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Rayford Trae Young, born on September 19, 1998, is a highly accomplished American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Atlanta Hawks in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Prior to his professional career, Young showcased his exceptional skills while playing college basketball for the Oklahoma Sooners.

In 2017, he made history by tying the then-record for the most assists in a single game in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I, with an impressive 22 assists. Notably, Young holds the distinction of being the only player to lead the NCAA in both points and assists during a single season. With his remarkable talent on the court, Young earned the nickname “Ice Trae”.

During the 2018 NBA draft, he was selected as the fifth pick by the Dallas Mavericks but was later traded, along with a future first-round pick, to the Atlanta Hawks in exchange for the draft rights to Luka Dončić. Young’s outstanding performance alongside Dončić led to their unanimous selection to the 2019 NBA All-Rookie First Team. As of now, Young has been honored as a two-time NBA All-Star for his exceptional contributions to the game.

Discover everything about NBA star Trae Young, from his age, height, and family background to his college career and NBA journey. Learn about his impressive stats, multimillion-dollar contract, and hefty net worth. Get insights into his personal life, including his relationship status, fatherhood, and endorsements. Also, explore his social media presence, particularly his Instagram account. Plus, find answers to frequently asked questions about Trae Young and more.

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Trae Young Bio/Wiki

Trae Young

Full Name Rayford Trae Young
Date of Birth September 19, 1998
Birth Place Lubbock, Texas
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American and Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Age 24 Years Old
Height 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters)
Weight 163 lbs (74 kg)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic
Father’s Name Rayford Young
Mother’s Name Candice Dawn Nachtigall (Young)
Siblings Three siblings; Caitlyn Young, Camryn Young, and Timothy Young
  • Norman North High School
  • University of Oklahoma
Girlfriend Shelby Danae Miller
Profession Basketball player
Position Point Guard
League National Basketball Association (NBA)

Trae Young Early Life

Trae Young, originally from Lubbock, Texas, was born to Candice and Rayford Young. His father, Rayford Young, had a basketball career at Texas Tech and played professionally in Europe, while Trae’s uncle also played college basketball in the NAIA. Growing up in Pampa, Texas, Trae was primarily raised by his mother and paternal grandparents, as his father pursued his basketball career overseas. He has a younger brother and two younger sisters who are part of his family.

Trae Young’s Parents: Candice Young and Rayford Young

Trae Young

Atlanta Hawks’ outstanding point guard Trae Young has certainly etched his name into the hearts of basketball fans. Known as ‘Ice-Trae,’ he has become a pivotal figure on his team and a two-time all-star. Born on September 19, 1998, to parents Rayford Young and Candice Young, Trae’s athletic inclination was inherited from his father. This prompts the question: who exactly are Trae Young’s parents, and how have they influenced his illustrious basketball career?

The Athletic Prowess of Rayford Young

Rayford Young, Trae’s father, was himself an accomplished college basketball player with a brief tenure in the NBA. His professional career included half a season with the Houston Rockets, after which he moved to Europe to continue playing professional basketball in Portugal. Rayford, a staunch supporter of his son, has been observed defending Trae against criticism. His influence on Trae’s career has been significant, but what about Trae’s mother?

Candice Young: A Pillar of Faith and Support

Candice Young hails from a pastoral family and is known for her strong religious beliefs. Like her husband, she has been a constant presence at Trae’s games, providing unwavering support for her son. She is known to have shared high school days with Rayford at Pampa High School and later attended the same university, Texas Tech. In fact, the couple welcomed Trae into the world while Rayford was still playing college basketball.

The Young Family: A Close-Knit Unit

Trae Young was born in Lubbock, Texas, and is the eldest of Candice and Rayford’s four children, which includes Timothy, Camryn, and Caitlin. This tight-knit family is often seen together at Trae’s games, and their bond is evident in the warm relationship that Trae shares with his parents. He has, on numerous occasions, attributed his success to their supportive role in his career.

The Residence of Trae Young’s Parents

Originally from Texas, Rayford and Candice now reside in Norman, Oklahoma. They maintain a close relationship with their son Trae, regularly visiting him despite the geographical distance.

