The Different Types of Custom Awards and Trophies

The FIFA World Cup trophy is estimated to be worth 20 million dollars. That is why it is given to the very best team in the entire world. In reality, the person who receives a trophy or award is not going to care how much it’s worth; what they care about is the recognition they are receiving for their achievement.

Custom awards and trophies are in high demand because everyone wants their achievements to be recognized. And today, trophy manufacturers can make several different types of trophies and awards.

Let’s take a look at popular custom awards and trophies.

Custom Awards And Trophies

Trophy manufacturers can make trophies and awards out of almost any material. Some can be made out of acrylic while others out of stone. You can also choose traditional-looking trophies (the one that looks like a cup with two handles) or trophies designed with whatever you have in mind. You can use your imagination when it comes to picking out custom trophies or awards.

Stone Trophies

Stone trophies are perfect for giving if you want the person to feel special, as this is not a very common material to use. Most manufacturers can make them out of carbon fiber, marble, or agate. They will make a beautiful addition to a home or office. As you can imagine, they are heavier than traditional trophies, so be careful!

Wood Trophies

Another unconventional material to use, a wood trophy, is unique and beautiful, making the receiver feel valued. You can choose from many different wood finishes, so if you want a rustic-looking award, you can get a rustic finish. The only downside is that you cannot be so creative with the trophy design, as sculpting wood can be a little tricky.

Acrylic Trophies

The most versatile of materials, acrylic trophies are the perfect option if you want a unique design. You can also add specific colors to the trophy for even more uniqueness. It is ideal for someone who has accomplished something exceptional. If you are looking for something different to give, check out these acrylic trophies.

Resin Trophies

You can make almost any design with resin since it is a highly moldable material. They’re perfect for unique achievements, like a hot dog-shaped trophy for someone who wins a hot dog eating contest! Due to the material, they can come out to be more expensive than other awards.

Metal Trophies

This shiny material gives off a beautiful shine wherever it’s placed. You can also choose from many different metals like copper, nickel, or even steel. Depending on the metal you decide to get, the price will increase exponentially.

Give Others The Recognition They Deserve

There is no end when it comes to picking custom awards and trophies. Most importantly, some custom trophies or awards are not as expensive as you think. What does that mean? You can give your family members, friends, and even the mailman beautiful trophies.

You will brighten their day with this kind gesture, and who knows, maybe you’ll receive one too!

Have you received any custom awards and trophies recently? Let us know in the comment section.

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