6 Things Every Beginner Should Know Before Playing Basketball

There are endless reasons for people’s interest in basketball. Some do it for pleasure, others to be around their friends, and others have it as their professional career. Regardless of these rationales, everyone starts as a newbie. Even the most successful basketballers started as beginners and had to learn and master the game.

It’s vital to note that being a basketball player requires patience and hard work. You must train frequently and adhere to the sport’s guidelines and rules. Otherwise, you might not last long in this field.

If you’ve decided to join a basketball team, or just want to engage in basketball as a hobby or as a workout, here’s everything you need to know about the sport:

1. You Should Be In The Proper Attire

The first step into starting as a basketball player is having will and passion. Then, comes the proper attire.

It’s important to understand that every sport has its ideal attire, and basketball isn’t an exception. Getting into the court with the wrong gear, which includes shoes, can increase your chances of getting injured. On the other hand, the right equipment will increase comfort and cushioning, especially when running around.

When shopping for ideal basketball attire, you’ll come across a barrage of options, especially when it comes to shoes. For example, high-top shoes offer adequate ankle support, although they’re a bit heavier to run around with. On the other hand, there are mid-top ones that are lighter but don’t offer adequate support for the ankles. Therefore, you should determine your needs and base your choice on the findings. Remember, your position and the type of competitions you participate in will affect your choice when choosing proper basketball attire.

If you want to learn more about proper basketball kit, here’s a video to help you get started:

2. You Must Always Warm Up Before The Game

You should avoid stepping into the court without warming up. Since basketball involves intense movements, doing some warmup exercises, including stretches, is vital. This process lowers the possibility of sustaining injuries and increases your chances of delivering a good game. A good warmup will also increase your heart rate, helping you get started on the right foot. You don’t want to be substituted for injuries that a good warmup could’ve prevented.

3. Maintaining Your Shape Is Vital

Basketball is among the sports that require one to be in good shape. With a lot of running and jumping involved, your limbs should always be up for the court’s challenge. The stronger they are, the more stamina you have, resulting in a better performance. Besides that, strong and healthy limbs are less likely to be injured.

With such things in mind, it’s advisable to make running and yoga a habit. Running will improve your heart performance, while yoga improves your flexibility and agility.

4. Practice Is A Must

Basketball Practice Is Essential

Practice is essential when it comes to basketball. As a beginner, understanding how to play the right way is vital. With proper and adequate practice, only then can you improve your passing, shooting, and dribbling skills. When practicing, you need to learn the following:

Handle The Ball Correctly

Basketball involves lots of catching and passing. Therefore, you must understand how to correctly execute such movements. After catching the ball, you must pass it to your teammate or directly to the basket. You must also keep the ball away from your opponents to avoid losing in the game. For this reason, you should practice a lot since only then will you be able to properly handle the ball, regardless of the pressure.

Dribble With The Weak Hand

Learning how to dribble with your weak hand is essential for starters. This process helps the hand to gain strength to enable you to dribble with either hand. When dribbling, do so with your head up and not down to see what’s happening in the court. Additionally, always dribble as fast as you can move while still controlling the ball.

Improve Your Jumping Capability

As already stated, basketball involves running and jumping. Unfortunately, most beginners concentrate on running and neglect jumping. However, this shouldn’t be the case. As a basketball player, you should be capable of jumping high to collect rebounds, obstruct shots, and shoot. To improve your jumping capability, consider enrolling in vertical jump training lessons. These lessons will affect not only your jumping, but also your general sports performance.

Master Shooting

To learn how to shoot effectively, practice shooting daily from different positions. Also, learn what your shooting range is. Always maintain your technique and keep your eyes on the basket when shooting.

Avoid Dribbling Too Hard

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you should dribble as hard as you can. Note that dribbling is done with bent knees, a straight back, and a head up. Dribble slightly above your knees while bouncing the ball and staying in control. On the one hand, dribbling too hard requires your knees to be straight, which isn’t really ideal.

5. It’s Advisable To Work With A Professional Trainer And Watch Other Players

If you’re really into basketball, it’s worth joining a basketball club with professional coaches who can train you to play the sport perfectly. These trainers will teach you how to move and master vital skills. They’ll also point out your mistakes and help you rectify them. Additionally, studying professional players will improve your skills within no time.

6. You Master Some Skills As You Progress

It’s vital to note that you won’t learn all the basketball skills in one day. You may quickly master the easy ones and learn the rest with time. Once you’ve mastered some skills, you’ll note some growth in confidence and the will to learn the rest. What’s important is to learn the basics before concentrating on performance. For example, when dribbling, control is more vital than speed. Remember, skills will improve your performance, and not the other way around.


Basketball is among the most famous sports worldwide. It’s a great career that can improve one’s social status. But, whether joining a basketball team for fun or professionally, you must be in good shape as it’ll require agility and stamina. Also, with proper training and will, you can quickly learn the sport’s rules and all the vital skills required. If you’re a beginner in this arena, consider the above-discussed tips as you learn the ropes.

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