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Gio Urshela is a professional baseball player from Colombia. Fans also know him by his full name Giovanny Urshela Salcedo. He plays in the third baseman position for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB). He has previously played for the famous Toronto Blue Jays. Thus, he has also played for the Cleveland Indians.

In the year 2015 Urshela made his debut in Major League baseball. Thus, he debuted in a match for the Cleveland Indians. Gio Urshela played briefly for the Cleveland Indians in the year 2015 to 2017. After that in the year 2018, he also played for the Toronto Blue Jays for a short while. Finally the same year he transferred to the New York Yankees because of financial reasons. During the season in the year, 2019 Gio Urshela performed very well for the New York Yankees. Thus he emerged as a hitter for them during that year! Keep reading to find out more about Gio Urshela’s career, parents, education, net worth, and much more

Some Facts about Gio Urshela

Gio Urshela

Gio Urshela Age

Gio Urshela was born on the 11th of October in the year 1991. Thus, as of now, he is 31 years old. His sun sign is Scorpio.

Gio Urshela Parents

Gio Urshela’s father’s name is Alvaro Urshela. His mother’s name is Uldy Urshela. From a very young age, Gio Urshela’s parents noticed that he was very skilled and interested in sports. Thus they completely supported his dreams and growing passion for baseball. Gio Urshela worked hard on his baseball skills with their help.

Thus he was able to achieve his dreams. He has thanked his parents many times for their support without which he surely would have failed in becoming the baseball player he is today.

Gio Urshela Height

As of now, Gio Urshela stands 6 feet tall or 1.83 m in height.

Gio Urshela Weight

Currently, Gio Urshela weighs 99.8 kg or 220 pounds.

Gio Urshela Birthplace

Gio Urshela was born in the year 1991 to his parents Alvaro and Uldy Urshela. His birthplace is Cartagena in Columbia. Cartagena is a beautiful port city on the Caribbean coast of Columbia. Urshela recalls that some of the happiest years of his life were the ones he spent in his hometown. Urshela’s nationality is thus Columbian. His ethnicity is Latino.

Gio Urshela Position

Gio Urshela plays as the third baseman for the New York Yankees. He has been playing in this position since high school.

Early Life and Education

Urshela has a brother whose name is Jonathan Urshela. Gio and Jonathan spent their childhood together. Thus, Gio Urshela often talks about his brother and his parents in interviews. His brother has spoken about him at great length. He said that he has always been interested in sports.

Ever since his childhood, everyone knew that he was going to be a sportsman because he was very good at sports. Urshela loved playing baseball since he was a child. He also displayed splendid athletic skills in this sport. Gio Urshela said on his social media that he was very grateful for his brother and parents who always encouraged his dreams and inspired him to become who he is today.

Gio Urshela used to jump and grab baseballs ever since he was five years old. His family revealed that Urshela had always been inclined towards baseball. Gio Urshela first learned to play baseball by swinging broomsticks and tree branches! He also used balled-up socks as a replacement for proper balls. Thus he played baseball with his cousins and brothers in his hometown when he was young.

Career Of Gio Urshela

Cleveland Indians

In the year 2008 in the month of July, Urshela signed with the Cleveland Indians. He signed with them as an international free agent. In the year 2009, he was able to make his debut professionally. Thus, he made his debut playing for the team Dominican Summer League Indians. He also played for the Arizona League Indians.

In the year 2014 Urshela started out by playing for the team Akron. Thus he was able to receive promotions to the Columbus Clippers during that season. The Columbus Clippers play in the Class AAA International League. Thus after the 2014 season was over Urshela received the opportunity to join the Columbus Clippers! The Columbus Clippers added him to their roster that consisted of 40 people.

In the year 2015, the site named Gio Urshela the fourth-best prospect of the Cleveland Indians. In the year 2015, he started the season by playing for the Columbus Clippers. On the 8th of June in the year 2015, he was able to join the major leagues.

Toronto Blue Jays

On the 9th of May in the year 2018, the Cleveland Indians traded Urshela for cash considerations. Thus they traded Urshela to the Toronto Blue Jays. Urshela performed very well for the Toronto Blue Jays. He played a total of 19 matches for the Toronto Blue Jays. Thus he batted .233 and one home run along with three RBIs for Toronto in these 19 games.

Finally, the Toronto Blue Jays designated him for assignment on the 26th of June in the same year. Gio Urshela was able to clear all the waivers and thus he received an assignment to the Triple-A Buffalo Bisons. He received the assignment on the 3rd of July. Gio Urshela played in 91 matches for the Buffalo Bisons. Thus he batted .244 in the 91 games he played.

New York Yankees

In the year 2018 on the 4th of August, the Toronto Blue Jays traded Gio Urshela for cash considerations. Thus, they traded Urshela to the New York Yankees. However, the New York Yankees assigned Urshela to the Scranton and Wilkes Barre RailRiders. Hence he worked with Phil Plantier. Phil Plantier is the hitting coach of the RailRiders.

Thus Urshela was able to make changes in his batting stance when he was playing for the RailRiders. Urshela played in 107 matches for the Scranton and Wilkes Barre. Hence he was able to bat .307 in the total of these 107 games.

