Isabel Haugseng Johansen: Details About Erling Haaland’s Girlfriend

Erling Haaland, the Premier League’s sensational footballer, excels on the field. Yet, his personal life, especially his relationship with Isabel Haugseng Johansen, often stays hidden. Isabel, also a footballer, shares a unique bond with Haaland. This article explores their life together.

Isabel Haugseng Johansen Bio/Wiki

Bio/Wiki Details Information
Full Name Isabel Haugseng Johansen
Age 19 Years Old
Nationality Norwegian
Profession Footballer
Current Club Bryne Fotballklubb
Relationship Status In a relationship
Partner Erling Haaland
Known For Being Erling Haaland’s girlfriend
Hometown Bryne, Norway
Social Media Presence No public social media profile
Relationship with Haaland’s Family Close, often seen with them during Haaland’s games
Notable Moments Spotted with Haaland during a holiday in Marbella, Spain; seen at Manchester restaurant The Ivy on New Year’s Eve; celebrated Haaland’s new contract with Nike

Isabel Haugseng Johansen & Her Football Career and Hometown

Isabel Haugseng Johansen, aged 19 and a fellow footballer, met Haaland through their shared sport. Despite their separate career paths, they maintain a strong relationship. Isabel, devoted to her football career, plays for Bryne Fotballklubb’s women’s senior team. Rare public appearances with Haaland stem from her commitment. Born and raised in Bryne, Norway, Isabel continues to play in her hometown. Although small with 12,465 residents, Bryne is rapidly growing, potentially becoming a key Norwegian administrative center.

Isabel Haugseng Johansen and Erling Haaland Relationship Timeline

Isabel Haugseng Johansen and Erling Haaland first connected at Bryne’s local team. Haaland joined at five, while Johansen, also a part-time fashion store worker, was in the academy. They reportedly started dating during Haaland’s time at Dortmund. Growing up in the same town, they shared a love for football.

Sources reveal their relationship is serious. Johansen frequently travels to Germany and England to see Erling. She has joined him on holidays too. Despite global fame, Erling chose to be with a long-time friend from his hometown. This choice shows his sensible and trusting nature.

The couple recently enjoyed a holiday at Haaland’s Marbella villa. They celebrated New Year’s Eve at Manchester’s The Ivy. After Erling’s £20 million Nike deal, they went shopping on Oxford Street.

Isabel’s Relationship with Haaland’s Family

Isabel seems to have a close relationship with Haaland’s family, likely stemming from their shared history at Bryne. She has been seen sitting with them in the stands during Haaland’s games, indicating a strong bond with his family.

Isabel Haugseng Johansen & Her Social Media Presence

Isabel lacks a public social media profile, limiting available information about her. Paparazzi capture most of her moments with Haaland and at his games. Haaland doesn’t post pictures with her on his social media.


Isabel Haugseng Johansen is not just Erling Haaland’s girlfriend but also a fellow footballer with her own career. Their relationship, which started at their local football club’s academy, has grown over the years, with the couple managing to maintain their bond despite their busy schedules. As they continue to support each other both on and off the field, Isabel and Erling’s relationship is a testament to their shared love for football and their mutual respect and understanding for each other’s careers.

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