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Colin Cowherd is a well-known sports media figure. He hosts “The Herd with Colin Cowherd,” a radio show that also has a strong online presence. The show features on a dedicated YouTube channel, keeping fans up-to-date on sports news.

Cowherd is also active on Twitter, where he shares his opinions and engages with his audience. One of his recent tweets sparked a debate. He discussed how the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cleveland Browns, despite their third-string quarterback. He emphasized the role of organizational strength in sports.

Cowherd frequently appears on FOX Sports. There, videos of “The Herd” offer highlights and in-depth analysis of trending sports topics. Cowherd covers everything from NFL moves to NBA trades, making him a key voice in sports journalism.

However, Cowherd often faces controversy for his bold takes. For instance, he recently made headlines for his controversial opinion on the New York Jets and Aaron Rodgers. This stirred up a lot of discussion and debate among fans and analysts.

Colin Cowherd Biography/Wiki

Popular As Colin Cowherd
Occupation Television producer, Radio personality, Film Producer, Actor
Age 59 years old
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Born 6 January 1964
Birthday 6 January
Father Charles Cowherd
Mother Patricia Cowherd
Siblings Marine Cowherd
Birthplace Bay Center, Washington, United States
Nationality United States
Height 1.87 m, 6 ft 1-inch
Wife Ann Cowherd (m. 2010), Kimberly Ann Vadala (m. 1996–2007)
Children Liv Cowherd
Net Worth $25 Million

Colin Cowherd Birth & Early Life

Colin Cowherd was born on January 6, 1964, in Bay Center, Washington. He grew up in Grayland, Washington, and began his broadcasting career at an early age. Cowherd’s early life was shaped by his passion for sports, and he took his first steps into the world of broadcasting after graduating from Eastern Washington University in 1985. His early experiences laid the foundation for the successful career he enjoys today.

Colin Cowherd Age, Height & Weight

As of 2023, Colin Cowherd is 59 years old. He stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 1 inch, although some sources claim he is 6 feet 2 inches tall. His weight is approximately 70 kg (154.32 pounds), contributing to his fit physique. Cowherd’s physical attributes are often noted, adding another layer to his public persona.

Colin Cowherd Parents & Siblings

Colin Cowherd was born to Charles Cowherd, an optometrist, and Patricia Cowherd. His parents divorced when he was young, primarily due to his father’s alcoholism. Colin and his sister were mainly raised by their mother. The family dynamics have played a significant role in shaping Cowherd’s life and career, making him the person he is today.

Colin Cowherd Education

Colin Cowherd completed his high school education at Ocosta High School in Westport in 1982. He was an active participant in sports during his school years, even playing as a quarterback for the high school football team. He later attended Eastern Washington University, graduating in 1985. It was during his time at the university that he began his broadcasting career, setting the stage for his future success.

Colin Cowherd Nationality & Ethnicity

Colin Cowherd holds American nationality. In terms of ethnicity, he belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group and follows Christianity. His British-American background adds a multicultural dimension to his identity, enriching his perspectives in the sports media landscape.

Colin Cowherd’s Daughter: Liv Cowherd

Colin Cowherd

Liv Cowherd, 22, is more than just Colin Cowherd’s daughter. She graduated from Arizona State University in 2021. While her father often makes headlines, Liv gains her own attention. She has a strong following on Instagram, boasting 87K followers.

She’s not just a social media influencer. Her fashion choices have also put her in the spotlight. She has gone viral multiple times for her unique style. Whether she’s posting bikini photos or sharing daily life, she grabs her audience’s attention.

Liv also has a younger brother, Jackson. They form a small but close-knit family. Her father’s high-profile career has always put their relationship in the public eye. Yet, Liv has created her own separate identity.

Her journey shows her independent spirit and ambition. She’s not just a famous daughter; she’s making her own digital strides. As she continues to grow online, Liv is a young woman to watch.

Colin Cowherd’s Wife: Ann Cowherd

Ann Cowherd, wife of sports media star Colin Cowherd, keeps a low profile. They married on June 20, 2010, and have lived together for over a decade. The couple enjoys a private life in their Brentwood, Los Angeles mansion.

Colin is known for his bold sports opinions, but Ann is more reserved. She’s not a TV personality like her husband. However, her marriage to Colin has brought her some attention. This is Colin’s second marriage, and they’ve found a good balance in their lives.

Ann plays a crucial role in Colin’s life and career. Her support provides a stable foundation for him in the volatile sports media world. While not much is known about her career, her impact on the Cowherd family is clear.