The Professional Lives of Trae Young’s Parents

Rayford Young transitioned from professional basketball to a career in the medical equipment business after a short stint in the NBA and playing in Portugal. On the other hand, Candice Young, coming from a pastoral background, has been a key figure in instilling a strong work ethic and moral compass in her children.

The Financial Status of Candice and Rayford Young

The wealth of Trae Young’s parents primarily stems from Rayford’s professional basketball career, notably his tenure overseas, and his subsequent venture into medical equipment sales. As of 2023, the estimated net worth of Candice and Rayford Young stands at approximately $5.5 million. Their lives, deeply intertwined with their son’s success, exemplify a remarkable blend of athletic prowess, faith, support, and hard work.

Trae Young’s Siblings: A Close-Knit Family

As an emerging NBA star, Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks holds the position of the eldest sibling in the Young family. Born in 1998 to parents Rayford and Candice Dawn Young, 24-year-old Trae shares a loving bond with his three younger siblings, Caitlyn, Camryn, and Timothy Young. Despite his persona as an ‘Ice Cold Villain’ in the NBA, Trae’s compassionate side shines when it comes to his siblings. Let’s delve deeper into the lives of Caitlyn, Camryn, and Timothy.

Caitlyn Young: The Eldest Young Sister

24-year-old Caitlyn Young is Trae’s eldest sister. She completed her education at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. However, limited information is available about her professional life or personal interests. Nonetheless, she remains an integral part of Trae’s familial support system.

Camryn Young: The Athlete Sister

Camryn Young, born on September 11, 2002, in Hinsdale, Illinois, is the middle child of the Young family. Four years junior to Trae, Camryn shares her brother’s love for sports. Their sibling rivalry in childhood revolved around basketball, where they would compete for the highest number of baskets in their driveway games.

Camryn opted for a sporting path similar to her father and brother, but her interest led her to a different sport: volleyball. She has grown into a talented volleyball player, currently associated with the Oklahoma Charge Volleyball Club. Besides sports, she has a keen interest in reading, a hobby nurtured since her early school days at Jackson Elementary School. She is currently pursuing her graduation from The University of Kansas, living independently away from her family in a dorm.

Timothy Young: The Youngest Young Brother

The youngest member of the Young family, 13-year-old Timothy Young, shares a special bond with his elder brother Trae. They are often seen together, with Trae taking his little brother to baseball games, visiting his school during lunchtime, and even making fun TikTok videos. Their brotherly camaraderie has also been featured in an advertisement for Adidas.

Timothy has shown his support for Trae’s career in his own unique way by designing a special Player Exclusive (PE) pair of sneakers for Trae to wear during a game. Despite the criticism they faced, their bond remained unscathed and has been cherished by their fans.


Trae Young, the talented basketball player, hails from the United States of America. As an American national, Young has represented his country on the international basketball stage, showcasing his skills and contributing to the success of American basketball.


Trae Young’s background encompasses both African-American and Caucasian heritage. His father, Rayford, identifies as African-American, while his mother, Candice, is of Caucasian descent. This diverse familial lineage contributes to the rich tapestry of Young’s cultural identity, embracing both sides of his heritage.

Trae Young Age: How Old Is Trae Young?

Born on September 19, 1998, Trae Young is currently 24 years old as of 2023. He has established himself as a prominent figure in the basketball world, specifically as a skilled point guard for the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA.

Trae Young Height: How Tall Is Trae Young?

Trae Young’s true height is 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm), which places him on the shorter end of NBA players. However, this hasn’t hindered his ability to become one of the league’s top point guards. In this guide, we’ll delve into how Young has achieved his success, why he thrives despite his height, and why height is becoming less of a determining factor in basketball.

Although not having a towering frame, Trae Young has managed to excel on the basketball court. Standing at 6’1, he is slightly taller than some other point guards, but falls two inches below the average height of 6’3. While this difference may seem significant, Young has effectively overcome it through his exceptional skills. His quickness and agility give him an advantage, enabling him to compete against taller opponents.

