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Chase Cabre is an American stock car racing driver. He was born on February 7, 1997. In addition, he last competed full-time in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East. At the same time, Chase Cabre drove the No. 4 Toyota Camry for Rev Racing.

Chase Cabre Biography/Wiki

Date Of Birth 7 February 1997
Place Of Birth Tampa, Florida, United States of America
Age 26 years
Height 6 feet 0 inches
Weight 68 kgs
Eye Color Green
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Relationship Single
Net Worth $1.5 million
Profession Motorsports racing driver

Chase Cabre Birthday

Chase Cabre was born on 7 February 1997 in Tampa, Florida, United States of America. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Chase Cabre Age

Carbe is 26 years old as of 2023.

Chase Cabre Childhood

Chase Cabre played soccer ever since he was little and also through high school. Additionally, he mentioned, it was just something he did. Moreover, Chase played competitively, too, for New Tampa Commerce. As well as, the Wesley Chapel Flames.

The hardest part for him was to balance school and racing. In fact, it needed him to travel and still go back to school. He did it differently than most of the drivers that are coming in now. This virtual school was not that big when he graduated from Armwood High School in 2015. On the other hand, it was also hard for him to live there, In addition, trying to explain to others what he was doing. Likewise, he had to be in North Carolina if Chase wanted to make it in this sport. Without a doubt, that is where all the teams are based. Furthermore, staying somewhere one of NASCAR’s headquarters is and is where everything in this sport comes from. In conclusion, It was a natural thing to say that he wanted to make a career out of it.

As a matter of fact, Chase Cabre has sat down with my guidance counsellors along with his parents in high school so that they could explain to them what he was doing and what his goals were. At the same time, he asked them how he should go about things. Similarly, they were pretty understanding about everything once Chase and his parents had that conversation.

Chase Cabre Career

Chase Cabre

Chase Cabre started his racing career in motocross. On the other hand, he later moved to micro-sprints. At the same time, he was balancing a soccer career in his formative years. At the end of his four-year tenure with Rev in the developmental stock car ranks, Cabre elected not to go after any more stock car chances via a paid way. On the contrary, Chase Cabre chose to go back to dirt racing.

In brief, Chase Cabre began his NASCAR career in the ARCA Menards Series East in 2017. Moreover, in that very season, he recorded four Top 5 finishes, with a highest finish of 2nd. On the other hand, his best season came in 2019, when he bagged two back-to-back wins. Furthermore, it included his first career win.

Meanwhile, in 2020, Chase Cabre divided his time between the ARCA Menards Series East and the ARCA Menards Series. However, it was a bit of a disappointing pair of campaigns since he finished the season in 7th. Furthermore, in the six ARCA Series East races he competed in, he finished in the Top 10 in the first three. On the other hand, during the latter half of the season, Chase Cabre finished outside the Top 10 with a lowest finish of 21st. On the other hand, in the main ARCA Series, he finished 8th, 10th, 16th, and 21st.

As of now, for the 2022 season, Chase Cabre will remain with Rev Racing and continue competing in the ARCA Menards Series. However, there is no surety if it will be on a full-time basis or on a limited schedule.

Chase Cabre Parents

Chase Cabre

There is not a lot of information about Chase Cabre’s parents. However, in one interview, he says, he grew up racing motocross. Additionally, he said his father, Lou, got him into it. This was because he raced. And from there, they transferred into go-karts because of too many injuries in motocross. To sum up, that led to racing around into the NASCAR side.

He added, firstly,  they went from motocross. On the other hand, Chase Cabre tried to stick to ball sport. However, there wasn’t that adrenaline rush that he wanted. Later, someone told him that he should go out to a track in Dade City called Dirt Devils and check out go-kart racing. In fact, he was about 10 years old back then. When Chase went there and saw it, he fell in love with it.

Chase Cabre said he did not ever remember a time when he chose to be a NASCAR driver. However, according to him it just happened. When he was 3-years-old getting a little PW50 dirt bike on training wheels for Christmas to where he is now, he mentions. On the other hand, he says he never really wanted to do it. However, it was just there and being a driver has always been the goal. At the moment, he has the chance to make a career out of it. In addition, he says he can’t back out. Furthermore, he believes he owes it to his parents who have sacrificed everything. Also, his brother, Collin Cabre, who is a former K&N Pro Series East driver and last but not the least, himself.