Ann does make occasional public appearances, often with her husband. These moments offer a glimpse into a loving, committed relationship.


Cowherd made his debut in the commentary world as a play-by-play voice for an American baseball team San Diego Padres. Later on, he worked at NBC affiliated channel KVBC in Las Vegas, Nevada on the position of a sports director. There, he owned the title of “Nevada’s Sportscaster of the Year” five times consecutively. Not only that, but he also got lucky enough to be named as Sports Illustrated’s 2005 Radio Personality of the year.

Moreover, he worked as a weekend sports anchor at WTVT tv station in Tampa, Florida side by side. He ended up moving to Portland, Oregon in 1996. There he worked as a sports anchorman for another NBC digital channel KGW-TV.

Colin Cowherd and ESPN

Furthermore, during 2009-2012, Cowherd served as a co-host of the ESPN2 show “SportsNation” coupled with famous personalities such as Michelle Beadle and Charissa Thompson . His dedication to this field helped him earn multiple awards and titles. Later on, in 2013, Cowherd started to host the ESPN Sunday morning pro. He also stepped into the field of college football talk show through his own Football Show. Unfortunately, Cowherd officially announced his retirement from ESPN On July 16, 2015. Needless to say his presence was of great value as the network president John Skipper himself stated his presence to be “mutually beneficial” for the channel.

In addition, Cowherd also gave an appearance as a co-host on the daily sports talk show “Speak for Yourself with Cowherd & Whitlock” on Fox Sports 1 coupled with Jason Whitlock as his co- host. Currently, Cowherd is known for hosting one of the most popular sports talk show “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” on Fox Sports Network.

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

Colin Cowherd

In 2003, Cowherd got selected to replace Tony Kornheiser for the late-morning time slot on ESPN Radio.

For the most part, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, is said to be an affiliated talk radio show broadcast on Fox Sports Radio. Furthermore, from 2004 to 2015, it got transferred to ESPN Radio affiliates throughout the United States and online at Moreover, in 2008, Herd added a simulcast on ESPNU. Needless to say, the show revolves around commentary on sports news, perspective on other news stories. In addition to that, it also carried out interviews with popular analysts and sports figures. Even though he works as a sports broadcast, he often reflects his views on personal life and business as reflects to the sports world. To enumerate, the majority of his conversations primarily revolve around the National Football League (NFL), college football, and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Colin Cowherd Controversy

In November 2005, ESPN had to apologize following several complaints when Cowherd made unfair comments about the death of professional wrestler Eddie Guerrero on the The Herd show. In the same token, Cowherd also stated that nobody cares about his death and labelled his death as “not newsworthy” before doing his research on the cause of death. As a result, he had to face a huge backlash from ESPN Radio general manager Bruce Gilbert over his remarks. In spite of facing so much criticism, Cowherd again flashed into controversy in April 2014 when he allegedly made remarks on the death of The Ultimate Warrior. Despite the fact that Cowherd previously referred to professional wrestling fans as “lonely, pathetic Booger Eaters”- was spotted on an episode of WWE Smackdown.

Action on Colin Cowherd

On April 5, 2007, edition of The Herd, Cowherd asked his listeners to “blow up” or spam visit the homepage of the sports blog The Big Lead.  As a result, the site had to face connection issues for approximately 96 hours since the server could not handle the traffic flow. Consequently, ESPN’s new Ombudsman, LeAnne Schreiber, wrote an article sharing her negative opinion of Cowherd’s actions. In addition to this, Schreiber contacted Traug Keller, a Senior Vice President at ESPN Radio. He indicated that Cowherd would face no disciplinary action for the stunt due to a lack of policy against such a tactic at the time. Nevertheless, Keller instituted a zero-tolerance policy of zero-tolerance in the future in order to prevent this from happening again

Needless to say, Cowherd went through immense criticism for comments he made regarding the circumstances related to the death of Sean Taylor. Merely one day after Taylor’s home invasion murder, Cowherd stated that Taylor got murdered due to his own deeds and that Redskins fans who mourned him were not “grown-ups”. In addition, he stated about Taylor’s turnaround.

“Well yeah, just because you clean the rug doesn’t mean you got everything out. Sometimes you’ve got stains, stuff so deep it never leaves.” Taylor’s death ended up being said to be the result of a botched robbery and the robbers hadn’t known Taylor was home when they entered.