Furthermore, Young has benefited from recent shifts in the NBA landscape. The league’s evolving style of play has opened up opportunities for players of all heights. Skill, strategy, and basketball IQ have become crucial factors, diminishing the traditional emphasis on height. This change in the game has worked to Young’s advantage, allowing him to showcase his talents and make a significant impact on the court, regardless of his height.

Trae Young Weight: How Much Does Trae Young Weigh?

Trae Young has a listed weight of 164 pounds (74 kilograms). This measurement provides insight into his physical build and overall body composition as an athlete. Despite not possessing a large frame, Young has demonstrated exceptional strength and agility on the basketball court.

High School Career

Trae Young, from Norman, Oklahoma, demonstrated his basketball prowess early on at Norman North High School. In his sophomore year, Young contributed 25 points, 5 assists, and 4 rebounds per game, leading to the 2015 area championship and earning him the title of Oklahoma’s Sophomore of the Year. His performance escalated during his junior year, averaging 34.2 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 4.6 assists, resulting in a 28-4 record and a regional title, along with a runner-up finish in the 2016 Oklahoma Class 6A championship. Young peaked in his senior year, averaging an impressive 42.6 points with a 48.9% shooting rate.

A top recruit in 2017, Young was ranked among the best by,, and ESPN, with ESPN naming him the second-best point guard of his class. He committed to the Oklahoma Sooners on February 16, 2017, becoming their first five-star recruit since Tiny Gallon in 2010.

College Career

Trae Young started his 2017 season impressively, recording 15 points, 10 assists, and six rebounds in a victory over the Omaha Mavericks. In subsequent games, Young’s performances solidified his standing as an outstanding player, peaking with 43 points and seven assists against the Oregon Ducks. This led to comparisons with Stephen Curry’s playing style. In December, Young matched the NCAA single-game assists record, further enhancing his reputation and positioning him as a potential top-three pick for the 2018 NBA draft. His exceptional season attracted praise from NBA legends LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

Despite setbacks such as a poor defensive rating and a tough game against the West Virginia Mountaineers, Young rebounded, scoring a season-high 43 points in a victory over TCU Horned Frogs. Yet, a season-high 12 turnovers against the Kansas State Wildcats, followed by a close loss to Oklahoma State Cowboys, saw Young struggle. However, he responded with an impressive performance against Kansas Jayhawks, contributing 26 points and nine assists.

Young finished his freshman regular season breaking records and leading the country in points (848), points per game (27.4), assists (271), assists per game (8.7), and assist percentage (48.6%). His 848 points in the Big 12 surpassed the previous record held by Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley. Young received numerous accolades, including the Wayman Tisdale Award for National Freshman of the Year, Big 12’s Freshman of the Year, and selection in the All-Big 12 First Team and All-American First Team.

Despite an impressive performance in the NCAA tournament, Oklahoma lost, and Young declared his intention to forgo his remaining collegiate eligibility and enter the 2018 NBA draft.

Professional Career

Atlanta Hawks (2018–present)

2018–19 season: All-Rookie honors

In the 2018 NBA draft, hometown team the Dallas Mavericks selected Trae Young fifth overall, but promptly traded him to the Atlanta Hawks for Luka Dončić. Young officially joined the Hawks on July 1, 2018.

He swiftly demonstrated his prowess with a season-high 35 points and 11 assists in a victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Young consistently showcased impressive performances, including a career-high 36 points against the Houston Rockets and an impressive 49 points and 16 assists against the Chicago Bulls.

On March 31, he scored a game-winner and notched 12 points and 16 assists against the Milwaukee Bucks. Subsequently, Young was unanimously selected to the 2019 NBA All-Rookie First Team.

2019–20 season: First All-Star selection

In the 2019 season opener, Trae Young delivered a powerful performance, scoring 38 points leading Atlanta Hawks to a 117-110 win over Detroit Pistons.

Later in November, he scored 49 points in a game against the Indiana Pacers, which included 21 points in the fourth quarter alone. Young was selected as a backcourt starter for the NBA All-Star selection in January 2020.

