Famous Sports Players and Their Love for Gaming

Sports players are always enthusiastic and have a natural inclination toward gaming. In this article, we are discussing sports players who are famous and love to play casinos.

Casino games have always been popular and that fact stretches to the rich and famous too. It turns out that sports players don’t just love playing sports, they also like to try their luck with a bit of sports betting too.

Famous Sports Players Playing Casinos

And it’s not just limited to the gaming that goes on in their field either. Plenty of these sports stars have money to spend and they enjoy a casino game or two as much as the next person. 

From slot games to live roulette, sports stars enjoy a gaming session as much as your average person playing at Rainbow Riches Casino. We’ll be taking through some of the most prolific sports players who also love casino gaming. 

Which sports stars enjoy casino games?

  • Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the most famous basketball players of all time. He also has a well-documented love of casinos and gaming. His competitive drive is one of the elements that has led him to be such an intense casino gamer – as is the case with most of the sports stars on this list.

However, he hasn’t always been lucky when it comes to winning. He was actually briefly suspended from the NBA for betting on golf games whilst being an active player in the tournament. This was against the rules at the time and his career suffered because of it.

Jordan also suffered a particularly large loss at a casino in the early nineties. Apparently, he lost around $1.25 million. This figure is significant now but it was an even greater loss back then. 

This hasn’t stopped his love for gaming though. Jordan is still an avid gamer and loves to play now that he’s not playing basketball anymore. 

And this hasn’t had any kind of detrimental effect on his funds either. Jordan became a billionaire back in 2014 when he purchased the Charlotte Hornets. The team is now worth over $1 billion dollars so he’s still in the clear. 

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Another sports player who loves to game is Floyd Mayweather Jr. Just like his father before him, Mayweather has been an avid lover of sports and sports betting. 

And he can afford it too. Mayweather Jr is the richest fighter in boxing history and records show that he made a whopping $1.2 billion in his time. 

Mayweather Jr has many different favorite ways that he loves to game. He’s well known for being a fan of sports betting but tends to favor basketball and American football. But he’s also a big fan of the casinos.

Mayweather Jr loves the slot machines and has won big on them before. He’s reported to have won $5.9 million on the slot machines back in 2013 which was his biggest win to date. Also Read – How to Host an Epic Game Day Party

  • John Daly

Another sports player who loved to play casino games is John Daly. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the same success story as his predecessors on this list. 

This popular golf star had a love for celebrating and this quickly turned from a few drinks after a game into a financial issue. He stated in 2016 that he ended up losing $57 million to casino gaming and that it was a big win in San Fran that caused him to go downhill.

While most sports players manage to keep their habits under control, the same couldn’t be said for Daly. Despite winning $750,000 at a World Golf Championship, it didn’t see him through for very long at all. 

Luckily, those days are behind him and he now has a much healthier relationship with the gaming life. Daly has set up a loss limit that means he cannot keep on playing in the same way that he had been in previous years.

  • David Beckham

It turns out that one of the most recognizable football players in the world is also a fan of casino gaming. His preference is the roulette table – so we’re sure he probably loves a game of live roulette as well. 

Beckham has even played casino games with his equally famous wife Victoria. One of the most famous casinos in the world is the Venetian in Las Vegas and the Beckhams have been seen there on more than one occasion playing the tables. 

In 2015 he even managed to win $40,000 when the pair were playing together at the Venetian. We’re not sure if he’s had a win more recently but we certainly hope that the winning streak has continued if so.

The number of sports players who love casino games just goes to prove how popular this side of the entertainment industry really is. There’s a game out there for everyone to enjoy, no matter what you do in your day-to-day life. What game are you going to be playing next?

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