Colin Cowherd and SportsNation

Colin Cowherd

Colin along with Michele Beadle, and later coupled with Charissa Thompson to co-host the TV show SportsNation on ESPN2. The show made its first debut on July 6, 2009 and lasted till 2012. Yet at the end, Cowherd and Thompson got two choices to select from. In fact, they had to make an attempt in order to determine which choice had the favour of the audience. As a result, Cowherd announced in September 2012 that he would be leaving the program; his last month as host was December 2012. After Cowherd, Marcellus Willey replaced him on January 2013. Although the very same year, Cowherd started to host the ESPN Sunday morning pro and college football talk show named as Colin’s New Football Show.

In 2013, Cowherd published his first ever book ”You Herd Me! I’ll Say It If Nobody Else Will”. Cowherd made a statement on a radio show that he worked on the book on and off for a few years. In 2015, Cowherd a chance to publish his second book, Raw: My 100%, Grade-A, Unfiltered, Inside Look at Sports.

Colin Cowherd Salary, Earnings & Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, Colin Cowherd has an estimated net worth of $25 million, showcasing the financial success he has achieved through his career in sports media. His earnings are not just limited to his role as a radio host; Cowherd is also an accomplished writer, adding another revenue stream to his portfolio. During his time at ESPN, he commanded an impressive annual salary of $2 million, a testament to his talent and influence in the industry.

When Cowherd transitioned to FOX Sports in 2015, the details of his contract were closely guarded, but it’s safe to assume that his earnings saw a significant boost, given his continued prominence in the field. His net worth is a culmination of years of hard work, talent, and a knack for engaging audiences with his unique takes on sports.

Colin Cowherd Podcast

Furthermore, In 2021, Colin founded and launched his podcast network called “The Volume.”. Moreover, in July 2015, an announcement was made that Colin would leave ESPN after the end of his contract with them. Needless to say, this announcement came after Colin made a controversial statement about Dominican Republic baseball players.

Colin Cowherd Blazing 5

Every week on “ The Herd “show Colin Cowherd gives his top five betting picks against the spread in the NFL. He named this segment of his show as the “Blazin’ 5” where he gives stats, trends, and a prediction on the final score. This prediction leads to his betting pick for the given matchup.

Colin Cowherd Twitter

Needless to say, Cowherd has a huge fan base and is extremely popular among sports lovers. He is pretty active on Twitter and has a verified account with more than 1.6 M followers. Furthermore, he usually talks about sports and his podcast.

Colin Cowherd FAQs

What is Colin Cowherd’s salary?

When Cowherd worked for ESPN, we can estimate his peak salary was around $1.5-$2 million per annum.

How did Colin Cowherd get his first job?

In 2003, Colin Cowherd got super lucky as he got an offer to work with ESPN radio. Needless to say, he started to gain some level of influence and popularity at the radio station. Not only that, but also by his second year, he launched his very own show, The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

What happened to the Colin Cowherd show?

When Colin moved from ESPN to Fox Sports, The Herd also moved with him to the premiere Networks-distributed Fox Sports Radio Network.

What high school did Bill Cowherd go to?

Cowherd did his graduation from Ocosta High School in Westport in 1982. In high school, Cowherd used to play quarterback for the football team and was an All-Far West Conference guard for the basketball team. Not only that, but Cowherd was also roommates with Coach Jim McElwain who currently works as the University football head coach at Eastern Washington.

Is Colin Cowherd still on the fan?

Colin Cowherd made the leap from The FAN to national radio for over 20 years. He  continues to deliver America’s most popular sports talk show from coast to coast. Needless to say, no one can guide an audience through sports, to business, through life, and back to sports again like Colin.

What did Colin Cowherd say about ESPN?

ESPN stated in their statement that Cowherd’s statements over the past decades do not reflect the values of ESPN or the people work there. ESPN stated “Colin will no longer appear on ESPN”.  Cowherd later on made an apology via Twitter.

I realize my choice of words was poor and not reflective of who I am”. Cowherd stated.

Who took over for Colin Cowherd in 2013?

After Cowherd stepped down from his show SportsNation, Marcellus Wiley replaced him in January 2013.

What happened to Joy on The Herd?

Joy Taylor made his way up as a sports personality ever since she worked on the famous show The Herd with Colin Cowherd as a co-host. In addition, she even got a chance to host her own show for the radio network. Michael McCarthy of Front Office Sports stated that Taylor will soon be added to the Saturday radio lineup by FOX.

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