He honored Kobe Bryant’s memory by scoring 45 points and 14 assists wearing No. 8 against the Washington Wizards. He achieved a career-high 18 assists against the Philadelphia 76ers and 50 points against the Miami Heat, affirming his burgeoning reputation as a rising star.

2020–21 season: Eastern Conference Finals appearance

In the 2020 season opener, Trae Young delivered an impressive 37 points, 7 assists, and 6 rebounds, propelling Atlanta Hawks to a 124-104 win over the Chicago Bulls.

His NBA playoff debut was noteworthy, securing the Hawks a 107-105 victory over the New York Knicks with a game-winning floater. Young joined an elite group, including LeBron James and Chris Paul, to achieve 30 points and 10 assists in playoff debuts.

In the Conference Semifinals, his performance led to a 26-point comeback win over Philadelphia 76ers and guided the Hawks to their first Eastern Conference Finals since 2015.

Despite missing two games due to a foot injury, Young had a stellar playoff season, including a career-high 48 points in Game 1 of the Conference Finals.

On August 3, 2021, Young committed to the Hawks, agreeing to a five-year max extension potentially worth up to $207 million.

2021–22 season: First All-NBA selection

Trae Young exhibited his exceptional talent throughout the 2021-2022 NBA season. On November 14, 2021, he secured a season-high 42 points, steering Atlanta to a 120–100 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks. Young further surpassed his career record with 56 points during a game against the Portland Trail Blazers on January 3, 2022. He set a franchise record with 17 consecutive 25-point games from November 22 to January 7.

Selected once again as a backcourt starter for the 2022 NBA All-Star Game, Young continued to impress, scoring 43 points against the Phoenix Suns, ending their 11-game winning streak. Young made history on February 26 with his 10th career game scoring at least 40 points and 10 assists, surpassing Michael Jordan’s record.

In March, he scored 46 points in a game against the Trail Blazers, becoming the first player in the season to score 40+ on back-to-back nights. He ended the regular season as the second player in NBA history to lead the league in total points and assists in a season.

Despite his playoff performance being inconsistent, Young’s talent and potential remain undoubted. His impressive performances throughout the season have cemented his position as a rising star in the NBA.

2022–23 season: Career high in assists per game

Entering his fifth NBA season, Trae Young welcomed Dejounte Murray from the San Antonio Spurs to the Atlanta Hawks. This move improved the Hawks’ defense and eased Young’s offensive duties. Young’s season opener on October 19, 2022, against the Houston Rockets was impressive, registering 23 points and 13 assists in a 117–107 victory. He scored a season-high 44 points against the Rockets on November 25.

Young’s standout performance on February 26, 2023, saw him score 34 points, providing eight assists, and a game-winning jumpshot against the Brooklyn Nets. In April, he set a career-high with 20 assists, alongside 27 points, in a game against the Philadelphia 76ers.

During the Hawks’ playoff series against the Boston Celtics, Young recorded impressive stats, even matching a feat achieved by Hawks legends Lenny Wilkens and Bill Bridges. Young’s game-winning three-pointer in Game 5 was another highlight. Despite a stellar performance in Game 6, the Hawks were eliminated by the Celtics.

Trae Young Stats

Trae Young, an integral part of the Atlanta Hawks, has shown consistent performance since his NBA debut in the 2018-19 season. Each season reflects his continuous development as a professional player, showcasing both his scoring prowess and playmaking ability. This review of Young’s year-by-year statistics provides a detailed view of his performance metrics, including points, rebounds, assists, and shooting percentages.

Trae Young’s 2018-19 NBA Season

In his debut NBA season in 2018-19 with the Atlanta Hawks, Trae Young played 81 games, averaged 30.9 minutes per game, and scored an average of 19.1 points. His shooting percentages were promising, with a 41.8% field goal percentage and 32.4% from the three-point line. Young also contributed 3.7 rebounds, 8.1 assists, and 0.9 steals per game.