In the year 2016 on the 6th of April, the New York Yankees selected Gio Urshela’s contract. Thus they selected Gio Urshela’s contract because their starting third baseman was injured. Miguel Andujar, the then starting baseman for the New York Yankees, suffered a shoulder injury that resulted in a torn labrum in his right shoulder.

Thus Urshela started the season in 2019 by playing for the New York Yankees. He batted .352 or 25 for 71 for the New York Yankees. Even after Miguel Andujar returned to the Yankees in the month of May, Gio Urshela continued playing for them. However, since Miguel Andujar’s shoulder had not recovered completely he soon left again. Since Andujar was unable to complete the season, Urshela played in his place.

International Career

In the year 2013 before the national season had started, Gio Urshela played for the Colombian national baseball team. He played for the national baseball team in the qualifiers of the World Baseball Classic tournament. However, Columbia lost the qualifying match to Panama. Thus they did not qualify for the World Baseball classic.

After that in the year 2017, he played for the Colombian national baseball team one more time. That year they were able to qualify for the World Baseball Classic. Urshela thus represented his country in the famous International baseball tournament.


Gio Urshela

In the year 2020 Gio Urshela signed a one-year contract with the New York Yankees. This contract is worth $2,475. According to the terms under this contract, Gio Urshela will earn an average salary of $4,350,000 in the year 2020!

Gio Urshela & Arbitration

In the month of November in the year 2021, Gio Urshela signed a contract with the New York Yankees to avoid arbitration. This contract was worth $6.55 million and is going to last for a year. According to the reports of Mark Feinsand of, the New York Yankees were hoping for a rebound in the year 2022.

This is because Urshela did not perform well in 2021 with an average slash line. Urshela had posted a good OPS in the two previous seasons. Thus, the offseason addition figures of the New York Yankees will help Gio Urshela decide how much time he wants to spend playing with them in the year 2022.

Urshela had nevertheless finished the season as New York’s starting shortstop. This was before Gleyber Torres moved himself to the keystone.

Gio Urshela Wife

The 31-year-old baseballer from the New York Yankees, Gio Urshela is not single. He has been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Danna Delgado. However, Urshela is a very private person. He prefers to keep his private life out of the public eye. Hence we do not know much about their relationship.

Urshela mostly shares his professional life on his social media and so we don’t have any updates on his relationship. However, Urshela has mentioned in interviews that he would like to marry and settle soon. Thus, it is fair to assume that the couple may tie the knot soon.

Gio Urshela Injury

In the month of October in the year 2021, Gio Urshela left the match because he had bruised his thigh. According to the reports of Marly Rivera of, the Yankees were playing the match against the Rays. During the match, Gio Urshela ran into Tampa Bay’s dugout at full speed. As a result of that, he suffered an injury and bruised his thigh. At the beginning of the ninth inning, the coach replaced him defensively.

After the match, the manager of the Yankees said that Urshela was doing well. Aaron Boone is the manager of the New York Yankees.

Previously in the month of September Urshela also suffered an injury. He recovered from the injury in a week and played in the match against the Toronto Blue Jays the next week. He started again at the third base position and batted ninth in that match.

Urshela’s sore left hand had prevented him from attending many matches. The next match that the Yankees played was against Baltimore. He played in the position of the pinch hitter. However, the Yankees lost the match to Baltimore. Urshela said that he was thankful to all the people who were beside him during these tough times.

The Yankees chose not to play Gio Urshela in the following match against the Orioles. He had tested his injured hand before but his doctor told him that he needed another day of rest. According to the reports of Max Goodman of, his MRI scans had come out good and thus he was ready to play again. Thus, Rougned Odor replaced Gio Urshela on the field as the third baseman. He was eighth in the batting lineup.

Gio Urshela & Philanthropy

Although Gio Urshela is a very wealthy person he is also very kind. Thus he believes in giving back what he gets to the community. Urshela has participated in many community endeavors and thus touched the lives of many people in the process.

As of now, Urshela joined a campaign to help distribute sanitization products to the needy. He has helped many people to distribute sanitizers to the poor people of Colombia and Venezuela who were majorly affected by the covid 19 pandemic.

Urshela has said that he would like to help out the poor people in his country who are not able to afford sanitizer. He said that privileged people often do not understand what it feels like to have to choose between food and sanitation. Thus, he would like to do his part for the community and provide sanitizers to all the people who need it. Many people have also appreciated Gio Urshela for his incredible efforts to provide community service. He is going to receive the Thurman Munson award at the annual Munson Dinner next year on the 2nd of February.

Gio Urshela Net Worth

According to sources Gio Urshela has an estimated net worth of 2 million US dollars. He has been very successful in his career as a professional baseball player. After he debuted in the MLB in 2015 he has played with a lot of famous teams. Thus Urshela has played for the Blue Jays, The Cleveland Indians, and the Yankees! He has performed very well and worked hard to improve his performance every season.

Gio Urshela

Thus he has also contributed a lot to these clubs. This has helped him to earn a lot of fans internationally and also in his own country. Urshela has accumulated the lofty sum of 2 million US dollars from his successful career as a baseball player. He also has other income methods such as brand endorsements and advertisements.

Nevertheless, it is really difficult to predict celebrity net worths. This is because they keep changing their lifestyles and their spending patterns also vary. However, as of 2020, Gio Urshela receives an annual salary of 4,350,000 US dollars.

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