Chase Cabre Brother

Chase Cabre has a brother named Collin Cabre. In fact, Collin became the sixth driver from the NASCAR Drive For Diversity Program to win a NASCAR K&N Pro Series East race. Furthermore, he gave Rev Racing, which has fielded the contest team for the program since 2010, its number 17th win.

Subsequently, Collin had said, “I wasn’t really sure what to expect having had no opportunity to practice or feel out the track.” Furthermore, he added “The car just felt great and my crew guided me into a comfort zone. I realized we not only had an opportunity to be competitive, but to actually win this thing. I put everything I had into it and we won.”

Collin started the race in 12th position, as the starting lineup was set as per the rulebook. On the other hand, Collin Cabre’s No. 2 UTI/NTI Toyota crossed the finish line 6.454 seconds in front of series veteran Eddie MacDonald. Therefore, Collin Cabre finished his rookie season 10th in the overall point standings.

Moreover,  Crew Chief Matt Bucher stated, “I think the best thing about working with Collin this season was his willingness to listen and take in as much information as we could throw at him.” In addition, he said, “Every situation we’ve run into this year, he has never doubted what we have done or asked of him. This goes a long way with our confidence in him and his confidence in us as a crew. The more he races, the better he gets and I’m sure Dover won’t be his last trip to victory lane.”

On the contrary, Kenzie Ruston, driver of the No. 4 Sunoco Toyota, started in 11th position.

However, he finished the race in 13th position. Otherwise, Ruston had her best ever Dover finish, as typically this track has posed a challenge. In conclusion, Ruston will finish the season 11th in the overall point standings.

Furthermore, there, Devon Amos who was the driver of the No. 6 Honda Generator Toyota, started in 15th position. Still, he finished the race in 12th position. On the other hand, Amos moved back and forth several spots throughout the race, fighting for position as the checkered approached. As a result, Amos will finish the season 14th in the overall point standings.

Moreover, Jay Beasley who was the driver of the No. 4 Special Smiles Toyota had started in 10th position. On the contrary, he finished the race in 21st position. As the green flag waved, Beasley had quickly moved up a few spots to P7. However, approaching lap 15 Beasley had a left front tire blow. As a result, it forced him to the garage for timely repairs. Yet, his crew got him back on track to finish the Drive Sober 125 for his return to the K&N Pro Series. So, Beasley will finish the season 16th in overall point standings after missing three races this 2015 season.

Chase Cabre Injury

In 2019, Sam Mayer and Chase Cabre NASCAR K&N rivalry had turned into bad blood at Bristol.

Firstly, the two championship competitors were running first and second on the first lap of the Bush’s Beans 150 when Mayer was at the second place and ran flat into the back of Chase Cabre. As a result, it had sent his rival back into the Turn 3 wall.

Earlier, Mayer had entered the race with an 11-point championship lead over Chase Cabre. In addition, the points battle had become secondary to their private rivalry over the summer. In brief, the two had been committed in hard-racing and the resulting contact at both Memphis Raceway Park and Watkins Glen International and both have admitted that a rivalry had grown between them.

Meanwhile, the pair had started on the front row of that race when Chase Cabre jumped ahead. However, the lead did not last for a long time. In the end, Cabre was able to finish the race. On the contrary, Chase scored eighth in a damaged car.

Meanwhile, NASCAR race control had penalized Mayer to the rear of the field for the contact. However, the GMS Racing youngster swiftly drove back through the field. Furthermore, he managed to make a second bump-and-run on leader Spencer Davis with 13 laps remaining to complete the season sweep of K&N races at the Tennessee half-mile.

As a result, Chase Cabre was in the need to be lifted out of the car after the race.

In addition, he was suffering from back spasms. Therefore, he was being transported to a local hospital for X-rays. However, Mayer did not hold back his feelings about Cabre during his winner’s press conference.