Trae Young’s 2019-20 NBA Season

The 2019-20 season saw Young increase his scoring to 29.6 points per game, playing 60 games with an average of 35.3 minutes. His shooting accuracy also improved with 43.7% field goal and 36.1% three-point percentages. Young’s contribution in other areas included an average of 4.2 rebounds, 9.3 assists, and 1.1 steals per game.

Trae Young’s 2020-21 NBA Season

In the 2020-21 season, Young’s scoring average slightly decreased to 25.3 points per game over 63 games, playing an average of 33.7 minutes. He maintained a similar shooting accuracy with 43.8% from the field and 34.3% from the three-point line. He also averaged 3.9 rebounds, 9.4 assists, and 0.8 steals per game.

Trae Young’s 2021-22 NBA Season

Young’s scoring improved in the 2021-22 season, averaging 28.4 points per game in 76 games, playing 34.9 minutes per game on average. His shooting percentages reached 46.0% for field goals and 38.2% for three-pointers. Young contributed 3.7 rebounds, 9.7 assists, and 0.9 steals per game.

Trae Young’s 2022-23 NBA Season

In his latest season, 2022-23, Young played 73 games, averaging 34.8 minutes and 26.2 points per game. He shot 42.9% from the field and 33.5% from the three-point line. Young also provided 3.0 rebounds, 10.2 assists, and 1.1 steals per game.

Trae Young Career Stats

Trae Young’s cumulative career statistics underscore his remarkable contribution to the Atlanta Hawks and the NBA. These statistics reflect Young’s consistency as a high-scoring guard, his three-point shooting skills, and his proficiency in creating opportunities for his teammates. The career stats table provides a comprehensive overview of Young’s overall performance throughout his NBA career, highlighting his versatility on the court.

Year Team GP Min Pts FG% 3pt% Reb Ast Stl
2022-23 Hawks 73 34.8 26.2 42.9 33.5 3.0 10.2 1.1
2021-22 Hawks 76 34.9 28.4 46.0 38.2 3.7 9.7 0.9
2020-21 Hawks 63 33.7 25.3 43.8 34.3 3.9 9.4 0.8
2019-20 Hawks 60 35.3 29.6 43.7 36.1 4.2 9.3 1.1
2018-19 Hawks 81 30.9 19.1 41.8 32.4 3.7 8.1 0.9
Career 353 33.8 25.5 43.7 35.1 3.7 9.3 1.0

Trae Young Injury

Trae Young

The Atlanta Hawks will play the Portland Trail Blazers at State Farm Arena in Georgia on Friday night. Trae Young, their top player for the game, is listed as injured. Yet, because the two-time NBA All-Star is labeled as likely, he should end up starting. Young is having another outstanding season, averaging 27.1 points, 2.9 rebounds, 10.1 assists, and 1.0 steals per game in 55 games. The former Oklahoma star is in his sixth NBA season and has guided the Hawks to the NBA Playoffs the previous two years (in 2021, they made the Eastern Conference Finals). They are now the eighth seed with a 31-31 record in 62 games.

The Hawks are 5-5 in their previous 10 games and 17-13 in the 30 games they have hosted at home in Atlanta. Young also has scored at least 31 points and provided at least seven assists in each of the previous three games. Then, the Trail Blazers begin the night with a 29-33 record in 62 games, enough for the 12th seed in the Western Conference. They are on a two-game losing streak and have gone 3-7 in their previous ten games. Moreover, the Trail Blazers have struggled on the road, finishing 12-18 in their last 30 games away from Oregon. Last season, they were plagued by injuries and missed the playoffs.

Trae Young Shoes: Adidas Trae Young 2 “Dash Gray” Unveiled

Trae Young, the Atlanta Hawks’ star shooter, has unveiled a new colorway of his Adidas Trae Young 2, the brand’s second signature model. The “Dash Gray” hue of the shoes was created by an NBA point guard and is perfect for a shooter with tremendous power. These basketball sneakers were released on March 15, 2023, at 7:00 AM GMT, and are priced at $140 each pair. The shoes will be available at select Adidas-affiliated brick-and-mortar shops and internet merchants.

