is a Major League Baseball player with the Toronto Blue Jays. Furthermore, Vladimir Guerrero Jr made his Major League Baseball debut in April 2017. Riquelma rose to prominence after being identified as the mother of famous baseball star Vladimir. Furthermore, Riqeulma is supportive of her son, and Vladimir frequently attributes his success to his mother. In his spare time, Vladimir Guerrero Jr enjoys spending time with Riqeulma. Furthermore, Riqeulma appears to be active on the Facebook platform but does not appear to spend much time online. On March 16, 1999, she gave birth to Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Riquelma Ramos’s age is most likely between 35 and 45 years old.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr

Ramos, on the other hand, has not made her birthdate public. As a result, we don’t know how old she is. Aside from that, Riquelma Ramos burns her birthday candle every June. Riquelma Ramos is also of Dominican descent. Riquelma Ramos had previously been married to Vladimir Guerrero Sr. Vladimir Guerrero Sr. is a former Major League Baseball player and Hall of Famer who played 16 seasons in the league (MLB). In 1999, the couple welcomed a son. But they split up when Vladimir Guerrero Jr was a child. Riquelma Ramos seldom speaks openly about her family. When it comes to her personal life, she keeps quiet. Furthermore, while living in Montreal, Riquelma learnt to speak French. Vladimir Guerrero Sr. and she relocated to the Dominican Republic. Riquelma Ramos, on the other hand, is of mixed race.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr Age

He was born in Montreal, Canada on March 16, 1999. He is currently 23 years old. Vladimir Guerrero Ramos Jr. is a Major League Baseball first baseman and designated hitter for the Toronto Blue Jays. Moreover, he is of Canadian-Dominican origin. As the son of former MLB player and Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerrero Sr., he made his major league debut in April 2019.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr Height and Weight

Vladimir, a 23-year-old designated hitter for the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball, stands 1.88m tall and weighs 113kg.

Facts about Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was born in the Canadian city of Montreal.
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was born under the sign of Pisces.
  • Then, during the 2017 All-Star Futures Game, he was picked to the World team. Following the 2017 season, he won ESPN’s Prospect of the Year award.
  • Vladimir Guerrero, a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, is his father. Wilton Guerrero is his uncle.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Vladimir Guerrero Jr

What makes him famous?

Baseball player Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is well-known. His date of birth is March 16, 1999, and he was born in Montreal, Canada. Vladimir is well recognised as a third baseman who rose to prominence while playing for the Toronto Blue Jays. In 2017, he was rated the Blue Jays’ top prospect, and in 2018, he was ranked the third best prospect in all of baseball.

Does Vladimir Guerrero Jr. have a wife?

No, Blue Jays pitcher Vladimir Guerrero has no wife currently. He is, nevertheless, in a happy relationship with his girlfriend, Nathalie. She is a huge supporter of Guerrero’s career and regularly motivates him. Nathalie and her partner have been together for a long time, and she has witnessed some of his important professional successes. She has gotten several compliments for her assistance in advancing her boyfriend’s profession. In terms of his professional career, he established the record for most home runs in a single derby in 2019. Then, Guerrero refused an offer to compete in the 2021 Home Run Derby on June 21. He also expressed interest in participating in the “All-Star Game,” but would want to compete in the 2021 Home Run Derby instead.

Can Vladimir Guerrero Jr. speak English?

Guerrero communicates in English with his Blue Jays teammates and club officials, but delivers media interviews in Spanish, including one on the field after winning the 2021 All-Star Game MVP, with the help of a team translator. “I’m trying to learn as rapidly as possible so I can communicate to fans,” he remarked in 2019.

What is Vladimir Guerrero Sr net worth?

Vladimir Guerrero has a net worth of $60 million and was a professional baseball player for 16 seasons. Guerrero, a nine-time All-Star, was one of the finest all-around players. He also won the American League MVP in 2004.

How long is Vladimir Guerrero Jr contract?

He named himself to his second All-Star team in 2022 and has hit 28 home runs, including his 100th on Thursday. Then, Guerrero avoided arbitration with the Blue Jays last offseason by accepting a one-year, $7.9-million contract. He is still under the club’s ownership until 2025.

What glove does Vlad use?

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. wears a Wilson A2000 with stunning blue leather and red lacing. Aside from the colors, the first thing players will notice about Vlad’s third base glove is how large it is for an infield model.

Who drafted Vlad?

At the age of 16, he signed with Toronto for $3.9 million on July 2, 2015. On June 23, Guerrero made his professional debut with the Rookie Advanced Bluefield Blue Jays. Then, Guerrero blasted his first home run on June 24th, a two-run drive in a 4-2 defeat to the Bristol Pirates. He also appeared in 62 games for the Bluefield Blue Jays in 2016. Guerrero was ranked third among third base prospects entering the 2017 minor league season. Guerrero debuted with the Class-A Lansing Lugnuts in 2017.

How can we contact Vladimir Guerrero Jr.?

Emailing the celebrity’s publicist is usually the easiest method to contact them. Celebrities receive a large number of messages directly on their social media channels, particularly from followers, which means your message might easily be lost amongst them. Because Instagram is quite excellent at screening messages, your messages will frequently not reach the desired celebrity. Alternatively, get your celebrity’s attention on Instagram. Although some celebrities may disable private messaging, sending a direct message never hurts. Comment on your celebrity’s images and posts. It’s impossible to predict when a celebrity will reply to a comment.

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