How to Become a Professional Sports Photographer

Do you want to wake up in the morning and look forward to going to work?

If so, you need to learn how to become a sports photographer!

In 2021, there were thousands of people who worked as a photographer. But there were only 347 sports photographers in the US.

There may only be a handful of people in this field, but there is a rise in sports photography jobs available. That makes it the perfect time to pursue a photography career.

You can break into this field, too. You only need to learn how to.

And you can do so by reading this article until the end!

Join Photography Classes

Since the global pandemic, getting to an educational class has never been easier. You can take part in an online lesson without leaving the comforts of your home.

You can join online classes at a college or a university. Prices start at only $200, and some only last 6-10 weeks.

Another option is studying on websites such as Skillshare and Udemy. These are subscription-based websites where freelancers and teachers post educational videos.

Practice Makes Perfect

Vince Lombardi Jr once said that practice makes perfect. And that’s the case when it comes to photography.

Start by going to parks and taking photos. It might not be sports photos, but you’ll learn how to hold a camera and get familiar with your equipment.

Once you’re comfortable taking photos, ask one of your local sports teams if you can take pictures. You’ll gain much-needed experience!

Apply for an Internship

An internship gives you a chance to experience the workplace. You also get to learn tips and make connections with professionals.

You can apply for internships online on websites and magazines. Or contact your local college and ask if they need a photographer.

Build a Portfolio

Building a portfolio is essential. It’s going to be your photography CV. When applying for a job, this is where you can direct employers to show off your skills and experience.

Start by setting up a free Instagram account dedicated to your work. Here you can build a portfolio and show off your work to a market of 1 billion monthly users. There is also a chance you get spotted by a professional, and you can start to build relationships.

Once you start getting noticed, set up a website displaying your images. Then connect it to your Instagram account.

Learn the Sports

If you don’t know the rules, you won’t know where to be, what to take pictures of, or when to take a picture. So, you need to know the general rules of lots of sports but know the ins and outs of 2 or 3.

You’ll also enjoy working much more knowing what’s happening. And when you’re happy, you perform better!

Professional Equipment

It won’t take long to figure out that good-quality photography gear isn’t cheap. A pro tip is to purchase quality second-hand gear over new gear ones that are not up to a high level.

Your camera is vital, so get one from Sony, Nikon, or Canon. If you’re on a budget, get a second-hand one, but make sure it’s in good condition and has min shooting speeds of 10 frames p/s.

As a sports photographer, you also need to invest in apps. You need to be able to edit photos, photoshop, and use transparent background images.

Become a Sports Photographer

As you can see, becoming a sports photographer takes time and effort. But the entire journey is a fun, exciting, and worthwhile experience. And in the end, you can land a dream job.

So put down your phone, get outside and start practicing your skills!

When you come back, check out our in-depth sports blogs so you can get a head start on your photography career!

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