Trae Young and Adidas have been working on a long-term contract since 2018, and the annual value of this significant endorsement arrangement was $1.8 million. Together, the two redesigned the Forum shoes, one of the brand’s most iconic designs.

In May 2021, the basketball player debuted his first pair of Adidas signature sneakers on the court. The Adidas Trae Young 1 shoe design went on to receive several additional hues, which were well received by the sneaker community.

In the second half of 2022, the athlete debuted his second trademark sneaker. Public releases of the hues “Black/White,” “Stratosphere,” and “Lightning” have already been made. The updated version of the design will be available in the “Dash Grey” color.

The Adidas Trae Young 2 “Dash Gray” basketball sneakers are not only stylish and trendy, but also optimized for performance on the court. The shoes feature a breathable mesh upper with a supportive midfoot strap that provides a snug fit. The shoe’s outsole is designed with a unique traction pattern that ensures maximum grip on the court, and the shoes have a responsive cushioning system that absorbs impact while providing excellent energy return. These features make the Adidas Trae Young 2 “Dash Gray” an excellent choice for young serious enthusiasts who want to enhance their game.

Trae Young Contract

Trae Young is an integral component of the Atlanta Hawks, affirmed by his lucrative 5-year contract worth $215,159,700. This contract, guaranteed in its entirety, averages to an annual salary of $43,031,940, underscoring Young’s value to the team. The 2023-24 season will see Young earning a base salary of $40,064,220, reflecting the same value for cap hit and dead cap.

This contract, signed under the Designated Rookie Extension/Bird provision, grants Young Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA) status in 2027. An in-depth look into his contract details reveals a yearly increment in his base salary, starting from $37,096,500 in the 2022-23 season at the age of 24, and culminating at $48,967,380 in the 2026-27 season when he’ll be 28.

This strategic increment aligns with his growing significance within the league, with his yearly cash intake mirroring his base salary, ensuring a significant financial inflow throughout his contract. Young’s contribution to the league cap also remains relatively steady, hovering around the 30% mark.

Thus, Trae Young’s contract outlines not only his increasing financial reward but also his elevated stature in the league and the Atlanta Hawks’ confidence in his capabilities.

Trae Young Girlfriend: Shelby Miller

Shelby Miller, renowned as the spouse of NBA star Trae Young, has been by his side since his pre-NBA days in 2018. Their relationship, which blossomed in college, culminated in a 2021 engagement, shared with their followers via Young’s Instagram. The subsequent wedding was similarly announced, strengthening their public image as a unit. Miller’s unwavering support for Young underscores their sturdy bond, which appears to have deepened over their four-year relationship.

Fast forward to 2023, Miller’s priorities have evolved to embrace motherhood, with her main focus being their child, Tydus Reign Young. Her long-standing relationship with Trae Young remains a significant aspect of her life, testifying to their enduring commitment to each other.

Who is Shelby Miller?

Born on October 25, 1995, Shelby Miller, a fitness enthusiast, is presently 27 years old. Her zest for maintaining a healthy lifestyle stems from her past as a cheerleader and being the partner of a pro athlete. Her commitment to fitness and a balanced diet reflects in her physically fit and toned body. She has a height of 1.73 meters and a weight of 125 pounds.

Miller hails from Norman, Oklahoma, born to Mike and Sherri Miller. Her mother works as an adjunct lecturer and intern supervisor at the University of Oklahoma, and her father serves as the Vice President of EnviroProducts. Shelby shares a close bond with her elder sister, Cassie Todd, and became an aunt to Tinsley Todd, her niece who will turn three in June 2023. Shelby’s upbringing was grounded, nurtured within her local community and school.

After completing high school, Shelby embraced the cheerleading spirit at the University of Oklahoma, where she pursued her college education. Early posts on her social media portray her vibrant support for the university’s sports teams. Subsequently, she moved to Atlanta, standing by her partner Trae Young’s professional journey. In 2023, they are relishing their shared life, recently blessed with their newborn, Tydus Reign Young.

Trae Young Child: Tydus Reign Young

In 2023, the bond between Trae Young and Shelby Miller was further strengthened with the arrival of their son, Tydus Reign Young. Tydus, the firstborn of the NBA star and his wife, has been the center of their lives and a source of immense joy.