Moreover, Mayer said, “I tried to get in there and move him out of the way, but I just got in there too hard.”. Furthermore, he added, “He kind of deserved it for how he’s been racing me this year, but I didn’t want to do it like that. It happened though, and luckily our team was able to fight back for a win. But that is not how I wanted to do it.”

On the contrary, Mayer also accepted NASCAR’s decision to send him to the rear. Additionally, he stated “It was all in NASCAR’s judgement. However, he did not mean it. Although he did flat-out dump him, he did not mean it at all. Still, he did get in there way too hard and he got into him, so he understands.

Meanwhile, Chase Cabre told SpeedSport on the Friday morning following the race, that he had had enough of how Mayer was racing him.

Cabre said he did think that it was pretty clear he had got cleaned out on Lap 1. Furthermore, he added that It was sickening to see the way Sam raced. However, that would happen when one has someone driving who doesn’t know what a 9/16 wrench was and will rely on dad’s money. Secondly, money doesn’t buy respect or talent.

In fact, Chase Cabre being angered said that Mayer had the audacity to say, ‘yeah, he deserved it,’ as he was being transported to the ambulance. In the same way, Chase Chase stated, Mayer, got a lot to learn if he wanted to make it in the sport.

On the other hand, Mayer spoke up about how he did not want a rivalry. However, he did admit that it was probably too late.

Chase Cabre was 22-years-old back then. On the other hand, Mayer was 16. In conclusion, Cabre said that it was the only reason why he did not physically fight Sam Mayer.

Chase Cabre Net Worth

Chase Cabre is one of the richest drivers. In addition, he is listed as the most popular Driver. According to Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider, Chase Cabre net worth is approximately $1.5 Million.

Chase Cabre Height

Cabre stands tall at 6 feet 0 inches.

Chase Cabre Weight

He weighs around 68 kg.

Chase Cabre Dating

ARCA Series driver Chase Cabre was in a relationship with Hailie Deegan for a while.

Chase Cabre Hailie Deegan

Chase Cabre Girlfriend

Indeed, Hailie Deegan is officially the most popular Truck Series driver. For this reason, many of her fans want to know a lot about her. Moreover, this includes the urge to know about her personal life so that they can feel closer to their star. Hailie Deegan has been dating Chase Cabre for quite some time now.

Chase Cabre rose through the ranks through the Drive for Diversity program. Likewise, Hailie Deegan did the same. We can assume that the two of them likely met through that medium and got to know each other. To sum up, Cabre and Deegan have made it a point to support each other at their respective races.

Chase Cabre Twitter

Chase Cabre is quite active on Twitter. Overall, he has around 2425 tweets. Furthermore, he has around 4202 fans following him on Twitter. Meanwhile, he has been on Twitter since July 2012.

Chase Cabre Acra

The ARCA Menards Series is an American stock car series. In fact, it is the premier division of the Automobile Racing Club of America (ARCA). Indeed, it is considered a minor, semi-professional league of stock car racing. Thus, they are used as a feeder series into the three national touring series of NASCAR. Furthermore, it hosts events at a variety of track types including superspeedways, road courses, and dirt tracks. In the same way, the series has had a longstanding association with NASCAR, including using former NASCAR Cup Series cars, hosting occasions in the same race weekend. For example, Daytona Speedweeks, and naming an award after NASCAR founder Bill France, Sr. However, the series was not officially connected with NASCAR until its buyout on April 27, 2018. Of course, there are videos available on the internet of Chase Cabre breaking through in Memphis in the ARCA Menards Series.

Chase Cabre Racing Reference


Year Age Races Win T5 T10 Pole Laps Led Earnings Rank AVST AVFN RAF LLF DNQ WD
2020 23 4 of 20 0 0 2 0 437 0 0 30 13.3 13.8 2 2 0 0
1 year 4 0 0 2 0 437 0 0 30 13.3 13.8 2 2 0 0

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is Chase Cabre dating?

Chase was dating Hailie Deegan.

How old is Chase Cabre?

He is 26 years old.

When did Chase Cabre join Twitter?

Chase Cabre joined Twitter in July 2012.

How tall is Chase Cabre?

He is 6 feet tall

How much is Chase Cabre net worth?

Chase’s net worth is 1.5 million dollars.

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