Lisa Jansen: Insight into Gabe Kapler’s Wife

Gabe Kapler, a renowned name in the world of baseball, has a life partner equally compelling and inspirational. Lisa Jansen, formerly known as Lisa Kapler, is not just the wife of the famous sports personality but a distinguished figure in her own right. This article delves deep into her life, shedding light on her personal and professional journey.

Who is Lisa Jansen?

Born on October 29, 1975, in California, United States, Lisa Jansen embarked on a life journey that would see her become an intuitive health and compassion coach. With a birth sign of Scorpio and American nationality, Lisa’s path led her to marry Gabe Kapler in 1998. Despite their later separation, the couple shares a bond through their shared initiatives and children.

Lisa Jansen Bio/Wiki

Attribute Detail
Full Name Lisa Jansen (formerly Lisa Kapler)
Birth Date October 29, 1975
Birth Place California, United States
Nationality American
Education Southern California High School, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Profession Emotional Weight Loss Coach, Intuitive Health and Compassion Coach
Notable Work Work in emotional weight loss and health coaching
Relationship Status Divorced from Gabe Kapler (married in 1998, divorced in October 2013)
Children Two sons: Dane Rio and Chase Ty
Major Life Events Overcoming personal challenges, including domestic violence, and establishing a career in health coaching

Educational and Professional Background

Lisa Jansen’s educational path began at Southern California High School and progressed to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. There, she focused on nutrition and health coaching, developing her expertise. Subsequently, as an emotional weight loss and intuitive health and compassion coach, she significantly influenced California’s wellness community. Particularly in Malibu, her impact was notable, helping many through her specialized skills.

Personal Struggles and Triumphs

Lisa’s life has been marked by personal challenges, including a harrowing experience with domestic violence in a previous relationship. Her courage in speaking out about the abuse and her journey towards healing have been an inspiration to many. Her resilience is not just personal but extends to her professional life, where she helps others navigate their emotional and health-related challenges.

The Marriage with Gabe Kapler

Lisa and Gabe’s marriage in 1998 was a union that lasted nearly fourteen years, producing two sons, Dane Rio and Chase Ty. Their relationship, which began in their senior year of high school, was a testament to their shared values and commitment. Even after their divorce in October 2013, they continue to collaborate through the Gabe Kapler Foundation, addressing domestic violence and supporting victims.

Lisa’s Impact

Lisa Jansen is more than Gabe Kapler’s wife; she’s a pillar in the health and wellness realm. As an emotional weight loss and intuitive health coach, she commands respect. Moreover, her commitment to enhancing lives, along with her own experiences, positions her as a source of inspiration and guidance.


Who is Lisa Jansen?

Lisa Jansen, formerly known as Lisa Kapler, is an American born on October 29, 1975, in California. She is best known as the ex-wife of baseball personality Gabe Kapler and has established her career as an emotional weight loss coach and intuitive health and compassion coach.

When were Lisa Jansen and Gabe Kapler married, and when did they divorce?

Lisa Jansen and Gabe Kapler were married in 1998. They divorced in October 2013 after nearly 15 years of marriage.

Does Lisa Jansen have any children?

Yes, Lisa Jansen has two sons, Dane Rio and Chase Ty, from her marriage with Gabe Kapler.

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