Both parents often share delightful moments with their child on social media, making Tydus a beloved part of their followers’ feeds. As Tydus grows, he will be raised in an environment surrounded by sports and a commitment to health and fitness. His presence adds a new and charming dimension to the dynamic life of his parents, a notable NBA player and a fitness enthusiast.

Trae Young Net Worth

As of 2023, NBA star Trae Young’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million. His wealth stems primarily from his lucrative contract with the Atlanta Hawks and numerous endorsement deals. He took home $8,326,471 from the 2021-2022 NBA season and inked a five-year deal with the Hawks worth $215 million, averaging around $43 million annually, a figure set to rise incrementally.

Apart from his NBA salary, Young has also marked his territory in the world of endorsements. His charisma and burgeoning fame have made him a marketable entity, securing him a multimillion-dollar contract with Adidas. He also represents brands like BodyArmor, NBA2K, Tissot, Chipotle, eBay, and Old Spice, adding substantially to his income.

A testament to his financial prowess is the luxurious $20 million mansion he owns in Southern California. It boasts six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a commodious kitchen, a fun-filled pool with a slide, and a separate pool house. The mansion also offers a large garage with space for seven cars.

Matching his luxury home, Young has also invested in high-end vehicles. The NBA sensation owns an Audi R8, McLaren 720s, and a Lamborghini Aventador, all amounting to an expenditure of around $200,000. His substantial assets and endorsements underscore the remarkable success Young has achieved in his career to date.

Trae Young Instagram

Professional basketball player Trae Young has established a solid online presence, particularly on Instagram where his account, @traeyoung, serves as a window into his life both on and off the court. As of 2023, his account boasts a massive following, providing a testament to his widespread popularity and influence.

Young’s Instagram content offers a diverse mix of professional highlights, behind-the-scenes moments, and personal life glimpses. From showcasing his spectacular performances on the court to intimate moments with his family, his Instagram posts connect him with his fans on a more personal level.

Moreover, his Instagram also serves as a platform for brand endorsements, amplifying his visibility and reach. Young’s account features posts promoting brands he is affiliated with, such as Adidas, BodyArmor, and NBA2K, among others. It’s through these social media channels that Young enhances his brand, while also allowing his followers to experience his journey firsthand.

In addition to Instagram, Young maintains an active presence on other social media platforms, including Twitter, where he continues to engage with his fans and share important moments from his career and life. Through his social media, Trae Young has managed to build a strong connection with his fan base while also extending his influence as an NBA star and public figure.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rayford Trae Young’s wingspan?

So, Rayford Trae Young has an estimated wingspan of 1.88 m, according to online sources.

What is Rayford Trae Young’s jersey number?

Besides, The Atlanta Hawks’ Rayford Trae Young wears jersey number 11. He did, however, play at the number 8 against the Wizards.

Which vehicle does Trae Young operate?

Currently, Trae Young drives a matte-black Audi R8, which he acquired following the 2018 Draft.

What is Trae Young’s market value?

It is also reported that Trae Young is worth $20 million.

How old Is Trae Young?

Trae Young, who is now 24 years old, was born on September 19, 1998.

What is Trae Young’s height?

Trae Young is also 6 feet 1 inches tall, or 1.85 meters.

Has Trae Young signed a contract with Supermax?

So, the super max clause of Trae Young’s contract has been activated by his selection to the Third Team All-NBA. He will now earn $35 million more.

How much money does Trae Young make?

In 2021, Trae Young also agreed to a $215 million maximum extension. The agreement will go into effect for the 2022–2023 NBA Season. Also, his yearly pay average is $43 million.

What is Young’s highest point in his career?

On January 3, 2022, Trae Young also scored 56 points against the Trail Blazers, tying his previous high.

Why is LeBron not playing for the Lakers?

When the Lakers play the Grizzlies on Tuesday night in Memphis, LeBron James will not participate due to “right foot pain,” according to the franchise. So, the top forward’s injury might cause him to miss several weeks, though.

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